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  1. The shadow everyone has seen. The numbers... I doubt this is over.
  2. I can't lurk any longer. I'm back. First of all, great work with the puzzle everyone! Second of all, is the current plan just to brute force the code? Keep typing words until we get it? Third of all, are there any lingering clues left that may help?
  3. Oh my god. It's so cute. I want to hug it!
  4. I believe [MENTION=3998]sirmentlegen[/MENTION] has a video of a whole bunch of them taking down a Deerclops. Personally, I've only gotten one, but deleted that world almost immediatly after.
  5. Alright. I've learned my lesson this time. Someone with the automatic puzzle piece finder can get all the pieces. I'll help put it together. Last time I wasted two hours trying to do it by hand. Things I noticed:There are 15 item slots rather then the usual 12, and this is without a backpack.Jumping in the Sick Worm Hole didn't remove any Sanity?Rabbit... no... that can't be right......I- I don't know how to feel about this...Edit: By the way, is someone going to start a puzzle thread?
  6. Day 3 - Into the Wormhole and Day 4 - Respect for the Dead are up. Once again, thank you to everyone who's been checking this project of mine out. It means a lot.
  7. Willow's intro is up. Hopefully, I'll get one or two days in tomorrow.
  8. I've only ever played as Wilson, Willow, and Wendy. So far, I think I like Willow the best, and Wendy the second best.
  9. *Sigh*. I died playing Wendy due to the cold. Well, actually I haven't, yet. But when I start up the game again I will. I'm out of food, have no protective clothing, and it's the middle of the night.I was trying to play in-character, and not as a gamer, so I didn't get any silk or anything like that because why would anyone attack a spider's nest, right? And I didn't focus on my base building or food gathering enough. Winter game while I was out on an expedition, away from the thermometer-thing, so it took me by surprise.The way I figured it, Wendy isn't scared of death, she's just trying to delay it for Abigail's sake. So, I tried to play like that. I think I got to day 20ish or so. Which is longer then I normally last, actually...I really need to start reading up on some guides. And what a coincidence! The forum goer right above my post has a handy link in their sig!
  10. Funny... When I did Wilson in Akinator he got the name "Wilson P. Higgsbury", and the picture was the character select mini-portrait.
  11. I hope so. Anyone know what the next planned update is?
  12. Ugh. You know what? I'm starting to think he's just trolling us. The current clue is "Seek and you will find", and we did seek and we did find.
  13. Say pal,Why do you have to be so cryptic?! It's like you don't even care that we're struggling! I mean, do you think we HAVEN'T been seeking? Y- When you talk. You use . Excuse me. From, SS BUT DON'T THINK THIS ISN'T OVER MR.