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  1. Outside of setpieces and cave/ruins generation being all out of whack, what I've noticed is that for the Surface, world generation now seems to be able to significantly loop around, making worlds look like a C, or when that's not the case, stuff typically is like a straight line world, making things seem super far apart from each other. With the old world generation, it was more structured and branched, meaning that at the very least, stuff wasn't terribly from each other if you're world generation wasn't so great. With this new generation, it feels like stuff is super far apart from each other, meaning massively long boat bridges would be needed cause of world gen. I don't know how I feel about it, since cave gen is messed up at the moment so I can't use that as a reliable way of checking cave entrance shortcuts. What do other people notice?
  2. Given that this is beta, stuff may be subject to change. The Moon Glass Axe A normal axe has 100 uses and the Moon Glass Axe loses durability depending on if you chop with it or fight with it. It has 80 uses if only used to chop down trees (has a 1.25 consumption rate, so 100/1.25 =80) Damage is 34 and has only 50 uses if used as a weapon (100/2). Exception: INFINITE DURABILITY against Nightmare Creatures, Ancient Fuelweaver (minions and variants), and the Shadow Pieces. ^ (The infinite durability is probably a bug). Is 2.5 times more effective at chopping wood!!! Recipe: [2 sticks, 3 Moon Shards] Feedback: I can see this be super useful at all stages in the game. A fully grown tree, which normally takes 15 chops, now only takes 6 chops. Toadstool's mushroom trees takes 10 chops to fell, but with this, it only takes 4!!! Super useful item that I look forward to using and mass producing. The Moon Glass Cutter Damage is 68 and has 75 uses. Exception: It has 150 uses if used against Nightmare Creatures, Ancient FW (minions and variants), and the Shadow Pieces. Recipe: [1 Board, 6 Moon Shards] Feedback: While it does Dark Sword damage and has on ok durability, I really only see it as an early-game Dark Sword. The incentives I see is to use this against mobs where the durability is going to last twice as long, but lugging these around to their ideal locations sounds like it's going to be a hassle (Atrium, Ruins, Shadow Piece arena, etc.). Carrying Dark Sword/Hambat mats is just easier at that point in the game rather than constantly having to make and transport these Glass Cutters. That's especially the case since every Full Moon, you can only really farm 30-60 Moon Shards after your initial stock is gone. Maybe good for nightmare fuel farming? There could be a better use and I just need to play around with it some more, but as of right now: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What are other people's opinions?
  3. I played the new content and I'm going to lay my feedback and ideas here! : 1. Mutated bosses. When Deeclops spawns, and if you're on the Island, he spawns there as normal, but when you kill him, he revives as MUTATED DEERCLOPS with unique attacks and item drops. The same could go for Bearger as he spawns in the world in a similar fashion. 2. Motor boat, much faster masts. I'm sure Klei is already working on this. Current boat is way too slow. 3. Bridge turfs or bridge structures that you can build on. Ocean base building anyone? 4. Return of Pugilisk, Quacken, Sealnado, or Tiger Shark. These bosses were excellent in Dont Starve. Now that boats exist, and waves are in DST code, I dont see why not have Quacken. Pugilisk would be an amazing fight in DST especially if it were over water. Klei could reskin Pugilisk as a scaled sea serpent and make him live in the ocean rather than be a ground burrower. 5. More incentives to go out to the deep ocean. As it stands now, there is no reason to go out into the deep water. The moon island can be reached most optimally by sailing the border of shallow water. Klei probably plans on adding waves in the deep ocean like from shipwrecked, because they are in the code, but what is the point of hazardous waves if there's nothing out there deep at sea? Maybe add crafting material like coral, bosses like Quacken, rare valuable treasures, valuable set pieces, boat parts, small tropical islands, an NPC like Yaarctopus from shipwrecked who gives exclusive sailing gear, or at least something out there that's worth searching for. 6. "Moon compass" or spyglass from shipwrecked. A moon compass would show the location of the Moon Altar pieces on the moon island, and it could be crafted by the Celestial Orb tab (you know, the moon rock that spawns from meteors) OR an added function of the ocuvigil could show the location of the moon island. And finally, the spyglass from shipwrecked could be a cheap way to guess where you might think you want to sail next, functioning the same way as it does in shipwrecked. 7. Full moon and new moon events on the island. It seems obvious to me that the moon themed island should have full moon and new moon events. One idea - Wickerbottom and Maxwell both state in their quotes that the magic on the island isn't Max's dark magic. During full moon or new moon, the Gestalts could come to life and fight you like shadow creatures do, and when you kill them they could drop something similar to nightmare fuel... but it would be like... enlightenment fuel, and this new magic could be used at the Moon Altar to craft new magics. I'm not sure what the events could be, but there's a lot of potential there seeing how well Klei did with the shadow chess pieces new moon event. 8. More crafting options at the moon altar. Right now the options are very lackluster. The glass cutter is pretty great but can be substituted by the dark sword because they both do 68 damage. The glass axe isn't very useful when Woodie, Max and golden axe exist. I want the the level of crafting to be as unique as the ruins tab, or the obsidian tab from shipwrecked, where the items are truly unique and powerful. Right now the items you can craft really aren't worth the hassle of finding the island and building the moon altar.
