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Don't Starve Update Trailer - A Little Rain Must Fall

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Ok, now I've got first poster slot: Here's what I think:

Hang ON: 0:09 Everyone. A little image. Lucky pause

Wow Klei! You've outdone yourself. Can you kill the Pig King now?

And do corpses become Skeletons?


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A little rain must "faill"?

Edit: Wow, this is one big update. Awesome stuff. Can't wait to see what all those weird structures and monsters mean. And I bet MycoLogical will be happy about the shrooms.

Edit 2:


In order of when I noticed it during the video.

- Rainometer, presumably foretells weather effects.

- Lightning. May pose some threat during storms.

- Honey poultice. Possibly used for healing of some kind, as IRL they are used to treat burns, stings, etc.

- Wooden Thing was surrounded by a new kind of structure. Probably an Adventure Mode thing. Featured broken Greek-style stone pillars.

- New enemy. Looked like a springy mechanical monster protecting the Wooden Thing. Likely a minion of Maxwell.

- Umbrella.

- Swampy fish creatures that seem to act like the pigs do. Possibly a new ally. Seemed to live in wonky broken huts.

- Lightning can set trees alight.

- A floating wooden triangle with a gem inside it and (possibly gold) braces on it. Seemed to have dark stuff floating around it, so it probably requires nightmare fuel. Can be built. Purpose not shown.

- Pig King on some wooden flooring. Surrounded by black (obsidian?) obelisks, which could retract into the ground. Wilson was insane during this part of the video, the obelisks may have something to do with sanity.

- Red Mushroom

- You can dry meats to make jerky. Monster jerky did not seem to damage health, but still was not great for sanity.

- Pathfinding appears to work better.

- Some sort of new bee-related structure.

- Wilson can apparently be a one-man band.

- Fire staves, similar to ice staff but... fire. Demonstrated while wearing headdress, maybe that increases the power or durability of magical items?

- Pig totem crosses. The pigs seemed to get pretty angry about Wilson going near these. Pigs shout things like "FOR GREAT JUSTICE" and "FOR HIS PLUMPNESS", presumably defending their Pig King or something belonging to him.

- Pigs don't get stuck in stupid ways when trying to go home now. Once again, a pathfinding improvment.

- Monster skeletons in a spider-infested rocky biome. Spawns a Hound.

- Swamp fish people gurgle disgustingly.

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Hey guys, I started taking screenshots of the pictures, just so we can get a compilation going. Let me know the ones you find! [ATTACH=CONFIG]4409[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]4410[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]4411[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]4409[/ATTACH]

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Update:RainometerRain!Honey Poultice Umbrella Horse thingys! D:Wooden thing area improvedNew Pigman related mobs for the rainLightning! D:Broken pig houses for the rainGem thingy crepy thing!!!! D:New Pig-King area! with pillars of doom! DOOOOOOOOM! D:Mushrooms! Awwwwww Yeah!!You can dry food!Monster Jerky!1:02-1:03 There is a purple gem! In quickbar!More Pathfinding! :DBee thing of doom sanity thingy bees and stuff.....KEVIN WHAt IS DA MEANIG OF DIS!?!!?One man band Suit!Looks like you can burn pond plants?Pig totem poles...?A skeleton! Possible something the hound ate?A frog guy looks like he is gonna be sick at the end! :DAwesome Updatezzz!

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Deep Ones? Hotness.Maxwellian Beehives? Yes!More intelligent and patriotic Pigmen? Magnificent.What looks to be mechanical Chess Knights? Mmmmm.Retracting black obelisks? Double yes!Improved path-finding? Wondrous.Fire Staff? Splendnificient!

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