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Pls delete Wendy. She more usefull then full team.

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Thing is, Wendy even in Single Player don’t starve was always super good at getting all that stuff anyway.. so her update didn’t really do much to make that better.

The ONLY difference is instead of chasing a rabbit under neath Abigails ghost or getting close enough to a bee hive to trigger the “Attack” Animation but not actually hitting it Yourself to get Abigail to murder them relentlessly.. now all you have to do is TELL Her to do those things.

Actually... now that I think about that the Console version of DS Single Player needs a Wendy update, maybe not to be as good as DSTs... but come on guys I notice that I can Heal Abigail using Spider Glands... there’s an ACTUAL BUTTON PROMPT TO DO THAT!!! The Problem? Abigail always moves AWAY from Wendy making it impossible to actually HEAL her.

And it’s very frustrating.. it makes me not even want to play DS Single Player at all, even though by doing that I can no longer play the Shipwrecked or Hamlet content.

DST Wendy is 1000x better.. no doubt, but DS Abigail could maybe NOT flee away when all I want to do is heal her?

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