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What does your setup look like?

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I just started so I am curious to how others set up their base camps.

This is my second character on this map, about 70 days, I've moved all the berry bushes I found here, along with around 40-50+ grass and saplings. I am just starting up my farm since I cant find beefalo anywhere I've been using the pigmen. I started off at the very top of the map which is still the best place to find food. When ever I run low I go up there and kill rabbits at my first camp for a while.

Bottom is where there were a ton of spiders and rocks but I cleared out most of them and gotten a lot of stone, I've also been working on clearing the path I've been following so I dont set the forest on fire again >.>;



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are those gnomes!? >.> where can I get gnomes?

Also, yeah one just turned into a wear pig, I went to bed in my bed roll real fast and the other pigs came out and killed it, just gotta make sure all the piggies scoot off into the house before the full moon.

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This is my main camp. I have another little one with a science machine to spam research points from a nearby cemetary but it's not worth showing. Next on my list is beehive camp like Fu's.

I like to make my camps on this grass patches crossed by paths that you sometimes encounter. It's more cozy.


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Very neat but also not lined up. Its rather crooked.

I SWEAR they were aligned when I laied them at first. I made sure t have enough material for 3 turbos and then proceeded to create one, move ONLY left (with [A]), create a second one, move ONLY left about the same distance and create the third one. Same thing in the bottom row.

But somehow, sometime, they got crooked. I think it may has something to do with me rotating the camera around. I can't wait for the "destroy&pick up" funtion to come up and ix it :D

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Hmm, im not a big fan of all these neat, compact and lined up camps. I like mine to be more part of the nature surrounding it. Mish mashed, improvised, spread over a larger area. (not to large) Only thing I try to line up are chests. (And sometimes farms, depending on the rest of the campsite layout.)

Anyways, next build will be nice. To be able to move things, and test different looks without having to live with the result forever :)

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