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7 hours ago, Duck986 said:

we have Feast and Famine and it's cheesecake and carrot cake.

also that black forest cake thingie in the Cherry Forest mod.

Seriously though it'd be awesome to have a makeable-year-round, actual proper CAKE looking cake (not a muffin, not a Twinkie, not a cookie...) that doesn't require a mod to access.  I had to resort to making a cherry cupcake for that one screenshot I made for DST's birthday,


and that just ain't right, 'cos not every player can make it!  Also yum...cherry bug wings...  XD

(lamps from the "Gorge Lights" mod, giant trees in background by "Big Birchnuts Together, chairs and table courtesy of "Furniture Megapack".  Flowers also from Cherry Forest.)


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