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  1. So, I’m trying to branch out and play a new character, but I can never seem to make myself do it, and am looking for how you all do it. My main is Woodie, and has been for years, and every single time I play as someone else, I inevitably end up wishing I’d chosen him, or starting a new world and picking him. How do you make yourself play other characters? Especially for those of you who’ve been in the same boat (or birch bark canoe). I do play as Warly from time to time, and I think it’s due to liking the challenge and his play style. I’d LIKE to play as Maxwell and Wormwood, but again, I always end up going back to Woodie. I just like his gameplay, personality, comments, and overall aesthetic so much Any ideas?
  2. Generic clothing skins you'd want in DST?

    Buckskin shirts! With fringe! Not sure how likely it would be, but I’d love to see some of the survivors “Rendezvous-ready”. Thinking of Woodie and a Bearded Wilson mainly, though the idea of Maxwell in a gaudy buckskin shirt would be hilarious. Along the same line, I’d also like to see some long, belted shirts. Somewhat tunic-style.
  3. New Oven and Food Mechanics

    If we don’t get to keep some variant of it eventually, I’m really hoping for a Scaled Furnace skin of it. Crockpot would be awesome, but I’ve taken to using a mod that adds the Hamlet House into DST, and then I could have a wood stove rather than a firepit in my house
  4. That’s a good observation. I like Woodie’s new skin quite a bit (especially the head), though I’d personally prefer if he had the baggier brown pants and smaller boots, like in the portrait. As is, they make me think of space boots. Plus, the brown would balance out the rest of the brown on his outfit. I don’t know, I think it would look better xD as is, I’ll probably just switch to a different pants and boot set. I like the look of the SnowSpider pants and Canadian boots with Woodie’s new skin. As for Wigfrid, I REALLY like her new skin. Hopefully they patch the clipping, but dang does she look great. If I player her, I’d wear that all the time. Though I’m cursed to only play as Woodie till the end of my days, so that probably won’t happen.
  5. I haven’t gotten to play post-update yet, but I’m REALLY hoping we get to keep most of these, like /toast and the Winter Feast table. At least via mods. I’ve wanted a table we can place food on to display/eat from for ages. And I’m not sure what the new furnace is for, but it looks great too.
  6. Isn’t that the truth? XD I have to budget time between Red Dead, this, The Long Dark, and Skyrim (yeah, a 9 year old game, but just being able to use mods for the first time is like an entirely new game) after work. Love all the December updates, but so many ways to spend my time!
  7. Maybe sled dog driver Woodie?
  8. Would thirst be a good mechanic to add?

    There’s a good mod that adds it, along with cups, tea, ways to get water, etc. While the water gauge isn’t bad with the mod, I prefer playing without it. When I’m wanting to play a more realistic survival game with thirst, I just play The Long Dark. I feel like in DST it might come off as more tedious than anything else.
  9. Why each character is here

    Yeah, I’ve been curious about that. He must have some relation to the factory, but I’m not sure what it would be. He may have even just been a hired logger clearing space for an expansion? Or maybe he had some relation to someone in the factory? I don’t think business typically put up missing person posters in their buildings, unless it’s somehow important to someone there or the company itself.
  10. Why each character is here

    I’ve always assumed that each character made a deal with Maxwell to get something they desperately wanted, but I guess Winona shows that that’s not always true. As often as it’s mentioned, I really do think Woodie came either due to Lucy or his wereform. I think she was likely his wife, and somehow got her spirit placed in his axe, probably post death (maybe wereform caused? I personally think Woodie was a werebeaver before The Constant). I don’t remember who said it, but there was the idea that he “just wanted to hear her voice again”, and Maxwell did a Maxwell and gave him her soul in his axe. One of Woodie’s comments in DS also implies that Maxwell personally knew, and really disliked Woodie (when examining Maxwell’s statue Woodie would say “Why does he hates me?”). Guess we’ll find out a bit when he gets his rework! Oh, wait. . .
  11. Screenshot showcase

    That lava fire pit makes me feel pretty nervous for the wooden ship XD
  12. Showing off your outfits [2]

    That is perfect!
  13. Showing off your outfits [2]

    Wurt the movie theater usher.
  14. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    I lucked out like crazy and got this on my first Trade-Inn. I’ve gotten some nice skin pieces after (not necessarily Halloween ones though), but this takes the cake.
  15. Showing off your outfits [2]

    Count Woodie (and his hungry and dramatic cat)