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  1. Jeez, this thread blew up. You all make me very proud. Keep up the work, future Klei devs.
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Nobody is safe from radical larry
  3. Count to 100 without interruption

    The ninth prime number.
  4. Count to 100 without interruption

  5. Lately, there's been a lot of commotion surrounding the Woodie rework. Many of you have been asking for the rework, and now we're ready to show it off! So, coming in the next Don't Starve Together update, Woodie will recieve these new perks: Lowered Attack and Health by 30% Reduced Life Steal Added a 'Heavy Shot' and 'Heavy Swing' skill tree Fixed an issue where players were unable to get stuck on a log in Woodie And now, with the updated Woodie, come the 'Doorstep' animation! There will be a video on how to see what Woodie's 'A' can do. So keep those eyes peeled for that video! The reworked Woodie will be in-game between update 31 and 31.13.5. Please note that Woodie changes will continue after update 31. The reworked Woodie will require you to purchase the special gift box. We will also be selling the 'Woodie Gift Box', but remember, you cannot pick it up on any character you already own. A special thanks goes out to all of our players and our community for their feedback during the beta. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this update, which will include the new Woodie, updates that might impact the final version and more.
  6. "Peter, where's the coffee machine?" "Yeah, we found there was a problem with it and the issue is currently being resolved. Problem is, we can't find the dang client_log.txt! "Oh, Peter!"
  7. Count to 100 without interruption

  8. Count to 100 without interruption
  9. Count to 100 without interruption

    Sick. zzz
  10. I have this issue as well. I think its the border of the virtual stick texture, so it could probably be fixed easily.
  11. Has Klei issued any kind of response towards griefing in general? If not, can someone ping Joe or someone else because I'm too scared to do it myself
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    YOU SON OF A--
  13. DS and DST in Epic Games Store?

    (set to the tune of "Hoedown" from the DS soundtrack) *ahem* Oh god oh god, god, no! Please tell me the answer's no! Epic games store, No! Why would klei sink so low! They take your hard earned cash And reduce it to trash! There's no one else I'd bash! I'll turn epic to ash! Please clap.
  14. Any time I played as Wilson in the forge, I got that feeling. There was always something chaotic that happened every game I played.
  15. Genius. Thanks, Community Manager Roshana.