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  1. *sniff* sup nerds

    1. Sporb


      I think people here would like it if you did an art thread in the off topic section!

    2. ARamblingSpider


      Hm, not a bad idea.

  2. New site theme, neato.

  3. You remember that picture of vingw riding naked on a red hound in space while a pigman in a cop car was chasing him? Yeah, I do.
  4. Call me a bit impressed, you guys are sure working hard on this.
  5. Doing a ranger playhrough on expert, I gotta say ranger is being more difficult than the others. Especially on bosses like brain of cthulhu.
  6. wow, looks like you guys are actually dedicated to the project this time.
  7. Ya'll too obsessed with cthulhu

    1. greenglacier


      No. We are not.

      I wonder if you ever come back.

  8. I'd probably continue my thought son it more, but I've already derailed this thread too much.
  9. Here goes a long one. I'm a lovecraft fanboy as the next guy, Hell I love many of his works and consider "At the mountains of madness" one of the best horror stories ever written. If I didn't like the guy I wouldn't bother knowing more than half the stuff I know about him and his work. but there's no denying he was pretty racist and bordered on xenophobia. If you've read through his stories it's obvious that people of colored were less smart and where prone to worshiping these deities and the dark arts whilst white people where much better litter many of his stories. (though he did get better at it and was even ashamed of shadow over insmouth later on) He also admitted to having a huge fear of anything weird, like octopuses, insects, spiders, snails and what not. Hense why so many of his aliens tended to look like this because. Lovecraft was sorta a product of his time too, he grew up when black people didn't have a whole lot of rights, when racism was very much more alive than it is today. I call him a coot to mock his racism, It's just silly when people praise him while the guy was a xenophobic recluse most of his life. That's to say his work isn't bad or stupid, just acknowledging it has it's flaws. Alss Lovecraft did bring the idea of "cosmic eldricth horrors" to the main stream, just he didn't invent the whole idea.
  10. Giant cosmic eldritch horrors are nothing new, they date back before the old racist coot was making his stories, just that they're most associated with lovecraft.