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  1. That reminds me how Simpsons has 4 fingers but the God that Matt Groening draw has 5 fingers in their univers.
  2. Arms are too long. There is a length difference between front and back animations.
  3. Thinking... If they can change it back to green again.
  4. Any idea why they changed Silken Grand Suit's belt colour?
  5. I really love the Woodie's Trapper clothes im making whole characters wear them lately. And Triumphat Wendy has the different and cool look compared other skins of her. Just a personal choice
  6. "Say pal, you don't look so good." Just a sketch. It is so.
  7. Celestial Portal despawn does not let me to make an endthermic fire and it shows like;
  8. Here some design by my friend @Rob1 And a.. Uhm, Thulebox. Another deisgn of @Rob1, we call Eden Garden. (Sorry for balloons.)
  9. Yes @CarlZalph @minespatch! It would be better if Charlie was on the center. But i was really tired and only victorian hype and some coffee with extra shots kept me awake whole night when i was drawing.