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  1. I've done some experimenting while recording a video footage for the update a little rain must fall a few weeks ago. Summary: #1 Time bomb #2 The death of pig king (not) #3 With how many beefalos we can kill a spider queen (was my first time) #4 Spiderden and gunpowder There isn't voice in this footage, just a background rock music. The speed of the video wasn't increased. I hope is easy to understand (I believe so). http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0pNemC7D0U
  2. Well, then we have kinda three teams doing the same thing. The guys from the save editor are also thinking about it. This kinda bothers me but if anyone what to try who am I to say no.I followed all the clues left by a certain developer from Klei. Moreover, we will not discuss it with anybody until we have finished the project and this will take a long long road. I'm sorry.Good luck man! [MENTION=10271]WrathOf[/MENTION],I'm pretty sure that is a lua table
  3. Not yet.Well, the map is inside the save file. So we and the guys from save editor are doing the same thing but the location that they are changing is different from ours. They are changing a little piece and we are changing the rest of the save file. I have a few choices but I need every knowledge from the save file to decide which way we are going to take.
  4. Sorry.I'm thinking about two versions right now. A simple one with just a viewer and the funcionality of edit/add entities on the map. And another with all complex things like create a map from scratch.
  5. Hummm. Some years ago, we could have one private repo. I think I have one. As I said it's a good question
  6. Something is wrong with the image.--EDIT-- [IMG]URL[/IMG]
  7. Back from the dead (old mod section). This post will change in a few days. Information Myself and a very close friend, I'm gonna call him LCR, we are working in a map viewer/editor. UPDATE (16/03/2013) Things that we are working - Generated the first map from scratch - Generated another map from scratch (no interface yet just core) for fun - Researching deeper and deeper on how to generate a map from scratch (there is no fun here) - Thinking in release some kind of simple editor with simple functionalities (new image!) Images
  8. IMHO, if it's a private one I think there is no problem. If we/they think that for source code you have to buy the game then a public repository could be a bad idea.Anyway, I don't know. I'm curious too.
  9. Yeah. This guys are crazy, I heard that they don't sleep ever ;)The winter poster have some codes too. The secret is in the Insanity Puzzle thread. Ok. What do you have in mind?
  10. That's make sense guys.It explains what I found building the map editor. It started as some kind of noise (while drawing a map) and was translated to an island. In my case could be some kind of topology information.