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  1. I’d love to get houses and towns, but I think it might be best in an optional game mode when generating the world. I really enjoyed having a house that I could decorate, and a town I could build in Hamlet, and would LOVE to make a town with friends. I just think it should be it’s own thing, rather than turning the base game into Hamlet.
  2. Having experience makes a huge difference. I’ve probably put 500ish into DS? That was on the Vita, so I don’t have the exact numbers. I think I’ve put about 300 into DST. When I was playing DS, I actually made a point of not reading the wiki, since the world was so bizarre that I wanted to figure it out for my self. Plus it was kind of funny dying in insane ways. Who knew that a pack of penguins could run you down and peck you to death. . . I ended up knowing a ton about the game and it’s mechanics though. I don’t know quite as much about all the DST nooks and crannies, but my DS experience has made me a good deal better at staying alive than my friends.
  3. I’d love to be able to use skins in Hamlet, but don’t know if it’ll happen. I think the devs mentioned that they were considering it a while ago, but don’t have a link.
  4. I didn’t see any other threads on this (just comments on other threads) so I thought I’d make my own. While I guess there’s still a bit of debate on if the cabin in Walter’s video was Woodie’s, I’m convinced it is (if I had any doubts, the kitschy beaver in the corner sold me on it). And while it isn’t a ton of lore, I’m glad to get a glimpse XD Mainly though, I feel like it lends itself towards the idea of Lucy having been an actual person, rather than just an axe that Woodie was fond off. Like has been pointed out, there are two chairs in the cabin (presumably for Woodie and his wife). Secondly, we can see a similar axe to Lucy on a stump outside of the cabin. I feel like this implies that Woodie’s affection of Lucy is less about the make and model of the axe, and more about the spirit in it (who I’m positive is Woodie’s wife). Just as a couple other thoughts, I think it’s interesting that Woodie was the werebeaver before the constant, rather than getting transformed after. I assumed this was the case, but it’s cool to see it confirmed. Really nothing groundbreaking here I guess, and by this point I feel like the lore (or at least Woodie’s) might be a little less concrete, and made solid as they need to, but it fits the headcanon I’ve had for my favorite character for years Anyone have any other thoughts about it? Think Lucy was indeed Woodie’s wife? Think otherwise? Think it’s possible that Maxwell lured Woodie to the Constant via promise of a cure? *edit* as a side thought, anyone else think the kitschy beaver, moose, and goose would be fun for the merch shop? Whether plush or plastic, I’d buy them XD I honestly might have a go at whittling the beaver. . .
  5. Did Woodie have a string about having been brought here via gramophone? Because if I remember correctly, I think he mentions listening to hockey games on the radio (think that was from the radio-thing in adventure mode in DS).
  6. I haven’t gotten to play post-update yet, but I’m REALLY hoping we get to keep most of these, like /toast and the Winter Feast table. At least via mods. I’ve wanted a table we can place food on to display/eat from for ages. And I’m not sure what the new furnace is for, but it looks great too.
  7. That lava fire pit makes me feel pretty nervous for the wooden ship XD
  8. Salty Dog Woodie, ready to take to the seas! This look really gives me a "Cthulu bound sea crew" vibe XD I only wish we could somehow remove the bandages, since I find myself using this head skin for him a lot. Hopefully we'll get some captain hats soon!
  9. All aboard the hype train! Seriously hoping for either a “Totally Normal Tree” halloween skin for Wormwood, or a Pumpkin skin.
  10. Now that Woodie can turn into a whopping three "wereforms", I thought he could do with a druid outfit. I'll have to get an in-game picture with a staff and garland