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  1. Hey ya Feralway I be hijacking yer post for a moment, sorry. I have a question about the meat effigy concerning female characters. How do we go about building one for them if it requires hair shavings? or is that a wilson specific item currently?
  2. what would be cool is if you found an abandoned home, randomly some where on the island and you had to fix it up and build attachments to it that would be really cool! lol build a school for the pig men to train them to be construction workers and gardeners!
  3. I'll post anything I run into bug wise here, Sorry I didn't see any other topics that were addressing the bugs and anything I think may be out of place. Menu: The Selection arrows on the character Screen are blurry past 1600x900 @60Hz the arrows are blurry. In Game: First Play through: Two large islands spawned next to each other leaving a small gap that you can't cross, it looked odd. Items: Chest Bugs: 1. Once you place the chest when you move around and bump into the chest you can nudge it around the area. 2. When you walk away from an opened chest it wouldn't close and you can put items into the box or take them even though your on the other side of a big island. That's all I've found thus far. I'll be back with more later if I find any more.
  4. I didn't know where else to put this but I thought it'd be funny: Those grave stones that we find through out the game, how hard would it to code one of them to read the number of days you survived the last time you played? it doesn't always have to generate every new game you start, but maybe every 3rd or 4th play through you MAY find a grave that reads --This many-- Days.
  5. I'm really excited to see the new build and all the changes. So we'll be having a Turducken for Novembers Myster Meat err I mean Monster will we? LMAO j/k and did you say Optimus Pine is dressing up as the evil Santa from futurama to hunt us down because we are being naughty this December LadyD? lol cause that would be cool!
  6. LOL! I could imagine Ben Crux Rabbit Wrangler! lol... this is to funny not to try!... I'll let you know how that goes haha
  7. That makes sense yes, but here's my thinking. IF I can set up those 5 traps 5 times each time only requiring me to set up 1 carrot before it hits can't see will die darkness. It'll give me time to gather other materials while trying to scout out the island and occationally returning to reset up these traps, in between dropping off supplies in my chests. by the time the sun sets again I'll have 10 meats ready for cooking while I munch on the previous days catch. That at least is my line of reasoning. The other reason for the traps is at the start it'll take you til close to half your day wondering around looking for more flints. To craft tools an axe + 3 traps to start make for a great first day add 2 more to that set and you'll never starve.... unless you forget to eat like I do sometimes... haha! *sigh*
  8. REALLY! I didn't even think about that! is there a way I can move this over there?
  9. I'll Share all my findings here to keep myself from creating lots of threads lol. That said! Bunny Trap Experiment: OBSERVATION: After placing a couple of traps to capture rabbits for food in my newest play through. I noticed that a rabbit was caught in my empty trap that wasn't set with a carrot because I ran out. EXPERIMENT: Step 1: I went and found a carrot, then came back to a place that was heavily covered in rabbits and set up 4 Empty Traps in an arch that covered all of the directions that the closest set of rabbits would be coming from. Step 2: I set up 1 Baited Trap behind the 4 Empty Traps. RESULT: 1 carrot snared me 5 meats to cook once it gets to dark to move and I can just cook and eat to pass the time. CONCLUSION: There's enough materials to make yourself 5 traps at the start of the game. Gather + Building of Traps, an Axe and collecting enough wood to make a camp fire and set up traps. It's also the best way to gather food to start yourself off the first 2 days. At least this is the conclusion I've come to.
  10. Thanks JoeW that is an awesome feature to know about and I can't wait for the Steam Version.As for your question Tasteycrayonattacks: I gave my second key to my fiance to play.
  11. I've been playing this game for a week now and decided to pick up my pc tablet and play don't starve there while I watched some tv with my fiance.When I went to continue my game there, I noticed that the accounts weren't synced and all the progression I made on my main computer didn't transfer over. are their any plans in future patches to perhaps allow for syncing the game info with multiple systems?I was also wondering would there also be a way for us to have a secondary profile on the game to switch between? MY daughter likes playing the game also and sometimes she resets my world on me or starts a new one, and I lose a lot of my game play progression. I don't mind it, since everything we unlock and all the science points we earn carry over into the new game play.That being said I still would like to play my game, while my daughter players her own haha.
  12. if you would like help gathering information and putting together a compodium of what gives how much points with every new update I'd be glad to help.
  13. HI LadyD I just wanted to add to help add to your list of points you get from sticking them in the machine, if you did up the twig stock, the grass, the berry bush and feed them all to the machine it gives you 20 points each. and because there's a lot of them you quickly earn research points. Though it'll still take you a while to go around the islands collecting all those bushes to feed the machine hehe.