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  1. What they really should focus on is balancing the game. Right now it feels as if there is zero end game content, because you can beat everything in the game with a spear and a log suit. I would rather have Klei focus on fixing whats in the game than trying to add more "features" that don't add depth to the game. I really like this game, but it will always feel incomplete as the "uncompromising survival game" if I can kill queens, deerclops and treeguards with basic weapons and very simple kiting.
  2. I guess my one concern is if anything is going to be done to improve the dont starve world. And I'll explain what I mean. Right now in the game, very little happens where the player has no control (hound attacks, winter, deerclops and lureplants) meaning that once you gather a few resources you can survive indefinitely. The other thing is the world still feels empty, because the world generates huge parts of the man that are entirely empty forests and savannas and very few parts of the map seem to have interesting features. The parts that do are fantastic and make the world feel vibrant.Maybe the solution is creating more set pieces with existing game elements to add some flavor to the worlds, without cramming in more new craftables and mobs. I think that would be simple enough to add in and much less time consuming. I would rather have existing elements improved than a new level of the caves that would take months to fill up with things to make it dynamic.
  3. I would agree that the Koalephant drops way too much for how easy he is to deal with. Perhaps changing the AI to make him run when attacked instead of fight, like a deer would. Or they could just reduce his meat to around 4, and make the trunk give you less. He doesn't take long to track, and you don't have to invest much into killing him, basic armor and weapons will do fine and you will take little damage.
  4. You haven't even played the update and you are criticizing it? Of course they are going to add things that have uses which help the player, but they have also added traps, and the bishop, and you can expect more challenges ahead.
  5. I think the helmet or armor idea is kind of neat. It would be too easy if you could just leave it at your base.
  6. I think that honey should just be less useful in general. Right now it makes the best sanity restorer (4 honey) and is a key ingredient to honey ham (2 meat 2 honey). It is easy to farm up and generates quickly.I think the taffy recipe should be changed to include other ingredients, maybe it can still have 1 or 2 honey as part of it, but make it rely on other sources.Other solutions include:When harvesting honey, bees come out as killer bees and have increased move speed for a time. Slower production rate = more grinding = less funDecrease the power of the beekeeper helmet. The helmet mitigates almost 100% of the damage you would take from harvesting bees and wears out slowly.Increase spoilage rate of honey/ decrease healing rate.Chance to spawn a queen bee that is pretty pissed off when you attack a hive. Bees in bee boxes mate and produce a queen bee after 14 days or something.I do agree that making honey finite is a bad idea, especially for sandbox players who want to play for 300 days without teleporting. I think a couple of these in conjunction would work, i dont think there is one single answer though, and it may take constant tweaking.
  7. Miaou's Guide to Don't Starve

    Gave it a quick skim, some things are just inaccurate. Having zero hunger doesn't instantly kill you, your hp bar just starts dropping. Being out in the dark doesn't kill you, but the grue will start attacking you. Takes a few hits depending on armor and hp.
  8. Night Light

    Night light has no use simply because it serves no purpose. A rope (3 grass) will light the campfire for the afternoon and night. I think a cool use for it, would be anything under the radius of nightlight (while it is fueled by Nightmares) would be under the effects of insanity. So for instance, you put the Nightlight in a rabbit heavy area, and when the rabbits are close enough to the light they become beardlings. This gives it a purpose of its own, rather than being a version of a campfire that makes you go insane and has a high fuel cost.
  9. Since Winter is supposedly the next big update, I was thinking that it would be really cool if there was some way to domesticate some hounds, and build yourself a sleigh for fast travel during the winter.I think this would be a really cool mechanic, considering there is nothing in the game that you can build to make exploring easier, and it fits the theme of the season, and the game. All the details of how this can work can be left to the devs, but it could require feeding the hounds regularly, it could take damage from mobs, could require 2 or 4 hounds to pull.What does everyone else think?
  10. I've played Don't Starve for about 35 hours and a few comments/ ideas on how to improve the game. Nightmare Souls Right now they need to be tweaked, specifically the Dark Sword. Costing a staggering 10 Nightmare souls to create, it is not a cost effective way to kill the shadow creatures. Using up the entire sword only netted me 7 Nightmare souls, and cost me 4 pieces of armor. The % of use either needs to be tweaked, or the recipe does. World Generation Since the update, I've noticed that certain map features (Tallbirds, beefalo) are spaced out far too much, and some features are to scarce or non existent. The world doesn't need to be massive, considering there is only a few biomes with only a few things in them. I don't enjoy having to spend one day's travel just to go get stone, and then another day to get to where the few spider nests are. The map should be more compact, and doesn't need to be so big, until much more is added. The Nonsensical Portal Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with having a nonsensical portal, but it has no rhyme or reason as of yet. Right now, it is find 4 arbitrary pieces that are scattered randomly around the portal base. I think it would be more interesting, if in order to get these pieces, you had to accomplish some sort of quest. For example, Maxwell could send sort of demon or he could reside in his own biome, and you had to deal with him in some way to get his piece of the portal. Give us some reason to assemble this portal other than 4 random pieces for no reason. Weather Conditions Suggested before, still think rain every 7,8,9 days would be an achievable and interesting feature. Magic Would love to see some alchemy magic introduced. Potions that can do various things like create portals, or hypnotize enemies etc. Let me know what you guys think. Really looking forward to seeing where this game will go.
  11. A few simple things here that will make the game more enjoyable. Map: I am really starting to dislike the map layout. Multiple islands with bridges makes it a pain to get to where you want to go. Some bridges take nearly a minute to cross. I don't see why the world is built this way when it would be much better for the user if we had a more connected map. (pangea) Night: I don't know what they devs have in mind, but I want to see more things added to make camp less safe (ie hounds) and give you more reason to explore at night. I was thinking some critters come at night (like raccoons) and take food out of your chest. So you would have to defend your camp or risk it being wrecked. Right now in the game, if I wanna find any kind of non hive enemy, it takes a lot of looking around and exploring just to find a point of interest. I think things need to be closer together. More stuff happening in less area. (This could be alleviated by adding more things into the current area as well :/) Also don't understand why the tent changes characters. Still liking the game, can't wait to see how it advances.