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  1. The digger does not stop the digging process. Destroys turf, but the beds never appear. The tail of this skin has strange movement physics.
  2. I just think that a lot can be realized on the DST engine. Much more than there is now. This is proved by ingenious modifications.
  3. Now it is clear why DST problems remain unresolved for a long time. I played "Oxygen not included" and saw that colossal efforts were put into it: -Each item has complex properties and description -Each building has many more useful properties -Instead of a dull team, you have 3 + N obedient bots All in all, Oxygen is Dont starve 2.0. -There, even the required language was immediately without modifications. If so much power were directed to DST, it would be a different game, similar to Oxygen. Klei has a lot of great ideas and solutions, but they are being implemented in newer games.
  4. There were no modifications affecting map generation, this is the first time I see such a thing.
  5. Idk. I generated this map right after the patch.