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  1. More woodie(◉◡◉✿)❤
  2. New charcter

    Winnie, needs more girls for possible smuts(◔◡◔✿) Also i think she'd be a pretty funny character, thats always whinning about things and crying like a baby, maybe a spoiled rich girl... stuck in an island with nothing to clean the bloog in her hands (⊙‿⊙✿)
  3. People should draw more woodie (ര◡ര )
  4. A gobbler that woudnt eat the berries, but instead, farm them for me (ര▽ ര)
  5. I like chaging worlds when there's a update, be geral or just caves, i usually don't change the character tho, when there's a new char, i make new world with it and see if theres something cool, if so, then i change for the next worldI had a save that was like, in the 6th world, just changing when the game updatedAlso, when you spawn in a world with no pig king and mandrakes, you can just get all your stuff and ragequit to a better world.
  6. Probably abigail, with the ribbon in the wrong side (✿≧︿≦)
  7. I had a huge problem with it too, but i've learnt a really nice way of shadding with an amazing artist i know. You shade the whole drawing in a single layer with a single color, some really light color, of any tone (It only really matters if you're doing background) and set the layer to mutiply, you can use some blur/dodge tool to make the edges softer.For the base color, the trick is always use a color near grey, never too bright (Unless you're shadding, or the color is really really light
  8. Yeah i'm kind of addicted to tumblr... its like A DRRUUUUGGG... :C Your art too is so precious, like, you make it digitally right? it really looks like those cut'n glue that take years to make (◕‿◕✿) its so hard to get this effect. Also Lucy (⊙ω⊙✿)
  9. Messin' With Fan Art

    oooh, these are amazing they look like they were made using coffee
  10. Thanks guys I've got kinda sick of don't starve some weeks ago, but now... Woodie ♥‿♥ and also this place got so many amazing artists since i've last got here...
  11. Yo betta say da magical word sir if u want sometin to be draw oka Meanwhile
  12. Canadians ಥ⌣ಥ
  13. Baby Lady uwu
  14. (♥‿♥✿)