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  1. I'll have to take some screenshots. Mine is normally a pretty smelly camp because I tend to set up shop beside the beefalos so I'm always having to clean up or stepping in crap.
  2. I'd count yourself lucky for getting a bridgeless world. They quickly lose their novelty when you realize all they do is slow down progress. With a single landmass I visit and make use of the entire world. With a bunch of bridges I find myself ignoring most of the landmass and only using the minimum I can get away with.
  3. I use it a couple different ways. Sometimes I set up a campfire and then go gather resources on the edges of the light. If you used any other character you will inevitably have to run back to the fire when you get the "what was that?" message. With Willow my range is increased as I don't have to worry about dying to darkness. Other times I may have forgotten to gather enough wood by nightfall or am just feeling lazy. In that case I can just go afk through the night, no campfire needed. It's limited in it's use though. You don't really want to travel at night relying on her ability because chances are you will end up burning down a forest or two and there goes your wood.
  4. Yea you can spam manure on a farm to insta grow them. It's a rather inefficient method though.
  5. I tend to map the world out before settling in. In a real scenario I'd want to get my bearings as much as possible.
  6. You can do it on steam. It's just not automated. It involved turning off cloud sync and then copying the save that you want to restore later into a separate folder. Then you can start a new game and when you're ready just replace the save files and you have your old game back. There's threads on here somewhere with the details.
  7. I did read all of it. What I took away from his post is that OP is concerned Don't Starve might turn out to be a minecraft clone. He does touch on some other issues that I agree with. As the research system and the game is now there is never a need to utilize any farm other than the turbo-farms. I've actually never built any farm other than the turbo myself, but I'll take his word that the lowest level farm isn't worth the trouble given how long it takes to grow. I'd just reiterate that we haven't seen the entire game yet. What we have now is basically just the introduction. Even that is subject to change. Steam labels the game as still in alpha rather than beta, which I think is a more fitting description. I think some people have the wrong idea when they hear that this is a beta. They might assume that this is just your average bug squashing beta before the release. What is really going on is we are riding along with the developers as they come up with new ideas and give feedback (they check the forums every day). With this being a smaller company they are benefiting from pre-orders and word of mouth and twitch casts.
  8. I thought that too OP so you just go to: program files(x86)/steam/userdata/userid/219740. Delete everything in that folder and you will be able to start a fresh game. Revamp looks nice but they have no idea when it's coming out at this point. Make sure steam cloud sync is turned off.
  9. You get the most irrelevant thread of the month award!
  10. If there was perhaps a troll on the bridge you had to defeat they might be interesting. Seriously though I start a new game gathering the bare necessities to survive a couple nights, then I head off to find out if I have a map worth spending time on or do I need to reroll.
  11. Or leave it alone till the next update. You can get burned out since this is beta and the content is very limited at this point.
  12. Good question, I presume it is ours to keep. You could try the trading forum here and work something out probably. I haven't bothered with it yet, though I know I wouldn't trade it for Dota 2 that everybody seems to register here to offer.
  13. I usually reroll until I get a map like that. If I remember I like to copy the save file of that world. The area to explore ends up being the same whether there are bridges or not. I am very anti-bridge in this game. They serve no purpose other than to make tasks take longer.
  14. I have done that once. I had a map that had a large island that was nothing but boulders and like 4 tallbird eggs. This was when gold dropped every time. I researched everything I wanted then killed myself. Nowdays I delete my progress if I die to start fresh. I have a folder for multiple game saves. One for each character.
  15. That could maybe be a use for papyrus. It could be "used up" to make notes and mark locations on the map.