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  1. The Gorge Fence Skin

    I see what you mean, though to be honest I think it would still look pretty nice, even if short. Ahhh, okay. Thanks for the information. I'm really hoping we get it, though since it sounds like the events were really pricey to run, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Here's hoping!
  2. The Gorge Fence Skin

    I bought the Gorge item skin set since I LOVED the Gorge theme, but I notice that it doesn't have a fence skin. Anyone else feel like this was a missed opportunity? I'd have thought that an old iron fence skin for the wooden fence and gate would have been perfect. Heck, I'd pay specifically for that skin. Maybe in the future there could be a second Gorge skin set that includes more, like the fence and gate, maybe a skin for pig houses, more Gorge themed tools, maybe a top hat skin, dapper vest skin, etc. Really, I just want that iron fence and gate skin
  3. I'm having a problem. I've watched live streams with the skin drop enabled for over 8 hours, but still haven't gotten the third drop. I got the first two, but really want to get the thermal stone skin. Any reason why this might be?
  4. Music Emote

    Just an idea, but looking at the step-dance emote got me thinking. Anyone else think it would be a ton of fun to have a few instrument emotes? Something like the banjo, a guitar, and violin? Your character would just whip one out and play. I think it would be fun to do that around the campfire at night. Extra fun for celebrating Winter's Feast XD Thoughts?
  5. Showing off your outfits [2]

    Woodie the Mountain Man
  6. I miss the Gorge...

    The Gorge was a really cool event. I'd love it if we could buy a world-skin that textures more things like it, or really anything to get some structures from it into the base world. It was really nice looking, and being able to just survive in that world could make for a lot of fun. And yeah, the music was really great too.
  7. I'm surprised at the overwhelming majority voting for a Woodie Refresh. It's a pleasant surprise, since I almost exclusively play as him, but I didn't think many people actually played him. Some tweaking to the werebeaver mode would definitely be nice.
  8. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    I really like the idea of him having some unique craftables. Specifically the bear trap, and maybe something like a bridge. I don't think befriending a tree guard would make any sense ("so I just slaughtered all your friends and family; wanna be buddies?"), but I do hope he retains his animal friendship perk. I think that fits his werebeaverness, and his general love of animals (aside from birds).
  9. I'm curious to hear what all people think Woodie might get in his update (I can't wait to see his video). I feel like the Werebeaver will be getting some serious buffs, though I'm not sure what else. Maybe he'll be able to create a special trap for rabbits/animals? Maybe the werebeaver will be able to wear a saddle or pull a sled? Werebeaver armor? XD Not sure, but looking forward to finding out. What are your thoughts? What would you add to him, and why?
  10. Loving Wortox

    Hey everyone! It's been a while. I just got back into this game, and picked up the Wortox DLC. I'm really liking this character so far! His voice and comments are really interesting, and I think he offers some fun gameplay. I feel like he's also really well-balanced, and like how he can teleport as far as you can see. It would have been really easy to make him only teleport halfway, but I think this lets us do more. I'm certainly enjoying playing as him. I also really like how he's a Fey creature rather than a generic evil demon. I didn't see that coming. And yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm liking the DLC, and wanted to say that I have returned to the game and forums XD Anyone else on here from a couple years ago? And here's a picture of 'ol Wortox and Glommer resting together after a hard day's work.
  11. Just started playing as a new mod character. For those of you looking for a lore friendly, DST art style mod, check out Jack Carter: Determined Doctor. It's really good so far! Balanced, nice use of stats/abilities, and has pretty much entirely unique strings (Which is really important to me). The only thing I can dock is that it currently uses Maxwell's voice, but maybe that'll get changed down the road.

  12. Does anyone know how many "parts" of updates there are planned to be, if the amount if planned at all? I liked the trailer though! Although I keep hoping that the final ANR trailer will be a nice big cinematic one like the one we got for ROG way back when. Seeing the gameplay gets me amped, but I love seeing the characters doing more . . . well, animated actions
  13. Awesome! I can't wait to get on and see the new features. Plus, now I can hunt the reindeer like my Laplander ancestors (and pet my little vargling named Voof)
  14. Happy Gobbler day everyone! (In the US at least. Although happy Gobbler day to non US residents all the same :p ) 

    May your ice boxes never go empty, and your Turkey Dinners always keep you full!



  15. So this finally came out. How I wish these guys could make an actual movie, or be placed in charge of the graphics/cinematics of the reboot that happened.


    Anyone else play this game as a child? I think it would be so fun to get to play as Skull Kid (before the mask) in DST. Unfortunately, my modding attempts have all ended in frustrated failure, but perhaps someday . . . 

    1. Arlesienne


      I watched the film a few days ago. Hats off.

    2. TheTraditionalGentleman


      I just hope it doesn't get taken down, as seems to be the prevalent worry on youtube :p