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[Poll] On Player Skill Level

hi pro im getnerfedon  

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  1. 1. Of which skill level can you describe yourself as?

    • New player (no prior experience or skill at DST)
    • Progressing player (Starting to gain skill at DST but still having difficulty surviving)
    • Average player (skilled at the fundamentals of DST but has no knowledge of advanced techniques)
    • Above Average (can survive pretty long, starting to gain knowledge of advanced techniques)
    • Expert (very skilled player, has knowledge of advanced techniques ingame)
    • Master (epitome of player skills; creates new techniques and strats for other players to use)
    • Casual (skill level does not matter for so long as you have fun)
    • Other (do mention in the comments)
  2. 2. Of which particular fields of DSt expertise do you count yourself as skilled in?

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i am so good at dying its on my resume in fact but in all seriousness i am a casual player i see no point in getting competitive in a non competitive game unless im doing a challenge with friends as a competition

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The game is so open-ended, I feel like there are people who could be practically experts in some ways, but totally ignorant in others, and still play for hours on end and have a great time.

Take me, for example. I've been playing for well over a thousand hours, mostly solo, but sometimes with other people. I very rarely die anymore. I know a ton about the game and its mechanics. I love the RWYS farms and always build them as soon as I find a good spot for my camp. I always find the island (for stone fruit, mostly) and I complete Pearl's quests to get the pearl from her (because I like her). I go to the ruins to craft some of the cool stuff in there. But I never fight bosses. I know how, and when I've played in some groups, we've fought bosses together (mostly because they wanted to, and that's fine). But solo, I never fight bosses. It's just not fun to me.

Narratively, I don't care about killing these creatures, since most of them you have to summon or go out of your way to find--they're not bothering anybody on their own. And in terms of how it affects the game, I don't feel like the loot is ever worth the trouble of all the preparations you have to make, and effort you have to go to, to beat the boss in the first place. Deerclops and Bearger still die in my solo worlds, since they want to appear right on top of me, but I just lead them into trees, and Treeguards eventually kill them for me. Plus I get lots of free logs. I just don't really enjoy prolonged combat in this game.

And the thing about Don't Starve is that, the way the game works, this is a perfectly viable way to play the game. You don't have to learn everything about everything, or be able to beat all of the bosses, or do anything specific at all. The only goals in the game are those that you set for yourself. I think anyone can play however they want, and if they're having fun, and the people they're playing with are having fun, then they're doing it right.

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Acquiring cooking skills is of the essence. You can’t just let players around you mess with the ingredients, especially if it’s pub. If they want a dish, cook it yourself and tell them to wait a few seconds

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I'm probably inbetween above average and expert.
I'm quite skilled but I'm not a player that usually exploits things. So I don't use advanced strats or cheese tactics usually. So I don't know about them too much.

As for skills I guess I'll say team support. I can usually do everything alright but I'm not a expert at anything. However if you play with me I'll probably help you with whatever issue you have and try to support everyone.

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6 minutes ago, TemporarySolutn said:

Lmao I love how over 60% of people consider themselves to be an expert or greater 

I don't blame anyone for picking expert because the option right below it is that they can't even survive indefinitely /shrug

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3 hours ago, Terra B Welch said:

I dunno what this skill level stuff you speak of is, I don't have any.
All I do in DST is fail and be useless.

I don't know if joking, "humble bragging" or genuine low self-esteem. In the print-screens thread you were posting intensively your solo take-down of bosses, if I remember well in speed-run manner, among others CK, AFw, and CC. And not just once. Plus using some handicapping mods like Warly diet for all characters or the like. That alone would place you in "Expert" category. I have no idea what you're doing in pubs (if playing any), when multiple people are present, but I reckon your performance wouldn't be lower, even if certain lag was present (till ~150 ping).


8 minutes ago, TemporarySolutn said:

Lmao I love how over 60% of people consider themselves to be an expert or greater 

In this case I don't think is too much Dunning-Kruger effect involved - usually on these forums advanced players post/interact the most. Plus there's a big margin in between surviving indefinitely and solo-ing all bosses with minimal gear in speed-run fashion as Wes.

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15 minutes ago, TemporarySolutn said:

actual average not the bad description average

Bad players barely survive a couple of Autumn days. They tank Spiders without armor, hit Treeguards with Axes because "Axe is the scissor of Ent", starve camping a location close to spawn and/or kick the bucket shovel-hitting a Catcoon, then panicking and trying to run from it when the fuzzball strikes back. Sadly bulk player-base is made out of these bad players. Average players shakingly make it through an in-game year with various deaths, but at least are sufficiently knowledgeable plus persistent to play on Endless and/or having some reviving methods at hand - but yes, usually their first deaths happen during 1st Winter. Your expectations/views of what "average" is probably were skewed by "cringe players" like Edgy Rick and other "try-hard" elitists from Reddit (probably themselves with healthy doses of Dunning-Kruger).

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18 minutes ago, pikamuse said:

I'm progressing; slowly. Despite having around 200 hours on both DS and DST. Mainly it's kiting I have trouble with. Which is why I leave it to other enemies to take out bosses and hound waves. If you can't tell from that, I main Webber.

200hours is nothing. Be patience, this game requires a lot of experience

is what i like it the most. The more experience you have, the game and the way you play it evolves so it never gets bored

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