  4. It's not really a bug so I didn't post it in bugs, but you can just barely place a boat so far that you can't even jump on it. Seems like a total waste of boards? Deployment should have slightly lower range.
  5. I was thinking about the research experience overall and how insignificant it is to the player. The only real choices you make are your first 2-3 selections, for the rest of the game you just click the end of a tree and work your way down, out of sight out of mind. A simple addition would be to make each research path require different materials. I get that dirt and water are the most basic ingredients a player has access to, allowing you to research out the gate. But there are a ton of other options available at start too! Raw mineral for paths like plumbing and ventilation for instance. This also leads me to the point of requiring material from specific biomes to unlock relevant research paths. I've never gone to the oil or volcanic biomes, but every game I have oil well and oil refinery unlocked. Same goes for space, by mid-game the molecular forge is unlocked but I haven't even broken the surface. I think it would be a much better player experience to retrieve material from the surfaces of these biomes in order to unlock their tech trees. A more complex addition (and way more interesting) would be to require the researcher to perform experiments to unlock selections. Some examples off the top of my head: Employment: Requires a stress test to be performed. A dupe has to monitored while using the manual generator for a total of 0.5 cycles (cumulative). Filtration: An experiment on gases/liquids needs to be performed. Deposit 100g of two different gases/liquids to unlock this selection. Decor (lighting): The effects of light on dupe environment need to be analyzed. Deposit one shinebug to unlock this selection. I think all of these additions would make for a more thoughtful research experience.
  6. Due to how the current thermal system works, the only way to make use of the low thermal conductivity of Insulation is using the insulated version of tile/pipe/vent. For tiles and pipes the time required or the ressources needed is crazy. 400kg of Insulation needs 20 Reed Fiber, which in turn needs a full Drecko ranch at best 10 cycles to pruduce or, when using Thimble Reed, needs 6400kg of polluted water. Let's say we have our 2 steam geysers with highest output, get water from three "crude oil -> natural gas -> generator" chains and have a maxed water producing geyser. This yields an average of 2*600*2.5kg + 3*600*0.8kg + 1*600*5kg = 6480kg of water. So one tile every cycle and thats being lucky with your geysers und not using the water for anything else. I reckon on average one has about enough surpluss water for a tile every 3 cycles.
  7. I think the compost pile should be reworked to be similar to a critter feeder or storage bin. Currently if polluted dirt is available dupes supply it to compost piles, period. What happens when the player wants to save polluted dirt but compost other items? I think the compost pile should have a drop down list where you select an ingredient (it would show how much you have available next to it) and then specify the amount you want composted. Each compost pile would have its own settings independent of the others but of course also have a copy settings button. If the player wants to compost 100 mealwood seeds, they could choose 100 on 1 compost pile or 25 and copy the settings to 4 total piles.
  8. The conveyor loader allows dupes and sweepers to supply it even while it's disabled. Isn't that the entire point of the building, to load things onto the conveyor rail? It doesn't make sense that it can still be loaded while disabled. What you're actually disabling is its ability to send. It's very unintuitive and I can't for the life of me think of a reason the player would want the building stocked but not sending items down the rail. The point of this suggestion is that anything that can go bad - food, eggs - does go bad in a disabled loader.
  9. The message about Long Commutes appears early in the game (it appeared in cycle 29 of my current game) and is basically on for the remainder of the game. Once you send your dupes out to explore and they start doing things outside the base you are going to have long commutes and there is nothing you can do about it. A message that informs you of something you can't do anything about isn't providing meaningful information.
  10. The doors in rooms can be hard to click on. I've struggled with them a few times in the past and I've seen streamers do the same. A few suggestions that could help with this are: Larger door hitbox - e.g. doors always go right to the floor/ceiling on the wall Universal door hitbox - all door's hit-boxes be the same Higher priority to walk through doors with the action key - room loading times are insignificant/non-existent so accidentally changing room isn't a concern. Walking through a door changes room automatically - let the player walk through a doorway (past where the current wall is) to change room Any one of those suggestions would probably solve the problem. I like the idea of walking through doors letting you change room the most because it would be the most natural. By door I mean anything that's on a side of a room that can be used to change room; not specific doors.
