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  1. screen shot show case

    I brought a friend. Here he is!
  2. Rarity of? And why we can't see it in collection section?
  3. Same happened to me, all my progress gone first. I did all again. And waiting for next clear step to fill all dots.
  4. How? Please? 6 players or another way to fill all dots?
  5. Hi, Escaped. I just notice my all progress drop. It might because i entered third player's code. So be carefull about it. I'm not sure about we need 6 players, maybe we do.
  6. I think we should share the code 4 more people. here is mine.
  7. Thanks for the great update! With my my team. @Pandealt @Rob1 Bonus;
  8. Consider it prevention, it will block who is going to ask for it
  9. Yes and this feeling makes me think more about Maxwell-Charlie couple.
  10. We keep seeing monsters chasing characters, they keep fighting something etc. But there's more than that, we know. It must be Wickerbottom because i have different plans for Wilson-Maxwell couple
  11. "Can you chop some trees?"
  12. Right. I'll minimalize the non-DS artworks. I just wanted show who's going to visit this topic see who i am exactly, that's all. But yes, this topic will be DS art centered. And i'm working on new things. Thanks!