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What do you think about pearl  

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  1. 1. Do you like Pearl in general

  2. 2. What is your opinion of treasure hunting

  3. 3. How have your experiences with treasure hunting been

  4. 4. What is your opinion on Pearl Herself?

  5. 5. What is your opinion on Pearls Friendship and Trades

    • Great in every way
    • Good, but needs improvement
    • 50/50
    • Bad, but can be improved
    • Horrible, is near unsalvageable
    • Undecided

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Okay, I'm just now exploring the sea, with minimal wiki'ing.

I saw Pearl, kept my distance, examined her. "She reminds me of grandma... but meaner." Well, that sounds hostile. I stayed away! Didn't have adequate combat gear on hand for an unknown fight.

I now know she's not hostile, and have tiny spoilers here and there because I'm silly and can't unsee accidental wiki peeks.

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I like pearl and the friendship tasks, but about the hunts. most of the treasures I get are not great, really bad, can be personal experience and bad luck however.
If at least we could keep the chest somehow, without destroying it but still taking the loot, I'd be happy for the malbatross feathers and lures. At least the broken shells can be used for the seashell turf, gotta get the floor for my pet wobsters.

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It's nice extra content for the sea, but for me it feels like too much investment and too little reward and honestly it's just not for me....



This will really depend on when the ocean is complete, and how she'll mesh with all the content afterwards. Maybe I'll come to like her, but for now it's just....not my thing.


No issues with her being included however, new content is new content even if I personally don't use it.

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