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  1. nah, I also dislike cheesing to be frequently used on bosses that are possible to kill legitimatly (afw, clops, klaus, bq, etc) But then again bosses that cheese you like crab king and misery deserve to be cheesed.
  2. When i play on pubs usually i get the impression that other people might (an probably) think i am an a**hole because of how short I stay online due to my inconsistent gaming schedule. In my 600 hours of playing i have never had an eyebrella on my head in a pub server. Everyone rushes to grab the eye every time deerclops dies I've wasted materials trying to have fun when i got bored 3 times (like trying teleport a rockjaw into a room full of gunpowder then blowing it up, making a grass wall that spells L and burning it, etc) (3 out of 3 times i got sh*t on by this one veteran for wasting.(im still not sure why he took this so seriously, it was a 4000 day old endless server and there were mountains of resources)).
  3. Here are my suggestions to players : New players, PLEASE try some solo first. You can also use the Too Many Items Plus mod to experiment around with the game's mechanics. Try to survive your first winter without cheats. If you can achive that, feel free to go play on a pub. If you revive someone, make sure they can get back to surviving well. So many times have i been/seen someone be revived at the worst possible time, or be revived and just left alone completely vulnerable. Try to make sure the person you revived will live until they find a means of sustaining themselves. Don't listen to stereotypes a lot. There are many wx players who spare the gears for everyone during a ruins rush and many willows who use their bernies well instead of burning everything. Heck, there are even weses that carry worlds for an entire year! Just don't assume someone by their character on first sight. If you feel like you can't contribute to something anymore, just stop. Its rough, but having to carry someone is extremely infuriating, and you might just get kicked for being bad at the game like I was on my first game. If you're not sure if what you're doing is contributing or efficient, ask about it. Its ok to not know, but its not to pretend to know. Veterans be nice, don't just rage because Xx_WilsonMain_xX accidentally made monster lasagna. Just tell him not to put more than 2 mons meat in a crock pot and forget about it. Then again, if someone "accidentally" does something stupid a lot, he may possibly be a griefer. If something looks like its dangerous, you should probably stay away from it. You never know when that wierd green mushroom that some veteran exploded a yellow bird on is the secret final boss of the game. honeslty i don't mind ppl checking wobies, the problem is when they think they can just take stuff from it
  4. They're vegans. They don't eat meat, but they don't have any opinions on using meat in other ways In the forge, why cant you just shoot a dart and kill battlemaster pingas?
  5. I was casually listening to ds hamlet's music when i came by the temperate fight music and i thought: Hol up, that seems really familiar. I listened to it a bit more and i felt like it was like PVZ 2's music. The beginning instrument reminded me a lot of the special level theme of PVZ 2 and so did appregio that started with it. I also found another song which's style is near identical to a PVZ 2 soundtrack that plays in a similar situation. Elder Bog B, or the music that plays in the gorge when the gnaw is hungry shares a similar style of change with the final wave tracks of PVZ 2. Here are the similarities I've noticed. 1: The beat becomes less "swingy" and instead is more straightforward. 2: A lot of percussion that sounds like the amplified and edited sound of dripping water sometimes with echo. 3: A bell sound in the beginning. 4: An instrument around 20 seconds in the track that is basically PVZ 2's representative sound. Anyone notice this similarity too? I'd be happy to discuss about it