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  1. Puzzle Thread

    The shadow everyone has seen. The numbers... I doubt this is over.
  2. Puzzle Thread

    I see. Thank you!
  3. Puzzle Thread

    I can't lurk any longer. I'm back. First of all, great work with the puzzle everyone! Second of all, is the current plan just to brute force the code? Keep typing words until we get it? Third of all, are there any lingering clues left that may help?
  4. This seems really cool! Willow is my favorite character so it's nice to see her getting some love.These new things look good. Although I think it would be nice if she got a box of infinite matches, like the one she's carrying in her artwork.
  5. I have returned! What have I mi-*Sees cave updates*Oh. Nice.The Beardling Rabbitmen were especially creepy.
  6. We're Live!

    *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*I know I'm late to say this, but well done Klei! Can't wait to play through Adventure Mode!
  7. Release Candidate!

    Kevin, I just really really want to know: Are we ever going to learn how the other characters besides Wilson got there? Even if it's post-launch or future downloadable content?
  8. Release Candidate!

    Sweet! Thanks Kevin!
  9. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    BUG REPORT!!!The Lumpy Trees can come to life as Tree Guards, but are named "MISSING NAME". Also, it's Day 4.
  10. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    POSSIBLE BUG REPORT!There's a Baby Beefalo following me. It's been doing that for a day or two in-game. I think it started after I killed it's parent beefalo, and then saved and quit, and then came back in the game. I had been using the Beefalo Horn on the parent before then, and then night time came around.
  11. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    1. A Cold Reception2. Moderate3. Dying, 6 or 7?4. I'd say the most challenging part of the level was the lack of grown grass. I couldn't make a fire for the night, but even if I did it wouldn't help me because...5. The DAMN "SPECIAL" RAIN.6. I didn't have time to figure one out. I had to keep moving to avoid the "Special Rain".7. The rain made it impossible for me to focus on building a base or finding food, and the lack of grass meant that I couldn't make myself a weapon.
  12. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    Would this "Special Rain" be the one that you were referring to with this line:“He (Maxwell) cries every so often, and it makes Wilson wet.” during the livestream with ShannonZKiller?
  13. SURPRISE! (Story preview test!)

    What does that mean that a new build is up? That when we spawn the door will be right next to us? Because I made a new game and it didn't...
  14. SURPRISE! (Story preview test!)

    So, all we have to do is open up that file? Or is there something else?
  15. SURPRISE! (Story preview test!)

    1. Level 22.Moderate3.Dying, Day 1 of that level, but day 5 in total.4. The fact that I only had a few minutes before night fell, and had no warm equipment starting out.5. That wasn’t fun at all... :(6. NA7. I was dumped into winter with zero equipment and began to panic. I would recommend giving at least a torch or something to keep the player warm.P.S. Love Chibi!Slenderman!'s coat!Second try! ( I am allowed to try again, right?)3. Dying, day 94. The most challenging thing about the level was all of the spiders and tentacles everywhere. Often times the spider dens were so close together that I had about one square to walk inbetween them! There were also huge stretches of swamps filled to the brim with tentacles!5. The most fun I had was hunting down the Things with the Divining Rod, and whenever I found a goodie in the wild. I liked thinking about how the person was trying to survive before they died. 6. What I was trying to do was make little bases along the way as I hunted down the Things. Sometimes I would try and recover some health and get more supplies for a few days at those bases. I was mainly getting food from berry bushes and carrots I found.7. The first time failed because I got so distracted by the divining rod that I didn't look around the area for supplies. This time I found a chest really close to my spawn that had a few things that helped me get off the ground.