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Nov 13 Build Preview


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  • Developer

Here's what we are working on:


  • Building placement interface
  • Tearing down structures with a hammer (and getting some resources back)
  • Fire damage
  • Character differences


  • Fishing! For real this time!
  • A new, seasonally appropriate creature (dun dun duuuuuun)

In the background, we're both working to fix up the small creatures (bugs, rabbits, birds) to make them more consistent with the large creatures, and more interesting in general. I'm not sure how far we're going to get with this in this update, but expect things like sleeping rabbits, birdcages, and live bee capture to come in at some point.

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Yes! Placement and removal. Awsome :)

And really excited to see what the character differences are.

About the new creature. Either a late pumpkin man, or an early evil santa. Or a snowman, but with a sowman we need winter and snow. Wich in itself would be HUGE.

No, wait I got it, its a turkey! :D

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A grid would look weird in a natural environment. I'm not sure I would like how it turns out looking.

Perhaps simply showing a "shadow" o "blueprint" of what you are placing hovering your mouse, so you can align things neatly (if your OCD requires you to) but let's you have natural looking grass plantations. Once you think it looks nice where you have your mouse, you click and the character walks there and builds it.

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  • Developer

An update!

Placement preview and structure destruction work. I'm moving on to fire damage and character differences next. Our internal deadline for changes for the next build is Tuesday, so we'll see how far I can get.

Tatham tells me that fishing is in, and he's currently adding some more variation to the birds while he is waiting on a couple of new anims for the secret creature.

Kelly and Alex (the artists) are making new cookable food types :)

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I'm really excited to see the new build and all the changes. So we'll be having a Turducken for Novembers Myster Meat err I mean Monster will we? LMAO j/k and did you say Optimus Pine is dressing up as the evil Santa from futurama to hunt us down because we are being naughty this December LadyD? lol cause that would be cool!

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  • Developer

So today I got most of the character differences done:

Wilson - grows a beard, and thus can make a meat effigy. I want you to play at least a little bit of Wilson every playthrough, because he's the star of the show!

Willow - Invulnerable to fire damage (fire damage is another new feature!). She will also spontaneously light little fires around herself if you leave her alone in the dark. The upside of this is that she pretty much can't be killed by the dark. The downside is that if you rely on this feature to get you through the night you run the risk of causing forest fires. In the future your camp structures will also be flammable, so you'd want to be careful with that.

Wolfgang - Has a bigger stomach, and more health. Also gets a bonus to all attacks. Wolfgang's power isn't super exciting at the moment, but I think it will be useful for certain play styles. I might make it so that he can't research things.

I still have one left to implement on Monday:

Wendy - Every dusk there is a random chance that Wendy will be visited by the ghost of her twin sister Abigail. Abigail follows you around and defends you like a pigman, but you need to be careful not to let her get too close, because the only thought in her head is murder. She disappears in the morning, or when she takes too much damage.

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