  11. Hi I would very much like to think this will be read by devs but i have my doubts. But by staying quiet things can't change so here is my diarrhea of thoughts: Hats: Since the hats are now completely useless it would be nice to have them as craftable item (just like snazzy suit) and give them some benefits. That way they could retain their usefulness beside just a cosmetic junk. Airlock building: I and i'm sure many players have to resort to using water locks to separate 2 areas so the gas have no chance of leaking through. Altho this works in real life (toilet) it feels a bit cheaty ingame. Dedicated Airlock building with decontamination function would be elegant solution to the water locks Curing bad traits: Did you ever have to painfully re-roll a dupe just because of his horrible trait ? Did you find diver's lungs +8 learning dupe with athletic and had to let him go because he farts ? Well this option would solve this infuriating problem. My suggestion is to have a way to remove bad traits somewhere in the beginning of space exploration at great cost to the base and/or the dupe. Maybe some expensive materials, long time in the medical device or making him loose few skill points. But if you have a space machine to add good traits, there should be a space way to cure the bad ones too. Deterministic dupe selection: I love ONI, played for hundreds and hundreds of hours already. But there is hands down one thing that single-handedly kills insane amount of time. And that's dupe selection. I'm talking about 1-2 hours before even starting a map !! Now you have to press "Shuffle" to get a new dupe. It's RNG10x42 and i passionately hate it. The system i suggest is similar to the new skill system. Let's say each dupe would have 100 points, each good and bad trait would have a sizable cost (bad traits would give you some extra points to spend because you're crippling the dupe) and skills would take +1 or 2. This way each player would be able to quickly create 3 dupes custom to his playstyle and even try different approaches to early game instead of relying on RNG. It's a win win situation and i'm honestly confused you didn't implement it sooner. As a WoW player i can swear players passionately hate RNG. Deadly diseases: There is nothing more enjoyable than a challenging game. The awesome feeling of overcoming a problem that's been giving you trouble for weeks. I will be honest now. Diseases are a joke now. They are non existent from seasoned player point of view. You can rush exosuits and have them up before cycle 100 and from there you can explore the whole map without risking anything. We seriously need more diseases and some of them really deadly. Maybe some space disease can hibernate for long time and then be super deadly, others can have obvious symptoms from the start and be less deadly BUT spread like a plague. Players would be able to create isolation chambers with automatic food delivery and exosuit access only. So much fun. Aggressive creatures: In the current state of the game players can explore the whole map without any risk since cycle 2. As i explained above, challenging gameplay is much more rewarding and fun. Having some aggressive creatures that are preventing you from accessing certain valuable areas would allow players to do much more strategic decisions. And maybe for the future, soldier traits and upgrades for space guns Increased room sizes: This one has been bugging me since the Ranching update. The room sizes are soooo small compared to number of dupes you are able to sustain and need for endgame. Currently you can fit only 3 (maybe 4 if you sacrifice some decor) plastic beds with some decor around in one bedroom. Or recreation room where you can't even fit all the things for dupes to enjoy without sacrificing the decor. I have to avoid building a recreation room because the room size is 64, recreation buildings are 3 and 5 wide so the room can NEVER be symmetrical and my OCD just won't allow it. Laugh if you want (which you shouldn't) but that's the truth. Symmetry is a must. The game seriously needs an upgrade in this area. Which leads me to the last suggestion i have in mind at this moment. Eggs: I was very happy when you removed the "expecting" debuff. For those who don't know it was 100% reproduction rate debuff if there is an egg present in the stable with critters. It's called "Cramped" now. However the egg still counts towards the population. It's really annoying. What if 2 hatches will lay an egg shortly after each other. Should i have 96 tiles big stable for 5 hatches to avoid overpopulation ???? This can be solved by having sweep only storage compactor nearby with priority 9 to immediately remove the egg without using automation in early game. However this will require your constant attention to sweep the stables and remove the eggs from compactor because they can't hatch inside. If the egg didn't count towards the population you could leave it there to hatch and regulate the population by auto wrangling above 7. I say 7 because 8 is the absolute maximum number of hatches you can have in a massive 96 tile stable... pathetic. COLLAPSE ALL: there is nothing to say here. the massive list of things on the right side clutters so much of the screen that i can't even find words to describe it.
