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  1. Regardless of difficulty settings, people should be able to play the game however they want to play, as long as it's not hurting others. That's why games like Minecraft have succeeded, they've offered various different ways to play the game and they've given you the ability to forge your own path. What's determined as cheesing is up to you, as you can just opt not to use that specific strategy. Complaining about players using a certain strategy, frankly, is goddamn ridiculous. It doesn't affect you at all, why would you complain about it? That sentiment however doesn't translate well when we're talking about difficulty settings. When developing games, you have (or should have) one goal in mind-- to make the game as fun as possible. Difficulty, a lot of the time, is part of a games identity, like Dark Souls, Sekiro, and yes, Don't Starve/Together. It's a decision the devs have to make, as the direction of the game is entirely up to them. Don't Starve and its various expansions rely on a learning curve, like most rouge-likes. Success is only achieved through trial and error, at least in the devs eyes. It's up to them whether they think adding an easy mode would benefit the game in any way.
  2. Upon joining certain servers, my character is unable to move as well as currently on-screen mobs. Their animations will still play, however you/they cannot move from Point A to Point B. If you've "attempted" to move whilst encountering this bug, upon relogging you and all other mobs will appear at Point B. I've verified integrity of game files, disabled all mods, and I have a good connection to the server. Other people on the server are able to play the game fine, so this must be a client-side issue.
  3. I've got two playlists of solely VGM. Enjoy I guess.
  4. So nVidia/GeForce is basically promoting witch-hunting? Sonuva... These mods need to be reprimanded, this in unacceptable behavior.
  5. I like this idea. I'm a sucker for Risk/Reward mechanics in video games. Except gambling. **** gambling.
  6. Thank you for your humble brag here on the forums. Your contribution has not gone unnoticed.