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  1. its your fault when you buys something for a bad price ..
  2. Hi Guys, i killed two hounds today which dropped hounds tooths.. What is the use for them ? greetings!
  3. Hei guys I have a quick question, how to catch bees for the bee box.. a while ago i could craft a net but now its gone. greetingS.
  4. wow this thread looks very intresting.. your builds inspired me, my next build will be awesome
  5. I was just surprised by the extra one ^^ I didnt knew you get 2 .
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Issue title Graphics look red Steps to reproduce starting the game for the first time Describe your issue After I downloaded the game on steam I changed to full screen mode an started playing. Everything looks kind of red. I changed nothing but the screenmode and after I changed back to windowed the bug was still there...
  7. Suddenly I have an extra copy of the game in my inevntroy.. Dafug?
  8. another way is just escaping, then going to the main menu (quit,I said!) and then press continue, you will spawn at the last save which is, if you are lucky a point they were not chasing you.. some people would call that cheating
  9. Hi guys, it´s still my first life but it will end pretty Soon, if you don´t help me . So I went to my all time favourite pig village one day and suddenly two werepigs came across. I ran away but they are faster until they try to hit me, then they stop shortly. Then they try to get me again and again. I can´t run away forever, it gets night and dark I don´t have much food and torches -.- Will they ever let go of me and let me life me life ? greetings Locoraptor sorry for my poor english I´m german
  10. Hei guys it´s my first life and i got confronted with the tree guards. When I searched the forum i saw many posts from people who got slayn by these very strong enemys. A few seconds ago I found out how to kill them easily, just attack them, when they try to hit you run away two steps. Then run back and attack 2 times with your spear (if you have one). Repeat these steps and as Soon as your spear turns 75% the guard will be dead. If you face two of them you are dead but at least one is easy to kill. If this doesn´t work just try to plant a new try nerby, if you got luck he won´t attack you anymore. greetings Locoraptor! sorry for poor english, im german