  12. Hi ppl nice to post here again, today i want to ask you guys, how are jetpacks going for you so far? last time i used them was into a 1000 + base with 20 dupes, the lag was extreme and crashes became quite common to the point i deconstructed it all, kinda sad because i liked them a lot. Do you guys think theres a way to make them run smooter? maybe we should fix it somewhere? I think the newcomers will have a lot of problems with this too. My pc config Processor I5 5200U 2.20 GHZ 8 gb ram Video is 4 gb vram Also plz type your experiences using jetpacks.
  13. While I get the idea behind the changes to the jobs/skills system, the recent change in the test branch doesn't make any sense and doesn't give you proper control over what your dupes spend their time doing. The jobs system made sense... to improve your skill in something you had to do it. Collecting points for doing everything and then spending them on specifics is completely illogical. How can my dupe learn how to research by digging and picking up stuff? As for controlling what they do, how about making the hats affect what they prioritize? As it stands, all my dupes are doing everything and I have no way of controlling what they do aside from setting their priorities manually... and ALL my dupes seem to prioritize doing research over everything else. If the idea is to give some RPG flavor to the game, you've missed something important. The collection of points that you then spend as you wish works in RPGs because characters are already predisposed to a particular set of skills. That isn't true with dupes. Now, if you were to make dupes so that they were actually good at some skills and bad at others then the current changes might make some sense. Addendum: After considerable playing, I've uncovered a couple of problems with the Skills System. First, dupes keep collecting skill points after they've reached a point where they can't really use them anymore. How about letting us spend the points on improving attributes, so if you specialize a dupe for digging you can spend points on the digging attribute to make them even better at digging? Second, the decreased moral expense of improving skills the dupe is interested in means it is pretty silly to EVER take a dupe that doesn't have three interests. I suppose you could make it an option to offer dupes with less than three interests to increase the difficulty, but getting a constant parade of dupes with less than three interests just makes it hard to recruit decent dupes. It is already hard enough to get decent dupes with all the crappy traits they can get. Avoiding dupes with crappy traits AND those with less than three interests makes it too damned hard to recruit, and that simply ISN'T fun.
  14. I've mixed opinions about the new skill system. I like a few things but feel many others aren't yet as good as the old way of doing things. BAD 1) End of dupe careers. Previously, I'd shuffle around dupes to train them in a bunch of things and keep morale expectations from getting too high. I understand this is a bit more work, but right now I'll drop a dupe in a job and leave him there. The old way felt, to me, more lived in. 2) No meaningful experience / time in grade. The old way, dupes had to spend time doing something in order to learn the next step. The new way is faster but allows you to diversify the dupes without them putting in their time. 2a) It also messes up artwork. Previously, I'd take a decent Creativity dupe, have her carve and recarve a bunch of statues, and after considerable time make decent art. Now, I'd level that dupe 3x times doing whatever, plow those points into art, and start at Masterwork. I think needing to have the so-so art as the dupe improved added something. 3) Skill points vs skills. Using the same term for "the dupe is now +1 mining" and "the dupe is ready to train at another job" is confusing. 4) I'm less able to see what jobs are covered at a glance. If I see I have someone training as a groundskeeper, I know I've set a dupe to tidy as their top priority. GOOD 1) I like the changed morale system. A dupe who has trained at level one in three jobs should expect more from life than one who has trained in only one. I also like how their expectations increase less for their favored jobs. It makes that detail more meaningful than just completing that training more quickly. SUGGESTIONS 1) Bring back job experience. Artists need to craft a bunch in order to learn their trade. Miners get better the more stuff they dig through. If you give a dupe Gofer training but don't have her hauling stuff, she shouldn't be ready for heavier loads as quickly as the dupe constantly on the go. This does let you train in multiple things as once. 2) I'd like some kind of career development plan. For instance, I intend for a new dupe to be a Mechtronic Engineer. So, I mark all the required skills and can fill them in as experience becomes available. 3) Tweak hats. Old hats told me what job the dupe was training in and how good they were. The current way feels off. -- Anyhow, I hope this is useful. I look forward to further updates.
  15. Hello guys! (•ω•) So like the title, it is really easy to get confused when you have many duplicants and makes those management unnecessarily time wasting. Example of the probelm: I only want those duplicants with specific job to access to the door but when you have lots of dupes, well... Gotham Sheep (god damn sh*t) That’s why I want the management interface of the doors (and as well other resource-allocating interfaces), showing the job of duplicant as well. Or having a filter.
  16. Could it be possible to have dupes return to the atmosuit station that they left? This way they won't start piling suits in full stations somewhere else? never mind, it seems there is already. I just didn't look hard enough apparently.
