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  1. ...reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. But that's what meat effigies are for, right?
  2. Trying out new art styles, since I really liked how the flowers turned out. So, graffiti style hotrod chester it is. Nyoom.
  3. ...has it really been months since I posted here? Damn. Well. Uh. Let's fix that with some transparent evil flower designs. I have a mini headcanon that all evil flowers are the same species, but with insane (heh) amounts of polymorphism due to mutation by nightmare fuel. So the same parts of the flower, like the stamens, sepals, and petals, may retain their color, but look very different depending on the individual in question. Who says science and magic can’t get along?
  4. Ok, looks like people are fairly across the board about it. Which, while it doesn't help me decide which name to put precisely, does take some of the pressure off. d3v1n96, you lucked out in terms of names... I started here with Sarcosuchus before joining tumblr as well, but you can bet your last piece of jerky that name wasn't available there. Or anywhere else for that matter. Phweh. Regardless, thanks for the input, guys. Now I'll be able to get my mitts on a Chester in no time.
  5. Did you just go with real name then? Augh, I'm so conflicted.
  6. Heh, my internet name is different just about every place you look... is anybody else just sticking with forum name too?
  7. Here's a question. In terms of the shrine...what name are you guys putting in? Real name, forum name, Tumblr name? I assume people are going with real name, but I want to check before I'm the only dork who puts in the wrong sort of name, and have my shame immortalized in a shrine
  8. He is the birchnutter, and he speaks for the trees. Only the birches though, the pines have their own spokesman. And, because it's 3 in the morning the week before finals, an added bonus picture because nothing makes sense and everything is therefore legitimate by default. And they're all huge for no reason. I don't even know.
  9. I think they were also just assuming it would be a video, since the last timed image update thing we had with the William puzzle also ended in a video.
  10. I think we all know there's only one way this puzzle can end. (Forgive me if someone already made this joke, but it's an ungodly hour in the morning, so I'm not going to read through all the pages of the thread that I've missed. )
  11. Remember how nuts we went last time when we didn't know what the tally mark was? How much photo manipulation we did to that poor picture of Charlie in the hallway before we realized what was going on? At least this time, we know what to expect, so there won't be quite as much of a "carving latin on the walls" level of insanity this time. Though speaking of which: The worst is over now, guys. We did it, now we just have to wait to see the fruits of our labors. No need to keep playing Klei Spy with new members. It's all good. That being said: Everybody should take one of these and give this a squeeze before you continue posting. You've earned it. And Wilson's insane enough for all of us at the moment.
  12. Nope, that was referring to Wendy and Abigail, which is why Wendy has the line "I feel a strange kinship with him." when you examine Maxwell ingame. It's widely assumed that they're related. Edit: Pfffft. Prechewed Tree, looks like we're in the same boat on that.
  13. Suffering makes the island go round, after all. I don't know, though. It was an eagle ripping out a liver in the original Prometheus myth, so I think you should be safe. Though it's funny you mention that particular myth, actually. Because guess what Prometheus is known for...? I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
  14. Fair point. I was just thinking that it might be intimidating for new viewers to scroll through all this stuff, but I guess as long as the original creator of the thread keeps updating the front page, it shouldn't be a problem. These next few days are going to be insane. Deliciously, entertainingly insane, but inane all the same. It's just the little things. Like they chose Castor and Pollux for the constellations...the two guys who are constantly rotating back and forth, one residing in the land of the dead, until he comes and takes the other's place among the gods in the land of the immortals, before the whole cycle repeats over and over. Kind of like how a particular gentleman scientist lives on an island stuck in an infinite death loop, before replacing the magician on the throne and knocking him back onto the island for the sequence to start all over again, ad infinitum. Musical Nightmare thrones, anybody?
  15. ...well then. That was one hell of a ride. Now, the question remains: does this thread become a discussion thread for the new images, or do we start a separate thread for image posting, speculation, and discussion like we did for the timed release Praecantaor puzzle? I'd do it myself, but I've already neglected hours of homework to pour over this, and I wouldn't be able to keep the front page updated as much as it should be. And then, let the games (and by that I mean rampant speculation about lore and characters while nervously waiting for each update) begin.