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Cable Knit Sweater

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Red!  (cable-knit) for me.  It'd look exactly like my favourite snuggly comfy sweater I love to wear in the winter, that way.  My sweater that shrunk in the wash (I got it at a thrift shop and the tags, with the instructions for _how to wash it safely_, were missing) and now I can't actually wear it anymore...so, at least I can put it on my character!  : P

I've also got a cabling hook? that came with my basic Learn to Knit set.  I've made a Doctor-Who-esque long uber-colourful scarf, now I just gotta learn how to do the cable thing...  (Yes, I knit sometimes.  Crochet too.  Kinda taught myself from YouTube tutorials.)  Both of which I would TOTALLY wear in the winter here (and I HAVE worn the scarf in public), although the summer _does_ also want to flatten you into the ground, suffocate you and catch you on fire, in the same year.

This is absolutely the Reign of Giants climate, is what I'm getting at.  XD  Going by Fahrenheit, my "temperature blanket" has colours representing ONE HUNDRED DEGREES apart (the 0-10* range, and the 100-110 range) on the same thing!  Yay!   I'd agree with you on the "best time to wear a striped sweater...is all the time" thing if summer here weren't out to murder your face.  Can I switch to a striped t-shirt instead?  


*0-10 ABOVE?!  Ha!" scoffs the Midwest

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