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  1. So I was taking a look see around and found myself watching something very interesting. Since it seems no one has posted the link I figured I might as well. Me and another person watched the video in a voice chat we were both in and lets just say very awesome.I indeed now have forbidden knowledge after watching the video. Hoot Hoot to you Kevin and the rest of the team and I offer you my opinion, G1-M was much better though not as cool looking.
  2. So far so good Weem,looking forward to seeing how you handle the winter update.Its quite different playing the game now then it has ever been.
  3. Let them get drunk on their wine Kevin people will complain no matter what you do. I have seen many developers have also had to deal with complaints more then have gamers give constructive feedback. Personally I am glad the game it tougher and think you guys are doing a good job tweaking things many of us agree upon as being either OP,weak or unbalanced. Look forward to what else you guys do with the game as a survival game lover I am loving it so far.Besides anything people do not like as a small group someone will just end up making a mod for when the game is complete anyway.No such thing as perfection yet people who complain without any explanations or feedback/ideas will always demand it to their liking.
  4. Krampus was introduced more so because of how much morsels you could get from the jakelope not food in general otherwise why would he only attack for killing animals? This did not solve the food hoarding problem nor has food rot.Its rather easy to hoard food. All you do is make your farms (which oddly you mention how easy it is at the bottom yet say its impossible to have food stacks thanks to food rot.Use speed lots, kill the abundance of Beefalo. Store the raw food in the fridge,when it gets to about 60-75% food spoilage you just cook some keep it separate from the main spoilage pile.I have had stacks of food already by doing this also with the abundance of spiders you get tons of monster meat and use honey/flowers to balance the negative health effects. Having a large enough berry farm also still makes it easy to hoard as well as mass killing rabbits.I never have to worry about food even without a fridge. Problem with this is its easy to bypass killing animals.I have found many different ways to have the animals killed without me needing to do the work myself and I just pick up the meat.Also I do not even bother to hunt Jakelopes because roasted veggies fill you up far more than the meat from a Jakelope.Granted some of the cooking recipes that use the meat are worth it a tad bit. Dear god no!. Teleporting is a horrid idea in my opinion for this game. If you have played a game called Torch Light 2 you will know what I mean. Being forced to fight or flee from him I am not a fan of, I prefer having open ended means of dealing with all the mobs.I like the idea of him catching you perhaps something he can do after he has raided your stuff and your lingering around your camp and could not run far enough away from him.I still prefer my idea of having him have the addition of raiding your food. Many ways exist to bypass killing the animals yourself and since that's the only way to trigger him it makes him not a threat.I have never had Krampus appear on me even once after figuring ways to do it.
  5. ---Krampus additonal threat ---Not starving in the game seems fairly easy at the point in which the game is at currently.Krampus I think seems like too easy a threat to completely avoid any encounters with.So I suggest giving him a 2ndary role.Krampus has that big bag and likes to steal,but what about liking to eat? Krampus could have a random encounter every few days where if your in your camp he comes to raid your fridge/chests for food. How much of your stored food he takes would be different each time the encounter happens.--- Jackelope Change &Farming Plot change---Now to settle up on how to make farms a bit more of a challenge I think jackelops should have a certain time of the day every few days when they get into a frenzy.During this frenzy they will attempt to eat you crops if they happen to be near your camp and you are not near them. Crops should turn to rot after a prolonged period of time of not being picked.The time it takes for them to rot should be far longer than if they were not picked.
  6. Omg yes! Food Spoilage,Baby Tall birds growing to teens and then adults,Beefalo agitation and herding! Yes Yes A million times Yes! A friendly moveable storage creature?! Fantastic, this is by far my favorite update because it will bring back the challenge of "Not Starving".You guys are great ima have to update some of my suggestion thread since this update takes care of a few.Very awesome work. I am going to see of crops rot when left on the fields long enough lol, will be great if they do to see a whole field of rotten veggies XD.
