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  1. Hello everyoneI havent been able to play any dont starve or to come visit the forums at all lately. Why does everything always go wrong right when the holidays start? Oh well, in any case, really shitty time to be me right now. Anyway, dun worry im not dead nor dying, but it will take a bit b4 im back to gaming/forumming like old times. greeetzPants
  2. Coz ur weird obvHavent played dont starve in a few days. Tiz kinda busy between schoolwork and Borderlands 2 with a friend. He like never has time except this week for some reason :pAnyway hope u guys dont forget about me or (god forbid) feel like i should stay away more often :DGoodbye for now everybody!
  3. I dont drink coffee at all. Im racist against all coffees. Oh and hiii everyone! The weather reports just said its gonna stop snowing and itll be a non-snowy christmas. Oh well. Booo for a non white christmas and YEEEY for my family being able to drive over and visit me coz of no snow. It goes both ways..
  4. Do tentacles respawn now? my current map has like a miniswamp that is mostly grass anyway... So far Krampi have caused alot of mess in my camp, but none has actually managed to permanently steal anything from me yet. Other then that im starting to feel a little nicer, so i increased my amount of farms. Tiz annoying dealing with Krampus every 2-3 days.
  5. Yes live rabbits dont have a purpose atm, but it extends a little beyond that. Traps used to be an alternative to using tools to get morsels. Now u have to use tools regardless if ur using traps or not. Traps allow u to capture more bunnies quicker, just like they used to do, but now there is a tedious job afterwards to collect them (they dont stack) and drop em on the ground to kill them with an axe. They removed a few things that prevent tedious jobs, and then they add this. Traps were a little overpowered, but this was not the balance tweak i was waiting for. Imo it would have been better to make unbaited traps only have a % chance, say 25% of trapping a creature. Only with bait (and that takes away a lot of the benefits of traps) would u be guaranteed to catch a bunny. It would also be a good idea to prevent us from putting traps right on top of the rabbit holes, lowering the chance of a bunny wandering into an unbaited trap. I do agree with the change that birds no longer fall into normal traps. Birdtraps werent useful at all b4.
  6. O o oooo. i have tomatoes! AND rotten eggs! Can i pleaaaase pleaaaaasE?
  7. Rightclicking them in the inventory should just slaughter bunnies and birds or watever else u captured, even bees. Without using up any tools. I mean u already spend resources on making the bugnet/trap/birdtrap in the first place.
  8. I have a bigger problem than this lol. There is a tentacle in a marsh that spawned offshore and i just barely cant get in range to attack it, but it CAN attack me, the dirty kiter. Hes just making fun of me over there. Now it isnt a big deal to avoid that spot, but its against my nature to leave it there. I want to kill ALL the tentacles, mine ALL the rocks, have ALL the items Well most of the time at least
  9. She's staring right into our souls But a pretty drawing for sure, this is the Wendy that would appear in our world instead of the Don't Starve universe. Shes pretty but a little scary ^_^ Guess thats what happens when u often mingle with ghosts, especially ghosts that might be a ghost coz of her in the first place. Read that somewhere on these forums, but cant find where. Is there any truth to this rumor?
  10. HAAI GUUYS n GAL :DNice update mates, i already saw a Krampus but it was day 4 didnt have any chests yet. The info on the wiki says he doesnt pick up stuff lying on the ground, but this doesnt appear to be true, since he picked up some seeds that a bird dropped on the ground. He was so scared of me tho. OH and i LOVE the new map :DSadly i wont have that much time to play, but regardless im at least gonna spend some Royal i remember seeing a few of ur posts when i joined this forum, but its like uve been gone for a long time! Welcome back.
  11. I met a Krampus at day 4, was killing the first pig village i ran into! He was being a pussycat, he ran away from me all the time. Wonder if he will ever atack me, or just go for my stuff. And if he keeps his distance like he did, can i sleepdart him and hit him and kill him? That would be awesome! Anyway i LOVE the mapupdates and i like the increase in difficulty. Also i noticed a ninja nerf to rabbits. B4 when they were a few steps from their hole, u could attack them and even tho they ducked into the hole my hit would still land and a morsel would drop. Now however it seems bunnies need to be a little further away from the hole coz i didnt get to do what i just described. My hit now misses and the bunny survives. Touche my longeared rival, 1-0 for u. Ill come back for u later.
  12. U cannot plant butterfly wings for flowers, u can plant living butterflies cought with a bugnet for flowers. Butterfly wings are used in a crockpot recipe that is very beneficial. butterfly wings on their own restore 1 health and 1 hunger, and lets take a carrot for this example, that gives 14 hunger when cooked and no health. Combine 3 buttefly wings and 1 carrot in the crockpot to make a butter muffin. The ingredients alone give 17 hunger and 3 health. The butter muffin gives over 60 hunger and over 10 health, not sure about the exact numbers, since i dont always use carrots, and a butter muffin made with corn instead of carrots gives different amounts of hunger and health, altho the difference is small.
  13. SO, thats 20 hours and 45 mins left to sleep. Another day well lived!
  14. I saw it on TwitchTv, being played by Unshockable. Awesome streamer and very hilarious too ^_^ Took me 5 mins to make up my mind.
  15. Well combat in this game is generally very easy. Each and every enemy can be killed without getting hit. I dont necessarily mind that, but kiting should be a little harder against the stronger enemies than it is currently. In january the RP system is gonna get removed entirely, and every new game or new map starts u out with no tech other than the starting stuff. I think that is a great change. I want to know how hard hounds are when u dont have armor OR a spear when they first attack.