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  1. i named 'em salty, he runs around and then cannibalizes salt licks
  2. agh that reminds me of when i was in a solo world and i got a stupid amount of tusks before i ever got a tam. i think it was like, at least 9? i dont know how i got THAT unlucky that it took me years ingame to get the tam and killing multiple mactusks each winter, but boy was it absurd EDIT: took a look through my discord DMs, according to past me i had killed 15 mactusks and still hadn't gotten the tam. good lord
  3. holy crap, the lantern is back... i only joined DST in 2019 so i was never able to get the lantern. thank you klei! looks nice
  4. i've watched the Klei forum and this thread for awhile, maybe like half a year now, and then i realized. wait a minute. i have skins, too. so i thought id put the ones i've made here! i haven't made a skin for each character but i think they look pretty good. also RED