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  1. woah, this sounds like an awesome idea! though klei would probably have to re-draw each outfit to match the don't starve style, i think something like this could really bring the community together to decide on something. i would absolutely love to see this, even without being able to do the arting myself.
  2. i was trying to think of some cool critters to suggest, then i thought "i've got it, tallbirds!" and realized we basically already know their entire life cycle... anyways, i think some neat animals would be either moleworms or grass gekkos, especially the gekkos and their relation to literal grass growing on their body. do they grow out of the ground? do they just have dirt on their body? such a mystery. anyways, thanks for these neat little analyses!
  3. holy crap, the lantern is back... i only joined DST in 2019 so i was never able to get the lantern. thank you klei! looks nice
  4. i've watched the Klei forum and this thread for awhile, maybe like half a year now, and then i realized. wait a minute. i have skins, too. so i thought id put the ones i've made here! i haven't made a skin for each character but i think they look pretty good. also RED