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About that idea with a DST series...

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(First of all, I'm fairly new here, couldn't find a similar topic, if this is redundant or in the wrong category, please tell me)

So, after I've seen several people request a DST series under the animated shorts on YouTube but never found a thread for taking action, let's actually try this:

Klei normally answers to the requests by saying, they are interested and would like to make a show, but they don't have the time and ressources to do it without support. So we should reach out to streaming platforms like Netflix or Prime and basically tell them there would be lots of people interested in a show by Klei. I thought it would be more effective if we did so in some kind of collective letter to raise the chance of being noticed.

I'd like to discuss about similar ideas because seriously, we ALL want a DST show, don't we?




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It's a thing we want to happen, but as others stated above, let Klei focus on the game. More over, I think it would be better if they finished the game first lore wise, to not cause I consistencies. Would hate for the series and game to split too far apart due to minor changes introduced into the game that won't make sense in the series. 

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13 hours ago, Szczuku said:

I'd rather the devs focused on the game instead of splitting their efforts and money on an animated show.

They can hire new people about cartoon's art, Also If this show get attention which I'm sure it will, this would be a nice money source for developers and game programmers are not gonna make the show.
Plus, this type of show will increase number of players, just like how the queens gambit increased chess game sell.

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2 hours ago, Slagger said:

They can hire new people. If this show get attention which I'm sure it will, this would be a nice money source for developers and dude, game programmers are not gonna make the show. 
Plus, this type of shows will increase player number. Just like how the queens gambit increased chess players number.

Exactly. The whole point is, that, as Klei stated themselves, they can't focus both on the game and a show, so they would probably hire more staff (as slagger said, we don't have to worry they wouldn't finish the game since its their top priority plus ya don't need programmers for a show).

By raising the attention of streaming platforms they might someday get the support they need for a show.

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As someone who buys games to play games I would obviously selfishly want more content added to my game, now rather that content is added as Free updates or massive paid DLC expansions doesn’t matter- more content is more content and as a gamer I’ll always want that and as a CONSOLE player without access to the nearly infinite world of Mods I am happy with whatever content no matter how big or how small Klei officially adds to the game-


you guys have no idea how much console gamers would love some of the features PC players are already enjoying-

Things like Shipwrecked and Hamlet DLC compatibility or Permanent 24/7 access to Gorge & Forge (mods Klei themselves have actually acknowledge and provided links to) 

Being able to play as a non human/monster human hybrid mob.. like being a Catcoon doing Catcoon stuff, what do Catcoons do? I don’t know.. but I’m pretty sure they don’t build axes and pickaxes to mine resources.

the beautifully done new biomes that Modders have created like @ADM’s Cherry Forest Mod, or that other mod where players are able to dive Underwater and explore an under the sea world (like they the Snorkels from that old cartoon)

Console players would kill to have access to this stuff, or simply just be able to play with a friend cross platform who is on Pc hosting it.

The Spoiler is a rough example of things I as a Limited to only what Klei adds to the game officially console player, would prefer over an Animated TV series.

Now having said that there was this ONE game I played a long time ago called Defiance (now Defiance 2050 something and Free to Play) that I paid full retail price for on my old Xbox 360- this game had a very interesting (but now completely forgotten) concept-

At the same time events would happen in the game.. they would air a TV Episode that tied into the game, like for example- the TV show would show people getting badly sick suddenly and without warning, then in the game shortly after that episode aired, zombies would appear and you’d then quest in the game to find a Cure, before the next tv episode would air and the characters in the episode would be holding the cure device (you) obtained in the game.

It FAILED because anyone who only watched the show or ONLY played the game ended up highly confused, but for people like me who enjoyed BOTH it was a way of fully emerging myself into both the game and tv show as if what I did actually impacted what was going on.

A TV show that also tied into game updates is an idea I could get behind- but even given that... I would rather have more large game updates and just ignore the TV show part altogether (unless Klei hired specific people just for doing the show so the game updates don’t slow in pace)

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Thanks for your answers guys. I understand your worries about Klei working on the game less if there was a TV series but as far as I've understand Klei's comments, they see the exact same problem and cannot work on a show due to the lack of money to hire additional staff for it (they don't want to neglect their games, thats 100% clear). And come on, look at this, LOOK AT THIS:

I don't exactly know, how streaming platforms operate, but if they see a show concept as profitable, they might offer support to the creators, so I think we could all totally support Klei by pushing their ideas.

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8 minutes ago, Falkenpelz said:


I understood this comment in the same way: Klei is interested in making an animated series but cannot since they want to focus on their games BUT if a streaming platform such as Netflix would support them, then they would 100% go with that idea as they could focus on the game AND make an animated series.

Everyone! Spam these streaming platforms! Let them know there is a gem to discover!

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Okay, I actually wrote kind of an exposè to promote DST as a series, I did not use it anywhere yet but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it:

"Don't Starve Together (previous version: Don't Starve) is a Survival-Game by the Canadian Indie-Studio Klei Entertainment, that features a very complex story as well as an amazing artstyle: Since the release in 2013 Klei has published several animated shortfilms about the game's characters and storylines that stand out for their unique "scribble"-artstyle and their burtonesque, dark humorous atmosphere. Many people have been requesting a whole animated series from Klei Entertainment for years as the studio's shortfilms are well known and loved by the community. Therefore we want to ask you to consider working together with Klei Entertainment, as we and many others would pay and love to see a show from them."


"The Story resolves around a group of very different characters that get pulled into a world known as "The Constant" by the force of mysterious shadow beings. While they have to work together to survive in a wilderness full of marvels, monsters and madness (and Shakespeare references), they find out, that starving, in fact, might be the least of their worries. As they stumble across the remnants of an ancient civilization, they slowly realize that they might be merely chesspieces, bound to the board in game of something greater..."

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