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  1. I've done some experimenting while recording a video footage for the update a little rain must fall a few weeks ago. Summary: #1 Time bomb #2 The death of pig king (not) #3 With how many beefalos we can kill a spider queen (was my first time) #4 Spiderden and gunpowder There isn't voice in this footage, just a background rock music. The speed of the video wasn't increased. I hope is easy to understand (I believe so). http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0pNemC7D0U
  2. Hey! It's ok.You deserve a thank you --EDIT-- Uploaded a inkscape file (drawing.svg) for you guys that want to try it out. Same links as before: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sd3h11kh41pqhm0/szY_Fmw7f0
  3. You didn't. I have 123 here and not sure if it's all the images.
  4. I regret so much for not having implemented an algorithm that saw for jigsaw puzzles a few weeks ago. Dang.
  5. I saved all in jpg this time instead of png to upload quickly tho.Live folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sd3h11kh41pqhm0/szY_Fmw7f0
  6. No, sorry. I'm not going to upload all the files separated. I have a lot of images to cut!
  7. It's not a joke man!I always use this kind of name for puzzles directories.
  8. Here we go!https://www.dropbox.com/s/xldbo55lgb394vy/gotyou.rar
  9. I have 123 pieces. Uploading (entire images)...
  10. I'm not going to create the thread this time. Please, just edit the first post with all thing that we will find here.
  11. [MENTION=7327]Mad Potatoes[/MENTION],It's not hard to put just one screenshot on the first post to show the puzzle. You know you can help too, right?
  12. Map generator (Old vs New)

    The new mapgen is beautiful.
  13. Map viewer/editor

    Well, then we have kinda three teams doing the same thing. The guys from the save editor are also thinking about it. This kinda bothers me but if anyone what to try who am I to say no.I followed all the clues left by a certain developer from Klei. Moreover, we will not discuss it with anybody until we have finished the project and this will take a long long road. I'm sorry.Good luck man! [MENTION=10271]WrathOf[/MENTION],I'm pretty sure that is a lua table
  14. I know that I'm missing a few pieces and that a few are in the wrong spot. But close enough? Yeah. Looks like you got it