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  1. In the map menu, add something that allows to refresh/reload it? I don't know, something equivalent to going into caves and out to fix this map bug.
  2. Using a shield of terror crashes the game when riding a beefalo
  3. When moose goose walks on you, she makes it where you can't move out of the way at all. The duration varies, it could be brief or it could last for several hits. Bless Wortox's soul hop. Broken.mp4
  4. Every time I reload up my Webber world, the decorations disappear.
  5. Wow, this was a great turn out! Mine's the one bottom right of page 14. Hopefully, we can do something like this again.
  6. Could be input lag. Turning on caves adds a tremendous amount of input lag to DST.
  7. Update: Discovering the Waterlogged biome from a world made after Reap what you Sow and before Waterlogged also broke my map. There's definitely a correlation between retrofitting and such to making these map errors.
  8. I wish this mod would get updated, it was such an interesting concept.
  9. There's this issue I have on a lot of old worlds where the map would just be ripped in half and I can't see anything. I think it's the cause of retrofitting, going in and out of caves is a temporary fix and so is changing characters at the spawn portal but I would like to know a permanent fix.