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  1. Okay here's the real answer: 探索者深蓝 reuploads Guille's videos on bilibili, as well as his own, so that people in asia can watch them since not everyone has youtube. 探索者深蓝 and Guille do know eachother, as 探索者深蓝 is the second best player in the world and Guille is #1, I was actually the one who introduced Guille to 探索者深蓝
  2. Guille is 探索者深蓝 's son, born to bear the weight of being the best dst player. It all started in China, two thousand years ago. 探索者深蓝 Senior was a simple man, living a life like any other, when one day he stumbled across The Holy Grail. When he drank it there was a famine, and so he wished for one thing only, to not starve. This knowledge and power he was given was passed down from generation to generation, until eventually, 探索者深蓝 recieved it, and subsequently, Guille as well.
  3. Use teleports to the max, don't use the purple gem one for the wormhole its like never worth it. Set them up in hot spots like center of map, lunar island, ruins, and base. Wear armor when fighting cause age clock is like fast and slow so don't hop the skotch, and use alarming clock to your advantage by keeping away from enemies. Two benefits of Wanda are her attack clock and like her teleportato, the others aren't super useful so just like don't hoop the skoop and your good !
  4. Okay, I'll start something: Do you think that speedrunning is more rng or more skill? My opinion: skill
  5. Well there is an argument: that it is not elitist to want barriers between doing a speedrun and being a speedrunner. Urban Dictionary has the definition of speedrunner being: Person who beats a game fast that would differentiate actual speedrunners from aspiring speedrunners. If people cannot beat the game fast, then that is not really so much a speedrunner as it is attempting a speedrunner. It's not gatekeeping to have skill categories, no one can be in the highest degree just because they want to, they'd have to earn it. Main point is: aspiring speedrunners and someone doing speedruns =/= a speedrunner (someone who beats the game fast) Now that is a class I would like
  6. Well you understand what I mean though yeah? I explained the analogy so I don't think you need to focus on the analogy itself as the process behind it has been made clear now
  7. Well its an analogy, I am not saying it takes as many 1000's of hours or expense to be a speedrunner as it takes to be a doctor, but I both are skill and education based areas that take time to learn. I am not saying speedrunners are literally doctors, but to be a good speedrunner and be an aspiring speedrunner is a similar difference to being a certified doctor and being someone in med school.
  8. Its not like his example he used earlier, its like someone on first day of med school calling themselves a doctor. They are in the same area technically, but the growth in that area and dedication is what separates them. What if that person drops out of med school? In this case it would be losing interest in speedrunning after not putting that much effort into it to begin with. Its a learning process, and that is not really elitist as it is just how education works and how people are qualified for things. Anyone can try to be a doctor, not everyone is a doctor.
  9. as long as the characters are not dlc, everyone has the same chance of a random world and is playing the same game with the same characters available and everything so for it to be a speedrun it just has to not use game changing mods really. You don't need it to all be seeded or on the same seed, in games like Nuclear Throne speedruns and runs are valid even when they are not played on the Daily (which is where everyone gets same seed)
  10. well saying its not something to be proud of is insulting to it, people can be proud of anything so that is to be interpreted that it is something that people cannot be proud of it. I know the devs intended to model it like a roguelike, I would say yes
  11. Explaining my feelings and letting you see my side of things so that there can be less harm being done. I said: Yes I agree with that, but if I can explain my side then that may change how you feel as you can see from another perspective and It is fair to explain my feelings and my intensions behind things, as it is for you to do so as well. That is not hypocritical, and am not saying you have to change how you feel, I am saying that if you knew how I feel and my intensions that you may change how you feel as you can understand me better
  12. Well yes he does since he has had to deal with all of that himself, its not that he gets lucky every time he plays, he can spend two weeks grinding speedruns before he gets a really good one, I believe thats how long it took for fuelweaver world record Manipulate: control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously. That is the definition of manipulate. It is fair to explain my feelings and my intensions behind things, as it is for you to do so as well. I am not lying about anything, trying to trick you, or control you, am simply explaining my side.
  13. Yes I agree with that, but if I can explain my side then that may change how you feel as you can see from another perspective
  14. That isn't manipulative, I am sharing how I feel. I used the words "I feel" not "that is", and as a speedrunner and discussing this with another speedrunner, I can say that it is somewhat hurtful towards speedrunners since it demeans something they pride in or find self worth in.