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  1. - Terraria received its (supposedly) final update this year. - No Man's Sky has become pretty famous in these last few months for having probably THE GREATEST ******* REDEMPTION ARC EVER (apparently, according to Internet Historian) - Operation Broken Fang came out this year, for CS:GO. Not as neat as the other titles, but it is the most popular valve game and I guess people are happy it got updated. - Witcher 3. No clue. I guess because it's coming to next gen? Why is this on here? That is the point of the Labor of Love award. The game came out already, and the devs are still updating and supporting it. when the imposter is sus!!! Eh. It has cool map design. A semi-decent artstyle. And exploded into popularity due to the failure of many governments worldwide to respond appropriately to the pandemic. It's also incredibly simple, which is appealing sometimes.
  2. Hey, the new Blood avatar frame is pretty sick. However, you can still see the default frame under it-- any chance this can be fixed? Very minor issue, but once I noticed it I can't unsee it.
  3. Upon joining certain servers, my character is unable to move as well as currently on-screen mobs. Their animations will still play, however you/they cannot move from Point A to Point B. If you've "attempted" to move whilst encountering this bug, upon relogging you and all other mobs will appear at Point B. I've verified integrity of game files, disabled all mods, and I have a good connection to the server. Other people on the server are able to play the game fine, so this must be a client-side issue.
  4. I've got two playlists of solely VGM. Enjoy I guess.