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[Game Update] - 569571

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Ok, so the new blueprint are for:

Golden turf

Brick turf

Lamb statue, aka infinite light source with 3 levels of light radius(lvl2: 5 cutstone, 1 log. lvl3: 10 cutstone, 10 gold, 1 log)

All got from antlion via new crown trinket

EDIT: Not infinite, just a better campfire, apparently

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1 minute ago, Bearger Enjoyer said:

Still feels like Webber and Wortox belong in each other's crossovers better lol. Goat demon/funny cult game and Terraria is... somewhat more child-friendly.

After playing terraria for myself, I heavily disagree.. that game has bodily dismemberment, blood, flying body parts, bones.. I mean on the surface it might look kid friendly, but Terraria has some seriously disturbing content to call it a “kids game” 

I love the CoTL crossover skins though, they’re all cute, even the fern flower bed :wilson_love:

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Massive letdown tbh :/ 

Last crossover at least gave us a ton of skins in exchange for having barely any content, this one is just a nothing pie, it has a pretty cover and even got a bit of advertising before release and in the end all we got was just plain ol nothing.

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the animation was....boring to say the least? like i allready was not a fan of this crossover in the first place, but the video was....kind of boring realy....like not realy anything happend, unlike the terraria one, wich the crossover i alsol dont realy care about, had an more interesting animation, just my 2 cents in here

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