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  1. i wonder how a top down game like don't starve could get the illusion of depth and heights. Clouds help.
  2. I don't like minecraft, cubeworld, terraria, etc; because of how empty the world is.It's like skyrim. It might as well be 1000 miles wide but content enough to fill a little bucket.Don't Starve get's away a bit with that, by creating a world reminiscent of tim burton's and other surreal artists/creators/makers with "emptiness as *something*" Still, i want thing that makes it believable, random shadows from birds (and bigger flying freaks), little bugs (bee's are a nice start, but things doesn't always have to have a role in the gameplay other than filling the empty. Random screenshakes with scary sounds. faces in the trees that go away after a second, flowers that hide from you. You do not wan't players to acknowledge the emptiness, you want to keep em busy. [MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION]
  3. This tread originated in the early days of the forum, direct fan art as well as art intended to inspire klei is posted here. If you don't understand it; you're too new
  4. grows vines to nearby trees, corrupting them. go close and it'll send vines after you.
  5. The four horsemen of the apocalypse is philosophical stuff which predate tboi by thousands of years :3
  6. Got back into playing DS, and after i while i got a few ideas. The four horsemen of the apocalypse (War, Conquest/pestilence, Famine, Death) could be spawnable bosses, beating them gives you passive bonuses like increased damage, increased crop growth speed, faster health regen. Fighting Famine: