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  1. woah guys, I appreciate your support, But I would be a terrible mod.
  2. I think so. Maybe we could convince the mods to give us our own room where only we have write/view privileges?
  3. I feel good. Havent posted in 3 days, and this is the first thing I post. =D
  4. Agreed! =) the upstairs bathroom is a secret calling card
  5. We should call it the upsatirs bathroom.That way people will think it's a room, not a club.
  6. Well, I know I want multiplayer. These people just dont know its not gonna happen. The devs need to make a sticky about it.
  7. Anyone who is actually interested can PM me. I don't think it's entirely appropriate for the forum, even in the off topic section.
  8. I have made $95 dollars since yesterday morning? Pretty good =)
  9. Alright. I am back. Sorry about the disappearing you guys, i have been trying something out online to make money.
  10. Oh this is cool! You can host this one, haha =)
  11. You shall have your wish Fu!*grabs pitchfork and torch*
  12. Good idea.Let's do it! =DBut uhm...you get to explain everything to Joe.
  13. Well, I did start this thread. I consider this my contribution to the new comers, so they don't have to deal with derailments! =DHaha
  14. You get both versions regardless of which one you buy. If you have the steam version then you also have the chrome version.
  15. I use the wallpaper as well. =) Spot on, Klei.