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  1. Did ye fix the bug with the night sailing music continuing to play endlessly if the player dismounts their boat when day arrives? Right now the only way to get the music to shut up is to dismount your boat while it is still night.
  2. Hallucinations

    Maybe they're attracted to fear.... maybe the whole don't starve world exists because it's proven to drive even the bravest of people insane. so if the nightmare fuel is some physical manifestation of human fear, then that means when you're crazy, they see you as like a source of "food"... who knows?
  3. Worms are ridiculous

    That, or they are non-renewable. After that the only way to get another glow berry is to fight a depths worm.
  4. Worms are ridiculous

    I kinda wonder why there isn't like a 25% chance or something when you go near a mysterious plant that it won't be a worm, but rather a naturally occurring glow berry that you can safely pick. It makes more sense so that player will gamble the fact that they can safely grab a glow berry without a fight, but risk the chance that i's actually a depths worm luring you into a trap. Because that's not the case right now, anyone who sees a glow berry plant knows off the bat that it's a depths worm.
  5. It seems the new ruins work music isn't playing, the other new tunes work, including the ruins fight and efs. But for work only the cave work theme plays instead. I tired extracting the music from the in game files, and the ruins work one won't play for me, so I think it's broked... all other new songs work though, not to mention, the ancient guardian doesn't trigger and efs music, and the caves don't have their own efs song.