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Hamlet Beta Signups! [Now Closed]

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JoeW    24,339


Hey Everybody;

We're SO close. Hamlet Closed Beta is right around the corner.

We're going to be running a two week closed beta from October 15th to October 29th. We're looking for players who would like to check out the game, give us some feedback and help us squash some bugs before we launch this December (hopefully).

A small number of testers will be selected at random from a pool of Don't Starve fans who sign up. 
To be considered for participation, please go sign up on our Klei Accounts page. Sign up and if you are selected, we'll let you know!

We're hoping to launch Hamlet in December however we won't have a specific date until we see how the beta goes. If you're interested, sign up using your Klei account below!


Registrations are now closed


Hey everybody. Just a quick update. 

We're not going to be sending out emails. We decided it would take too long to sync up the emails and the granting of the game in steam. So we're going to just start letting people in by granting access in steam. 

So. If you signed up and you own DS on steam, you will be getting into the beta

HOWEVER - this process takes some time, so once it starts, don't get scared if you are not in right away, it's going to take several hours to let everybody in. We have not started this part yet - we needed to make some adjustments that are taking longer than anticipated. 

But I wanted to let you all know because I know that you're "patiently" waiting for everything to start. 

I will inform you all here when access starts going out and I will let you know when the last person is added. 


We have completed sending out the game to everybody. If you own Don't Starve on Steam and signed up for the beta, you should now be able to follow the instructions below to play. 


How many people will be selected?

We expect to add between 5,000 to 10,000 players into the beta. 

Will there be an NDA?

There is no NDA - you can stream or make videos if you like. But we do ask that you make sure that it is very clear that it is an early closed version of the game and there will likely be weird bugs and balance issues. 

Do I get to keep the game?

The game will be removed from your library at the end of the beta.  YEP!

Any support for Mac / Linux?

Mac is ready and we're trying to get Linux in good shape for the beta as well but it won't be ready right away. We should have Linux ready to go before beta ends.  

When will invites be sent?

No invites have gone out yet.

I will post when the invites start going out, and I will post when the invites stop going out. 

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Immediately signed up! I really hope I will get picked, I was in early access at the very beginning of don't starve, does that make any difference? >,< please pick me!

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