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  1. Yes, I agree. I expected these plants to either enter some state of "hibernation" or just not grow back during the winter.Wait, do they grow back? I'm always slaughtered out of the blue by Deerclops away from my base during the night before I can catch a glimpse.
  2. If you watch him closely, you'll see he's doing the "throat slash" sign.
  3. Except, you know, she's as big as the other characters, and was flung into this nightmarish world by Maxwell.A child overcome by grief would have a hard time trying to survive in an otherworldly world.
  4. The tentacles most definitely keep their spikes. Try watching full-screen/high-quality.
  5. I think, thematically, the sanity bar fits.Heart, Stomach, Brain. Watching them shrivel up as they weaken is satisfying.
  6. Everyone wants a bear, it seems, and I don't blame them... But this is Klei we're talking about! Why just a bear? I think bears are uninteresting and overdone. Any generally large furry monster would work. Or heck, even something original.
  7. I don't think warmth is going to be a new meter per se, but more of the gradual ice-coating and icicle-growing of the other three meters, or maybe even the HUD in general.
  8. I think you should at least be able to craft map markers with Papyrus. That would be pretty useful.
  9. I never thought he was stupid, I always thought he was Russian a la TF2's Heavy.A Russian Strongman Carny is a cliche and I don't understand why other people don't see him as such.
  10. Or like I've been suggesting, Taffy is just a grave digger item.