  17. Mechanic change proposal mods

    Version 0.1.0


    The purpose of these mods is to provide some proposals for change in mechanics to the developers, help with balance, take up some part of balancing to allow the Klei developers to focus more on other things, while at the same time letting other players out there test the mechanics of these mods to see how well they like them, as well as get feedback to further improve them. Any mods within this file will stay for so long as a certain mechanic is not in place. Whether any of these mechanics are applied to the game depends entirely on the Klei forum, and of course, the Klei DST developers themselves. You can play-test any mechanics from these mods to give feedback on how well you like its contents to help with the process. The mods within this file are created for Don't Starve Together only, therefore most of them may not be compatible with the single player version. You should take in mind that some of these mods were created while A New Reign sequence of updates was still in beta, so be careful with the installation if you cannot access this content in any shape or form. The content of this mod was created using a DS software tool called Sublime and on Windows 8.1 operating system. Any issues in regards to other platforms and operating systems I may not be able to help with. Mod contents Desirable features that are not in the current build of this mod file WARNING: The methods in which some of these modifications have been created involve creating copies of existing files and then editing them. To my knowledge, these mods are compatible with each other, but may not be compatible with other mods out that that use the respective edited files within these mods. Enable with other mods out there with caution, if you so choose to do. The reason a large part of the code is done this way is to keep it easier to create this type of content and to allow developers to make changes more easily, if they decide to include any of the content provided within these mods. If you encounter any bugs, errors, exploits or overlooks as a result of these mod mechanics, or if any information given here is in any way inaccurate, please let me know. Special thanks goes to @Arkathorn and @Desblat for their help in guidance of mod coding. If you want to contribute to the way the you can post your own mechanic changes seperately. Additionally, any changes that aren't already mentioned here, which you think would do well for the game (in relation to what the mods here already cover, e.g. Willow) are welcome. Also, any constructive feedback is welcome. You can discuss this mod and anything related to it in the comments of this mod file page, or in this topic.
  18. Hey, two friends of mine, and I, put together some videos of us playing Don't Starve together. We've produced two so far, and are looking for feedback. I am aware of the background noise, we know who that's from, and we're going to try and resolve that issue. Some advice is appreciated for editing as well as this was the first time I ever edited with premiere pro. Episode 1: Episode 2: A big thank you to anyone who bothers to watch and leave feedback.
  19. Hey all, whats happening. Thought I'd post a link to my LP series I started for Don't Starve.I only just found this game the other day so would love all the feed back I can get.Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by, it means so much to me :)Buckle
  20. I'd like to take some time here to analyze the balance situation of Don't Starve as it stands (especially in terms of high-level design) and point out places where I feel it's currently lacking. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I figured the devs would rather wait until the winter patch hit to really go into it. Warning: this post is going to be very long, very detailed, and maybe a little bit harsh, but I think it's important to get some of this stuff out into the open. The very, very short version: the game is still extremely easy (in the long term, anyway; the first two weeks, not so much). In the interest of keeping this massive wall of text at least vaguely navigable, I'm going to divide the bulk of my analysis into the three main pillars of survival--FOOD, SANITY, and HEALTH--before bringing it all together. FOOD: In spite of the title, it is essentially impossible to starve in Don't Starve. There's just so much food everywhere, and with the exception of naturally-generated carrots, every single food source is infinitely renewable. Winter has failed utterly to put any additional pressure on your food supply, at least for a well-rounded map. In my current game I actually hit winter completely unprepared (I expected it on day 30, not 20), with no more than a standard food supply of maybe 4-5 days' worth, and I was totally, 100% fine. In fact, by day 30, I not only had more food than I did before winter began, but I had more food than I have EVER had in this game. The main reason for this is rabbits and beefalo. They aren't affected by the winter climate in the slightest, and either of them is more than enough to feed you forever by themselves, with little to no supplementary food sources. All I did was hunt rabbits a bit every morning and even with the shorter days I had morsels coming out my ears. I made meatballs out of two morsels, a berry, and a monster meat to eat every day. When the berries ran low I just used three morsels. I still couldn't put a dent in my supply. I laid traps, but didn't bother harvesting them; the rabbits I speared by hand were more than enough. With the reduced food spoilage rate, if anything it was actually EASIER to maintain a steady food supply than usual. I didn't even bother with the beefalo after the first day of winter, but they could have single-handedly fed me just as easily as the rabbits. I could have probably lived off of 100% fish if I wanted to as well, though it would have been a fair bit harder due to the low nutritional content of fish and all the mosquitoes I'd need to swat. Stockpiling food during the summer is 100% unnecessary. You can go into without a single scrap of food in your