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Klei Halloween 2021 Event Submissions - Day 5 (Final Day)

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Happy Halloween everybody! Here are the Day 5 Halloween Costume and Fan Art Event submissions! These are all the submissions from 10/31.

We got SO many great submissions! Great work everybody!

We hope you all had a bunch of fun. And with that, enjoy the day 5 submissions!

(We are missing some images that should be showing up. We're looking into it and will have it in the final image collection post)

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It's great to see the creativity on the submissions, either be a screenshot, a costume, or a drawing, almost all of them show they were made with passion.

One repeats in page 60 bottom right and page 31 middle center.

Another one repeats in page 45 center middle and 60 bottom center.

Does the one in page 10 top middle count? Doesn't seem Klei game related and it doesn't mention Klei.

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Time was running out and my final submission could have used a revision. It received some last minute tweaks, although apparently it wasn't possible to reupload the image at that time. It's fantastic to see all fun contributions and the fact the artists take pride in their creations. Hoping to see this event play out again next year. :wilson_evil::wilson_love:

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I should have sent a better pic of my abby pumpkin on pg 25, whoops!

Hopefully this vid of her the day before it rained goes thru, I put incense in the pumpkin to make smoke come out of it!

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added spoiler to try to cut down on the size of post. didnt know itd be so big sorry
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