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  1. Birdcage OP

    Has anyone mentioned how ridiculous it is that you can get a single bird of indeterminable gender pregnant with nearly instantly laid eggs by feeding it any kind of meat?I feel like this mechanic was a quick patch for something more in depth. Why can't the bird starve to death? Smallbirds can.
  2. Mushroom system

    I can't wait to make stuffed mushrooms or other shroomtacular dishes!All of a sudden I feel the urge to play Paper Mario 64...
  3. I can already tell it's a picture of Maxwell, probably sitting on a chair or throne. He might even be a robot.
  4. The last thing in the dark, what you thought were footprints or flowers, are monstermeats. You can barely see the purple muscle parts and bone.
  5. Perhaps that's how you get purple gems!? Purple could be lightning!
  6. I wonder if you can befriend the Deep One Pigmen? I know I totally would!For Father Dagon and Mother Hydra!
  7. Deep Ones? Hotness.Maxwellian Beehives? Yes!More intelligent and patriotic Pigmen? Magnificent.What looks to be mechanical Chess Knights? Mmmmm.Retracting black obelisks? Double yes!Improved path-finding? Wondrous.Fire Staff? Splendnificient!
  8. Yes, I agree. I expected these plants to either enter some state of "hibernation" or just not grow back during the winter.Wait, do they grow back? I'm always slaughtered out of the blue by Deerclops away from my base during the night before I can catch a glimpse.
  9. If you watch him closely, you'll see he's doing the "throat slash" sign.
  10. Misinterpreted Characters!

    Except, you know, she's as big as the other characters, and was flung into this nightmarish world by Maxwell.A child overcome by grief would have a hard time trying to survive in an otherworldly world.
  11. The tentacles most definitely keep their spikes. Try watching full-screen/high-quality.
  12. I think, thematically, the sanity bar fits.Heart, Stomach, Brain. Watching them shrivel up as they weaken is satisfying.
  13. DS_forestAMB_night_RND_3?
  14. Names that start with "W"

  15. Farms not needed at all

    Everyone wants a bear, it seems, and I don't blame them... But this is Klei we're talking about! Why just a bear? I think bears are uninteresting and overdone. Any generally large furry monster would work. Or heck, even something original.