inventory and do fine. Just settle near some grasslands and your backyard will provide you with more food than you could possibly eat. And the summer foods are still problematic too (as unnecessary as they are, given that rabbits and beefalo are available year round). Setting up a huge vegetable or berry farm is pretty easy. The only real attempt I've seen at limiting the effectiveness of those farms is the need to fertilize occasionally, but since manure is so easy to get (from beefalo in huge supplies for free, or from pigs using the very crops you're using the manure to grow) it's basically meaningless. If it wasn't for winter, you'd eventually be able to live forever on berries or vegetables just as trivially as on rabbits and beefalo. SANITY: Sanity is currently working pretty much the exact opposite of how you want it. The sanity meter is at its most oppressive at the very beginning of the game. With the change to food values, it spirals steadily downwards, and if you don't take action you'd probably be dead within a week or two from terminal craziness. In practice all this means for an experienced player is that you need to sleep every couple of nights, which is pretty much a non-issue since grass is the most bountiful resource in the game and if you time it right you lose very little food. Once you have a top hat sanity will only ever go up for the rest of the summer. Winter is still easier than that first week, because the winter hat gives enough sanity to offset the bulk of what you lose from the long nights. I don't think I ever went below 170 or so while doing nothing to bolster it. The only people who will ever suffer from sanity drops in this patch are newer players who don't understand the mechanics (i.e. don't know that they need to make a grass roll and sleep it off). And they'll suffer hard. Sanity is a fairly esoteric mechanic and it'll be very easy to get killed by it without having the slightest idea why or how to prevent it. And even if you change the numbers around to patch over the most glaring problems, sanity still won't be a threat because it's so incredibly cheap to fix. The worst case scenario is I make a few more grass rolls than usual. I'm never going to run out of grass, and I'm never going to run out of food, so what do I have to fear from low sanity? And the other main protection against insanity is the top hat, which only needs to be built once out of a relatively common material and then works forever. Candy isn't necessary, and even if it was it's only a matter of time before you can build a bee farm and get all the honey you'll ever need. Moving the sanity meter further away from the food meter was a very important start, but there's a ton more to do to make it a robust and threatening mechanic. HEALTH: Surprisingly, death-by-HP-loss is the threat that this patch beefed up the most. In the previous patch most combat was a joke due to the absurd strength of the log suit and the ease of kiting and stunlocking things, but your margin of error is a lot slimmer now. The new winter monsters are a bit of a mixed bag. The Deerclops is obviously never going to kill you directly, since you can outrun it, but the thing is relentless. It chased me around the map for like half the day before I was forced to dive into a wormhole. That would be a neat little mechanic if it happened more often and if being forced to spend the night in the wilderness away from your camp actually exposed you to any threats (keep out of the swamps and you'll never bump into anything scarier than a common black spider at night). I decided to go look for the Mactusks on the last day of winter just for the heck of it. Even with flame darts and a tentacle spike it was pretty rough...if I hadn't had the foresight to bring a second set of armor and a few fistfuls of jam I wouldn't have survived (although that was partially due to the hounds being untargetable by the darts for some reason...I'll make a separate report of that later). I was really disappointed by how passive they were, though. For a hunting party they sure aren't very interested in tracking you across the map. They just mill around the biome they spawn in. There's a big missed opportunity there...they could be forcing you on the move with repeated attacks kind of like the Deerclops does but on a different scale. Ultimately, in my current 35-day game, I've almost died...probably at least four times in various circumstances. That's fairly encouraging, but I'm not sure the feeling will stick. A lot of those near-death experiences were due to me making mistakes that I'm not likely to repeat (don't screw with pigs, only farm silk at dusk and not during the day, a 50% log suit is not ample protection from anything, keep a good supply of health-efficient foods on hand if you're going to hunt bees, bull-rush the hounds as they attack rather than letting them group up, etc.). And apart from the Mactusk fight, they were all pretty the first two weeks. By winter I felt pretty much completely safe. So this might be another case where the current mechanics are making it hard for a new adventurer to get established but not doing much to threaten people who are already doing well. One thing that I really don't like is that combat is pretty much entirely voluntary. If it wasn't for the occasional hound attack, you could probably survive forever without ever drawing a weapon against anything bigger than a rabbit. There aren't all that many monsters in the world, and what few there are will mostly leave you alone if you leave them alone. And none of the basic essentials of survival are ever guarded by anything hostile. The idea that you can just opt out of being killed by monsters doesn't sit right with me. Hounds help a little, but I feel like you're relying too much on them. They feel like a random encounter rather than a persistent and threatening force in the world, which isn't all that satisfying. Especially since they aren't linked to your pursuit of food or sanity in any way. (UPDATE: I actually recently started a new character and have hit day 14 without any health-related scares at all, so I'd say that my previous