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  1. I haven’t gotten to play post-update yet, but I’m REALLY hoping we get to keep most of these, like /toast and the Winter Feast table. At least via mods. I’ve wanted a table we can place food on to display/eat from for ages. And I’m not sure what the new furnace is for, but it looks great too.
  2. That lava fire pit makes me feel pretty nervous for the wooden ship XD
  3. Salty Dog Woodie, ready to take to the seas! This look really gives me a "Cthulu bound sea crew" vibe XD I only wish we could somehow remove the bandages, since I find myself using this head skin for him a lot. Hopefully we'll get some captain hats soon!
  4. All aboard the hype train! Seriously hoping for either a “Totally Normal Tree” halloween skin for Wormwood, or a Pumpkin skin.
  5. Now that Woodie can turn into a whopping three "wereforms", I thought he could do with a druid outfit. I'll have to get an in-game picture with a staff and garland
  6. Those skins look great and in response to Wormwood’s gender, some plants actually do have male and female versions, rather than both (some plants have both male and female reproductive parts, but not all). I’m guessing that’s the case with Wormwood.
  7. Oooooh my gosh, I'm so excited to see this thing finished! The pictures you've shared with us look great so far! Along with the mobs/boats and such, are we going to be seeing all (or most) of the weapons/items as well? Like the chiminea and the spear gun?
  8. Just started playing as a new mod character. For those of you looking for a lore friendly, DST art style mod, check out Jack Carter: Determined Doctor. It's really good so far! Balanced, nice use of stats/abilities, and has pretty much entirely unique strings (Which is really important to me). The only thing I can dock is that it currently uses Maxwell's voice, but maybe that'll get changed down the road.