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  1. Dude how is that not Overpowered. Thats super speed, being able to go across water, attack better than a dark sword, have thulecite suit protection, and be able to harvest things probably around as fast as pigs or cave skeleton. And this would just cost 2 monster meat!?!?
  2. Idk if you mean Dragonfly as Wolf takes 8 minutes or if you mean it does as other characters and you save time, but Dragonfly only takes 3 minutes as Wolfgang if you are good
  3. In summary, you can get hot or cold based on whether or not you are hot or cold
  4. I saw this mod while I was watching some ruin rush video, and loved it.It basically let you change how your inventory appear, and this is 2 screenshot of itI've tried to search for it the whole day, as the video owner said it's called "Inventory sorter ( Nicer inventory) " but still couldn't find it anywhere, so here i am.Ty in advance
  5. So I play a ton of dst and ds, and after doing 100's of ruins trips and world generations, I think I have found the best method for locating ruins quickly and efficiently. This works as any character ofc, and can be used in early ruins trips such as day 1, later ruins rushes, and even in much longer worlds if you don't do ruins in the first autumn. Well, here's my video, I hope you like it. Noob!
  6. Can I self promote in the forums? I want to share my videos here but I don't know if its allowed.