difficulties were completely due to me making bad decisions as a result of unfamiliarity with some new monster attributes. If you're prudent about where you poke your spear it's still pretty easy to stay safe from monsters due to how few of them are actively hostile.) THE REAL ISSUE: Ultimately, all of these problems are the same problem: all essential resources, of all types and for all purposes, are categorically trivial to acquire. That's easy enough to see in terms of food resources, but it's not just food. It's everything. What are the basic staples I need to survive? Mighty armor that deflect a huge percentage of all damage? Made of mere logs and grass. The only weapon you're ever likely to need? Rocks and twigs. Sleeping bags which will trivialize any insanity problem you ever face? Just some grass. A crock pot, which massively increases the efficiency of the most common food items? Logs and rocks. An icebox to preserve my food? Rocks and the spare gold I had left over from the alchemy machine anyway. And most of the rest is silk based, with black spiders being the single least dangerous monster in existence by a huge margin. Look how easy this stuff is to get! I can grow all the wood I will ever need within the light radius of my fire pit. I can't go two screens without finding a dozen grass tufts. Rocks are lying around by the hundreds in vast fields completely unguarded. Spiders will funnel out of their nests one by one and cough up silk almost without a fight every day at dusk. And apart from the rocks (which you need very few of for the most part), it's all 100% renewable. Why, in a game called "Don't Starve", can I build a functioning refrigerator out of junk from my back yard on day two? You never need to struggle to obtain anything. You aren't fighting against scarcity. You aren't fighting against a hostile environment that jealously protects its resources. Absolutely everything you will ever need can be found within a two-screen radius of a well-placed campsite, and it all just keeps growing back. My current character has lived to day 35: the end of the first winter. What could POSSIBLY kill me between now and the end of the second winter? Or the third, or the fifth, or the tenth? Every tree I've ever cut down to make tools is still there for me. So is every berry I've ever plucked, every rabbit I've ever speared, every spider nest I've ever raided, every beefalo I've ever hunted and then some. All just as pristine and bountiful as the day I arrived, if not MORE bountiful. They fed me and clothed me once, so why won't they again? And this time I don't just have them. I also have all the infrastructure I've added to the world: my transplanted bushes, my farm plots, my bee boxes, my crock pot, my iceboxes, my traps, my tools. Without the looming threat of growing scarcity or some kind of shifting threat in the wilderness, the game can only ever get easier and easier the longer you live. The ONLY exception to this right now is the hounds. Even if the strongest food supplies get nerfed, and even if the winter gets harsher, this core issue will still remain. Surviving until day 35 might get harder, but unless something fundamental changes, that's where the difficulty curve will end. Hounds aren't going to cut it. I'm not going to grind through the same routine for dozens of hours just to see whether or not maybe a hound pack would have finally gotten me a hundred and fifty days from now. FINAL THOUGHTS: I want to take a minute here to look back at the very first game of Don't Starve I ever played, back when I didn't really know what I was doing yet. I started out trying to live off roasted rabbit morsels. It kept me going, but there weren't all that many rabbit holes around. Catching them was time-intensive, and it didn't leave me with much buffer to travel on. Eventually I discovered a pair of spider nests not far to the southeast of my campsite. Eager to access the new technologies that silk would unlock, I made hunting them part of my daily routine. The amount of time this took put a dent in my food supply, and I wasn't all that great at kiting yet, so sometimes I took damage. Healing off that damage required eating more food than was necessary to satisfy just my hunger, pressuring my food supply even more. Sometimes I left myself at half health while waiting for my hunger meter to wind down, trading some security for efficiency. Sometimes I had to eat a bit of monster meat here and there to make ends meat, planning on offsetting the sanity loss later on. But I overdid it, and got crazy enough that the rabbits turned into beardlings. Deprived of my only reliable clean food supply, the situation rapidly deteriorated, and I was ultimately devoured by a figment of my imagination after trying to eat monster lasagna in desperation. This is what I want. I want the act of satisfying one of my needs to put pressure on all the others. I want the daily drudgery of collecting food to steadily drive me mad. I want to be forced to venture deep into the wilderness is search of the precious resources I need to keep me sane. I want to be faced with monsters that try to guard those resources, putting pressure on my health. I want the need to restore that health to cut deeper into my already-strained food supply. I want to be forced to venture further and further away from my camp each time, while the world gradually grows more hostile and less productive until I either succumb to the monsters or am forced to flee through the teleporter. I don't want to just cycle through my own backyard every day, tending to my hunger-fixing farm and my sanity-fixing farm and my health-fixing farm before going back to bed, day in and day out, without variation, forever. The game already has most of the basic framework you need to make this happen. All that's missing is a tech and resource system that forces the player to get bolder and more reckless as time goes on rather than becoming more withdrawn and more self-sufficient, and a more hostile wilderness that's ready to punish that boldness. It probably wouldn't even take all that many additional assets if you play your cards right.
