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  1. Yes but if he bought the game via Chrome he would have gotten the chrome keys. His friend can play DS on chrome. If you just buy the game via steam you dont get the chrome keys.So its Buy chome and get 2 chrome keys + 2 steam keys OR buy steam and just get 2 steam keys. Which seems like a better deal?
  2. A reminder to people, if you buy the game on Chrome you can get the chrome plus the steam keys so this sort of thing doesnt happen. Personally I've completely moved to playing on steam and I let my lil brother use my chrome account to play (he destroyed too many of my worlds!)
  3. Its just him 'Thinking' you are him so you hear his thoughts!
  4. This is just a sort of mini idea I think would be funny with the Insanity update. It would add the item 'Crumpled Tin Foil' as a graveyard item (Or maybe an item that is rare and found randomly sitting about the map)You'd need 10-15 pieces to craft a Tin Foil Hat this item would temporarily hide you from Insanity Monsters (Unless you attack them at which time they'd see through your tin foil hat) Wearing the hat also will slowly lower your insanity.It could have a timer on it if needed though I think if its lowering your insanity you wouldnt want to wear it long.
  5. Yes! and he makes TONS of videos. If you dont feel like playing but still got the itch just watch him play. He doesnt sit about camp, he goes out and kicks butt! He uploads 1-6 Dont Starve videos a day it seems like, and has the grouchy man voice which is awesome.
  6. Some kind of preserving process is really needed. Since the last update all I do is gather food. I've no time for exploring, poking spider nests or anything of the sort, the whole game for me revolves around shoving food into my face >.<
  7. I'd like it to spawn tentacles to repopulate my swamp with tentacles, though they shouldn't be able to move around like the boss. The boss can fight on his own, have maybe a bigger tentacle that is part of him and pops up to smack at you and while you fight him more individual tentacles will be spawned around you so you'd have to move again. Tentacles are really strong as it is without having them follow you.
  8. The game is still in beta, there is still the story to be fleshed out and such, right now we are essentially playing a game with zero goal, so yes you may feel bored or trapped by to your base because you don't want to die. Though I'd like to point out that in many games you could just idle around in the opening scenes/original spawn and never leave for fear of dying and having to start over. Just because you can doesn't mean the game is promoting you to stay in one spot. There will be story eventually that will drive you to explore, there will be more features that will drive you out to gather more. Plus I think there is already the fact that bosses such as tree guard, and Spider Queen seem to gravitate towards your camp over time that you have to go out and kill them before they get too close to get you at night, along with this mystery creature that was suppose to be implemented. Stop blaming the game for your own fear, and go out and stab something. Things are bound to get harder and more complicated, if you have suggestions, voice them, but don't just complain. That's like going to a restaurant and saying you're hungry but you don't like any of their food, what are we suppose to do to please you if you wont tell us ideas of things you'd like?
  9. I shove beefalo into swamps and let them duke it out with the tentacles so I get free meat, fur, monster meat and tentacle spikes. I also dump my tree guard in the swamp to clear it out too.
  10. I'd like to post screenshots as well! I've already gotten several friends to get the game, though being able to see that a lot of people are already playing will attract a lot of people.
  11. This idea is considering the talk of seasons. In the winter you wouldnt be able to really grow food and there is no saying if animals will hibernate or not. This is just an example but say it is winter. All the rabbits are hidden away hibernating in their holes, Birds have flown south and TallBirds have ran south for the winter, frogs are buried under the turf for the winter and all ponds are frozen over. Your only selection of fresh meat is Beefalo so once all the beefalo are dead, you'll starve, not to mention Krampus being all over your camp stealing your stuff. Preserved foods will take time and effort to make, then pays off when you have food for the winter, or when you suddenly realize you've spent all your time fighting hounds and spiders and havent farmed in a week, luckily you stocked up on some dried fruit you've put effort in, you are rewarded for it by having food that you didnt have to worry about rotting quickly.
  12. That's like saying once you've unlocked all the constructions in the game you feel like its over. I've unlocked all my items and characters and do not feel like it is end game. I think it'd be neat if the developers made 'badges' as achievements and when ever you get one your character gets bonked in the head with a little badge stating his achievement but it is essentially useless, or you could give it to the pig king for gold bits. The achievements could be shown in a new menu screen like boy/girl scout badges to list all the weird things you've done in your game. "Punching 100 Beefalo in the nose" "Surviving 100 nights" "Disemboweled by the Spider Queen" etc etc
  13. Well I was trying to add more downside to it because last time I said preserve food people ripped me a new one =p there of course could be various advantages and disadvantages, that's why I posted this up to get more feed back on peoples thoughts of what the food should and should not do! I just really think we need another way to preserve food along with the ice box. Maybe have the smoke box condense 3 bits of meat and 3 bits of salt into a piece of jerky that can fill the players stomach, so basically it would be like crockpot meat recipes that you can stack, but basically have to babysit the smoke box to ensure it comes out right?