  7. Great that you are seriously considering food spoilage since it will add more difficulty and fun game play to the game. Being able to take the degraded raw meat/veggies and have it upgrade when cooked sounds great. I would also like to add something to it. Being able to make seasonings and smoking meat/veggies giving the ability to make smoked versions which would allow for a varied means of preserving. Also eating lower edible level food should have a chance of causing a new "sickness" mechanic which would simply temporarily lower you max health,decrease your recovery amounts from healed injuries, and even lower your movement speed or slow your attack sleep. The seasonings could be made from smoking/drying out veggies/fruit and combining them with the various stages of raw or cooked meat/veggies to make them into a slightly increased edible % one time only. Smoking via making a smoke hut/rack could allow players to slowly preserve food into jerky and dried veggies.Would take few days to finish while having to keep the amount of wood need at a certain lvl. People might ask why have a smoker if you can just toss salt? Answer is smoking would take longer,but you can make larger quantities of the preserved item. .The Smoker would be something you build and only needs a wood/coal to begin smoking the larger quantities of meats/veggies. Not sure if salt is going to be a finite or infinite resource,but if its finite then a smoker would be a ideal long term item to be able to have.It could be something that has a dangerous side to it,it could catch fire since it is made completely out of wood.The smoker could degrade and when it gets to a certain % it could have a certain % chance of catching fire.This would increase as the durability % of the smoker goes down. Smokers would not have great durability so their % could go down within a reasonably amount of time after a certain # of fully smoked cooking cycles. Either way I am glad food spoilage might make its way in because many of use really believe its a needed mechanic.
  8. Update: Added items not found on my 1st post on Page1 --- Suggestions ---- Using Manure on Farms : When you use manure on a farm plot instead of always making it grow at random one might stay small even when you put in the manure.If you keep feeding it manure you get the chance of making a giant sized version of the crop grow. Its a gamble though because there is only a % chance that it will grow giant sized. ----New Special Enemy types ---- Small Foot - hH is a sasquash that must of not grown to full height because of his lack of berries and honey.He appears during sunset to try to steal honey from any near by source. He only appears in wooded areas since he is shy since he is a Sasquash of small height. However what he lacks in height,he makes up for his large apatite for honey and meat. He is pretty harmless unless you try to shoo him away from honey once he is eating.Then you better run for your life because he will chase you until you are far enough away from the honey he was eating.He will not stop eating the honey until there is none left in the hive or bee box. Jersey Devil - This crafty guy is not a myth or legend anymore.He is a pain in the butt truly to no end.He has a taste for tall bird eggs and fresh veggies.Despite the myth Jersey Devils are vegetarians but have a liking of eggs.Being a shy creature he will not show himself while your around and will wait for when you are a safe distance away to go after whichever food source for the day he is targeting.He only eats one type of food each day so trying to figure out which one he is after can be tricky.The only time he makes a sound is just before he swoops down on his prey but if you listen carefully enough you can hear the sound of him salivating the further you get away from the food source he is after. Best way to stop him from eating something you wish to protect is to stay near it,only other way is to set traps around which ever food source he has after. He only needs to feed on the day preceding a full moon so make sure your ready for him.Also unlike what you would think he is not alone.Beware if you manage to corner the Jersey Devil,though shy a Jersey Devil will turn ferocious and attack you at full force to get away until you get far enough away from where ever it is trying to flee to. Cubacawbra: This crazy looking creature with its razor sharp claws and vampire fangs can look quite unsightly to the eyes.Though it is equipped with a arsenal of natural weapons it seeks only two things, baby tall birds and beefalo.Now a Beefalo can handle its own when its with the herd or alone against it.However if the Cubacawbra keeps attacking the same beefalo every night that Beefalo will slowly but surely get weak to the point its hair falls off.If that weakened Beefalo is attacked a few more times in its malnourished state it will die. Only way to reverse the effect is to feed the Beefalo yourself some nutrient rice fruit and seeds,to put it in a holding pin to protect it,or kill the Cubacawbra to allow the Beefalo to heal on its own. The other items a Cubacawbra likes (or should I say loves) are baby tall birds and jackelops. Unlike the big size of a Beefalo neither of these can protect themselves quite well so your going to have protect your baby tall birds by either putting them in a holding pin,protect them yourself in any way you can,or kill the Cubacawbra.This keeping your baby tall birds safe until the next time a Cubacawbra spawns. The Cubacawbra makes no nose at all,the only way you will know one is around is if you see it feeding or spot it fleeing or heading toward its prey.Unlike the Jersey devil these spawn during the day or night of a New Moon.If they spawn at night you will know your seeing one from the red glowing eyes they have. ------ New Craft & Gather items ------- from rocks or naturally found in arid areas. Sun Dry Box - used to dry things,veggies,meats,grass,etc Smoke Box - used to smoke veggies and or meats for preservation Cook Book - used to remember the recipes you learn as you discover them. Holding Pin-made using lumber,grass or rope.Primary use is to keep tamed beefalo from wondering off.However if you do not keep the Beefalo tamed,or they can come under attack they can break out and tamed beefalo will follow the ones that became untamed out to freedom. Achievable if you use stone walls to enclose them,if only we had a gate/door we could use...... Hay- Made by drying grass in the Sun Dry box.This serves two different purposes one to tame beefalo and to keep them feed which keeps them tamed.They need to be feed daily otherwise they will being to become untamed and even hostile toward you. Seasonings : Made out of dried veggies dried in the sun dry box. They help to preserve raw or cooked meat help preserve it or even make something edible.Only certain types of veggies would be able to be sun dried and combined into seasoning.Seasoned cooked food also adds additional + sanity compared to their non seasoned counterpart. Salt : Pretty much main use would be to preserve raw meat and veggies but unlike seasons cannot be made. Must be mined ----New World Gen Biomes ----- Desert- This would be the location to which you would find a area that has salt flats that you can dig or pick for to get raw salt that can be used for preserving raw or cooked meat and for other uses. Creatures found here:Scorpions,giant "Spice" worms,"tremors"(which would serve the purpose as baby spice worms),Vultures,and scarab beetles would roam these sands. Food sources: Various dried veggies and fruits that can grow on flora that can survive these hot sands. Flora: Various Don't starve versions of real life flora that can grow with a few with a dark demon twist.Some say the flora have eyes in this biome and can talk to each other through the sands. ----Additional Game Mechanics ------- Food Spoilage-.Pretty much simply food should have a decay rate. Depending on the food type,and storage used.Raw meat should spoil faster than cooked meat if not kept in a cold place.Fruits and veggies should spoil at same rate in there raw state. Cooked versions will spoil faster than raw stored. Happy to say in the game now ^_^. ----- New Food Types ---- Jerky- made via smoking meat in a smoke hut or sun drying meat in a sun dry box.The Jerky will last much longer then raw food and cooked versions. Happy to say jerky is in the game now ^_^.
  9. I think ranged weapons would work only with weapons we can throw. Reason I say this is because the games focus seems to be around you having to fight close range if you chose toe melee.However a weapon such as a spear or javelin what they could do is make it so when you throw it you have to go pick it up in order to throw again. That way even though the weapon is ranged it keeps in with how the weapon combat is close range for the most part.Your put in danger having to go grab your weapon.Also this could make for funny encounters since you would see the weapon stuck in the enemy you throw it in. It could work with the existing spear if they wanted to give it a 2ndary attack type. For balance reasons throwing weapon would do more damage ,but would also deteriorate faster. Also if the existing weapons and tools are given a secondary ability to be thrown instead of making a separate set of throw able weapons,they would still be able to attack close range.
  10. I like this hotfix. I did find it a bit to easy to have a large amount of farmed grass if you were in a area without beefalo. This will make the decision of making a grass farm in such a area a important one.Not to mention it will make a person who starts in a non beefalo area(like in my world) want to go out and explore. Any chance some of the food items will be tweaked? Currently turkey legs hardly fill you but if you eat meat morsels or even cooked berries they fill you up much more.Something that I think is sorta odd since its a big turkey leg we are talking about. Keep them great changes coming no complaints so far. Also thank you for making traps have a valid use.With them being able to last longer and cost a lil less to make,makes them worth using.
  11. Game played for me thanks to revision patch but now something else occurs. I tried to turn off bloom while just in the main menu in windowed mode and the game screen completely goes to pixels.Trying to change any of the options does this as well. OS: WinXP SP3 32bit Processor: Intel P4 3.0ghz 630 RAM: 3gb DDR2 Graphic Card: ATI 4550 HD 512mb GDDR5 vram HDD: Western Digital Cavier 80gb 7200rpm IDE
  12. Thank you guys for resolving this issue so quickly. I know in these days its odd that people might still use a 10 year old OS like I do XD. However if there is no real need to upgrade many will no. I still love XP however I will go with Win7 pro (not win8) when I build a new rig. Just never needed to build a new rig for my pc computing needs.These days though even websites are using a good amount of resources from browsers making a need to have more then 3gb of ram. Cheers to you guys, I am loving your dev group as much as others like Runic,Gaslamp Games,Introvision,Data Realms,Puppygames,and the grand daddy of them all Valve.
  13. I like the idea of multiple saves,but only if you get 1 save per character type.That way each of the 3 characters get their own save file.Would also like to toss in their being able to import/export generated worlds or even have generated world seeds. That way if you want the same world as your friend you can.
  14. Ah okay good to hear that problem has been found.Hope this will not happen with future updates XD.