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  1. We're Live!

    Next update 32 days...
  2. Im playing this stage and is awesome, Im at day 12 an only fin 2 wooden things, on day 7 deerclops came it was very funny, I managed to kill it with a herd of Beefalo
  3. Spoil me! Spoil me!... I need to calm down
  4. I need the surprise!!!!!!!
  5. Birdcage OP

    I agree to, the birdcage is OP, the bird egg need and exclusive recipe
  6. Tea Party

    Nice, I like it
  7. Not enough disk space?!

    Glad to be of any help
  8. Not enough disk space?!

    This worked thanks!!!!
  9. Not enough disk space?!

    I fixed it, go to steam/SteamApps/downloading and delete everything there
  10. Not enough disk space?!

    I installed it on an external disk fine but it doesn't work on the internal diskSorry for my english
  11. Not enough disk space?!

    Same problem here
  12. Don't Starve not working, XP

    It doesn't work for me:grumpy: