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  2. I mean, They caused a downfall and a massive EXTINCTION of a civilization suffocating them in the fuel of nightmares and watching them suffer and slowly starve to death as they get more and more interested into the power they gave out to the people,They trapped multiple people into this world, forced poor Maxwell, (and Wilson sort of) to sit in a dark, dark room where you hear nothing but the irritating same verse jazz music on eternal repeat, caused the dwellers of the forge to be trapped in a fiery pit to where they fight endlessly without end, Think about Hamlet's Aporkalypse as well, meaning some worlds have to live in a state of everything being in a Apocalyptic malfunctioning state with chaos everywhere! So its very obvious there probably the manipulative bad guy but they're probably trying to stop us as we've been advancing too good and easy for too long. Think a bout it. Every dimension in the constant was normal, till a massive change keeps them in a constant struggle. Forge was "cut from the Throne", the gorge had the gnaw to keep the goat people at bay, Hamlet had the Aporkalyse. For our constant it was the unknown of the world everything being different then what we see in normal reality, frogs will rain, biped pig species, and more causing humans before to be slaughtered (with all the "Failed survivors" skeletons on the ground). Now that we know how the constant works were starting to see how suspicious and eerie the moon is. (Remember when the moon used to turn mushrooms into mushtrees, and never once we ever questioned it.)
  3. Oh Thanks! I was a little sarcastic there. Low blood sugar...Didn't understood it was about the tinkering errand
  4. So I think I may have screwed up big time by turning off Vargs in my world lol. I forgot how valuable gems can be in terms of crafting and trading for gold with the Pig King (Wigfrid player here). Are there any reliable ways to get gems that can be considered a renewable source? Ex: not being limited to the amount of Stalagmites in the world since they aren’t respawnable/renewable, and graves that stay empty once dug.
  5. Well, I was trying to figure out how to effectively use it. It was a circuit to detect if the rocket was present. What needs to know when the rocket is present? Well fueling for one. So my talk was a direct extension from the topic, trying to use the topic constructively. Of course you did come along and give some good points, so you are on topic as well. So, no, I didn't change the topic, neither did you. Both of us were extending the topic, me to uses, you to simpler systems. I just didn't want to argue in circles about things I figured out for one system that I could apply to another.
  6. why did you join the klei forums?

    I lurked here since the shipwrecked days looking for help, but I hadn't made an account yet, I only made an account recently so I could post this idea I had
  7. The fastest speedrun I've found on YouTube was on day 2, and that used a rollback (effectively a seeded world) and an exploit that's already been patched. I'd love to see you record a day 1 kill, then. I find DST to be very, very replayable. I have put a ton of hours into this game and I know I'll be putting tons more in the future. I don't play it for its difficulty - any game is easy as pie once you've put enough time into it - I just enjoy it in different ways. Different characters, different objectives, different people to play with are all ways you can spice up the game. If it doesn't matter, then why bring it up at all? This "broken system" is just a system you've figured out. The system works fine. I've seen players die to Treeguards on public servers before. And plus, can distracting a Treeguard even be considered an exploit? It's not like switching targets is an automatic process every mob is capable of doing by default. It's coded into every mob manually. the developers made Treeguards work like this. Some of the post-ANR boss fights can be pretty engaging. They test your reaction time and positioning skills. If you think a certain method is too unfair and makes the game feel broken... then don't use it! I never spam tentacles on my worlds, for example. I don't put 4 ice flingomatics at Toadstool, either. I don't enjoy those methods of killing these bosses, so i avoid them. I'll fight any boss without external tools if I have friends helping me out, and if I'm playing alone, catapults are a nice substitute for friends if they're necessary. The only boss I really use an exploit for is Dragonfly, and that's because the fight is still pretty challenging without the Lavae.
  8. Count to 200 without interruption

  9. I see. Used to be that the building would receive the tune-up buff but it wouldn't actually increase power output. That was as of L/U. Hard to stay on top of those patch notes.
  10. Sure is. Wouldn't know, it's the first time I have them in a power room.
  11. The braver thing Klei could do is just not show THEM at all. Since evil will always persist.
  12. Count to 200 without interruption

    Fitty six
  13. Ban GNO because I eventually got my sleep.
  14. Since this update chain is called 'Return of Them' it's expected of Klei to give us some lore about Them
  15. But it doesn't benefit from being tinkered. Right? Or did they fix that?
  16. They deliver mafic rock to this diamond window tile: The mafic rock created a diamond window tile: This happened to several of my diamond window tiles, so I finally decided it needed to be reported. Thanks!
  17. It's in the same spot on all maps - it's part of the Printing Pod POI.
  18. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise you changed the thread to detecting whether the rocket is fuelled. My original reply: was to OP not your derailment.
  19. Even with an unlimited heat source, the best you can do with a tuner on supercoolant is break even on the power cost of running it. A nice source of cooling, but look elsewhere for power.
  20. Time was a factor for me, as well. I simply missed the fact that OnUpdate() is public xD Sorry about that. Just be careful how you do it, though.
  21. Today
  22. Just in case you were asking for real - the building itself is marked as "tinkerable" in the code, but does not generate tinker errands.
  23. Yes, there are two "schools of thought". One is - maximise heat deletion by eating, and second - transfer that heat elsewhere. Not to say one is necesarily wrong.
  24. I'm not going to lie man, a mod is a terrible answer to any and all discussion on people wanting the game to be harder. Console players can't use them at all, and you shouldn't have to mod the game in order to be a satisfied consumer.
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