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  1. I haven’t gotten to play post-update yet, but I’m REALLY hoping we get to keep most of these, like /toast and the Winter Feast table. At least via mods. I’ve wanted a table we can place food on to display/eat from for ages. And I’m not sure what the new furnace is for, but it looks great too.
  2. That lava fire pit makes me feel pretty nervous for the wooden ship XD
  3. Salty Dog Woodie, ready to take to the seas! This look really gives me a "Cthulu bound sea crew" vibe XD I only wish we could somehow remove the bandages, since I find myself using this head skin for him a lot. Hopefully we'll get some captain hats soon!
  4. All aboard the hype train! Seriously hoping for either a “Totally Normal Tree” halloween skin for Wormwood, or a Pumpkin skin.
  5. Now that Woodie can turn into a whopping three "wereforms", I thought he could do with a druid outfit. I'll have to get an in-game picture with a staff and garland
  6. Those skins look great and in response to Wormwood’s gender, some plants actually do have male and female versions, rather than both (some plants have both male and female reproductive parts, but not all). I’m guessing that’s the case with Wormwood.
  7. Oooooh my gosh, I'm so excited to see this thing finished! The pictures you've shared with us look great so far! Along with the mobs/boats and such, are we going to be seeing all (or most) of the weapons/items as well? Like the chiminea and the spear gun?
  8. Just started playing as a new mod character. For those of you looking for a lore friendly, DST art style mod, check out Jack Carter: Determined Doctor. It's really good so far! Balanced, nice use of stats/abilities, and has pretty much entirely unique strings (Which is really important to me). The only thing I can dock is that it currently uses Maxwell's voice, but maybe that'll get changed down the road.

  9. This looks really good so far! I'm excited to see the finished product I know that you said you were focusing on the sailing and biomes right now. Were you also planning to add the seasons of SW as well, or would that be later down the line, if at all?
  10. Does anyone know how many "parts" of updates there are planned to be, if the amount if planned at all? I liked the trailer though! Although I keep hoping that the final ANR trailer will be a nice big cinematic one like the one we got for ROG way back when. Seeing the gameplay gets me amped, but I love seeing the characters doing more . . . well, animated actions
  11. Awesome! I can't wait to get on and see the new features. Plus, now I can hunt the reindeer like my Laplander ancestors (and pet my little vargling named Voof)
  12. Happy Gobbler day everyone! (In the US at least. Although happy Gobbler day to non US residents all the same :p ) 

    May your ice boxes never go empty, and your Turkey Dinners always keep you full!



  13. So this finally came out. How I wish these guys could make an actual movie, or be placed in charge of the graphics/cinematics of the reboot that happened.


    Anyone else play this game as a child? I think it would be so fun to get to play as Skull Kid (before the mask) in DST. Unfortunately, my modding attempts have all ended in frustrated failure, but perhaps someday . . . 

    1. Arlesienne


      I watched the film a few days ago. Hats off.

    2. TheTraditionalGentleman


      I just hope it doesn't get taken down, as seems to be the prevalent worry on youtube :p 

  14. Supply bundles? My Woodie's Fur Trapping Company can finally become a thing!! Time to get me some pelts! And nice pun. Eye see what you did there
  15. Granted, that might be fairly difficult. I tried to make a character titled "The Distraught Poet", but I couldn't get the sprites to work out right, and I ended up creating some kind of a monster/alien
  16. Well, as long as you're asking for ideas . . . . Maybe attempting to put this fellow into the game? Even if it's just the sprites, voice, and dialogue, it would be pretty cool (I'd do it myself, but my past attempts in modding were . . . well, let's just say rather messy)
  17. Here's another one. Not very fancy this time, nor very original, but it was done during some free time at work. Gotta love Woodie's "totally not an ax murderer" smile
  18. You honor me, eh. If I were to give my two cents, I'd say that Woodie isn't a hillbilly at all, he just likes the outdoors. He worked in a lumbercamp (and may have lived there, based on historic lumber camps that had stores and lodging), likes camping, likes animals, and is just an overall woodsman. Note that while he will kill for food, he doesn't seem overly fond of hunting/killing if it can be helped. His quote on gunpowder "I never liked this stuff" (Which could show an aversion to guns) and his quote on rabbits (while in inventory) "I'd feel bad eating him . . ." and a whole selection of other quotes reinforce this. As far as his syntax, he obviously follows the Canadian stereotype of apologizing frequently, but his arrangement of words work fine for American English or English English (I can't recall if he uses the American or Britain terms for things, like cookies/biscuits). He also has a Canadian accent (which could also be similar to an American North Dakota or Minnesota accent), such as saying things like "It's aboot time" instead of "It's about time". While Woodie doesn't read much, and doesn't seem to care much for the science and magic aspects (see his quotes on the science machine and the prestihatilator), he isn't so much of a hillbilly as he is a man of simple tastes. "You can't make a coffee table out of gold. Well, maybe you can, but you shouldn't". Imagine him more like this: Than this: That was probably more than you were reckoning for, but I do enjoy talking about Woodie's background . Oh, and he also has this thing about being a werebeaver or something . . . for what it's worth, he doesn't seem to comment on it all that much.