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  1. More woodie(◉◡◉✿)❤
  2. People should draw more woodie (ര◡ര )
  3. Probably abigail, with the ribbon in the wrong side (✿≧︿≦)
  4. I had a huge problem with it too, but i've learnt a really nice way of shadding with an amazing artist i know. You shade the whole drawing in a single layer with a single color, some really light color, of any tone (It only really matters if you're doing background) and set the layer to mutiply, you can use some blur/dodge tool to make the edges softer.For the base color, the trick is always use a color near grey, never too bright (Unless you're shadding, or the color is really really light
  5. Yeah i'm kind of addicted to tumblr... its like A DRRUUUUGGG... :C Your art too is so precious, like, you make it digitally right? it really looks like those cut'n glue that take years to make (◕‿◕✿) its so hard to get this effect. Also Lucy (⊙ω⊙✿)
  6. oooh, these are amazing they look like they were made using coffee
  7. Thanks guys I've got kinda sick of don't starve some weeks ago, but now... Woodie ♥‿♥ and also this place got so many amazing artists since i've last got here...
  8. Yo betta say da magical word sir if u want sometin to be draw oka Meanwhile
  9. I'm..... In love ಠ⌣ಥ...
  10. Sorry not talking much I havent been in a good mood, so i rather just draw, draw and draw than talk