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  1. Isn't this kind of the point of the game? It creates random obstacles for you and you try to avoid them the best way possible. It's randomness that actually makes the game enjoyable
  2. Where exactly do you claim it? Merged some time ago, but don't have the skin
  3. Im actually pretty sure that he does get sanity penalty from eating regular raw meat, apparently monster meat is less gross to eat
  4. Its not lost, as switch runs earlier version of dst, it cant load skins from later updates. They'll get added as switch version gets updated
  5. I might not understand your comment correctly, but what loyal/timeless skins can be bought with real cash and bring Klei profit?
  6. Wut? You can restore food freshness with salt?
  7. It's too random and practically non existent after the first winter
  8. Thank you for your definitive explanation of beefalo taming Mike, I, as a Wendy main myself, is quite familiar with it, and although I appreciate you spending your time writing me this masterpiece, I unfortunately have to inform you that it does not disprove my point of beefalo taming being not as popular as other styles of survival, as most characters benefit from their unique perks while off the fluffy beast
  9. Im not an expert in dst statistics, but i think that there are A LOT less beef tamers then there are regular players:/
  10. ...and 6 is 2 less then the power of 2, it's a VERY roboty number