Hello All. Please follow the following instructions to play in the Hamlet beta.  This will only work if you were accepted into the Hamlet beta - if the game is not on your account, you will not be able to actually play if you follow these directions.  You will know that Hamlet is available to you when it shows up in your DLC list for Don't Starve.  RIGHT CLICK on the Don't Starve in the library list, select "properties" from the menu. Select the BETAS tab located at the top Put the code "twobeeornottwobee" into the box and click CHECK CODE Select "hamletbeta - Hamlet Beta" from the dropdown menu. Then CLOSE. The game should update and now say "Don't Starve[hamletbeta]" NOTE: Anybody can follow the steps above. However, only the people who registered and were accepted to the beta will see the DLC on their account and be able to play. If you are not sure if you were accepted, please see this post.  Reasons for not being accepted into the beta: Do not own Don't Starve on Steam Did not register for beta Did not register for beta using steam account Registered with a different steam account (go check your other one)