  21. Hey whats up guys. My name is AFROMATIC, I just got into Don't Starve a couple weeks ago and have been hooked since. I decided to start a Let's Play Series and I thought I would share it with the Community. Im new to the forums so let me know what ya think and I hope to talk to so you guys. PeaceEP #1 http-~~-//
  22. I've been toying with the idea of giving a feedback after finally finding enough time to play the game again this weekend. So, before the winter update hits us hard, I want to share some thoughts. The game definitely evolved since December, when I started playing, and most of it is in the 'fun' direction, yet is also way too easy to manage, and below I explain why. Keep in mind it's my personal opinion and feedback, not truth I wish to force onto everyone.1. Insanity is way too easy to manage. You can eat some monster meat in the morning, slaughter a few beardlings and then calmly chomp some homemade meals and you're golden. This gives way too much control to the player and such control eliminates the threat element from the insanity. 2. Eating raw meat and fish shouldn't count towards insanity and eating crock pot dishes shouldn't remedy insanity. Sushi is raw fish. Tartar is raw meat. But that's not the only reason. The food counting towards sanity/insanity is the main reason behind point 1. It gives us total control over insanity. Why should this be the case? And why can I go insane and recover as many times during the day as I want to? Woudln't it be harder and harder to crawl from iinsanity back to sanity every time we slip into madness?3. To give some constructive feedback to 1 and 2: the insanity 'recovery items' should be removed (at least to some degree) and the insanity should drop at all times, both at night and during the day (recovery during the day sounds odd to me. You're still trapped and you still have another night to look forward to. If anything that woudl make us go more insane with worry.) Yes, there should be wasy to recover sanity, but not such drastically easy ones like munching a few chicken nuggets MADE OUT OF HONEY AND MONSTER MEAT might I add. Gradual approach of a looming threat is much more stressing than a controlled period of insanity.4. Insanity monsters. I'm very lukewarm about them. On the one hand they're very cool but on the other they're just a cheap death. I'd much prefer them to show up and start following you at sanity 20-30, stick even closer when insanity is approaching and attack when it's at 0 so that I know 0 means monster attack.5. Love the hands that steal fire. Love them.6. Honey is still the ultimate remedy that fixes everything. All 3 meters can be managed with enough honey and a handful of vegetables or monster meat.Tl;dr: Insanity is way too easy to manage in that it's entirely up to the player when he or she gets insane and when to recover from it. Food causing insanity and being a remedy for insanity is bananas and also gives way too much power to the player. It's way too easy to farm beardlings for nightmare fuel by just going insane in the morning and recovering from it by lunchtime or before afternoon tea and scones.So that's my feedback there. Quite eager to hear what the rest of you think about it all.
  23. No one ever talks about yeti boss ;_;
  24. (i'm from poland. sorry for my english)Those are my suggestions to you, dev, because i noticed that starving is a kind of VERY RARE death. Right? I never starved to death and I think other too (or not so many times as it should be). So, this is my feedback. Bump this thread and write your own ideas!THREAT WILL BE OFTEN EDIT BY ME SO LOOK HERE DAILY ;D1. You shouldn't eat for all time the same dishes. For each the-same-dish you get some kind of penalty - i don't know exactly what it will be.2. Randomly you should start with Vegetarian (20% chance per world), carnivore (20% chance p.w.) or normal man/woman (rest of 100%). Vegetarian has own nutritional needs and must be played another way than for example carnivore.3. bird trap is overpowered! you should catch a bird with LOWER chance.4. Seeds are overpowered! they give too much hunger points/they spawn too often.5. Water. Water. Water! (giant topic ;P)6. you should get hungry faster when working. with this version of don't starve I don't see any diffrence between hard working and staying in camp.7. you should have poisoning effect. i mean that you can randomly after eating some types of food get sick. in that case your hunger is increasing rapidly for... about... 3 days.8. in my humble opinion whole system of hunger is little bit easily constructed. i mean hunger should rise quicker.