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[Game Update] - 284252

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  • Developer
  • Increased sour gas heat capacity
  • Fixed some more localization issues on Starmap screen.
  • Added Jukebot songs that were made on the stream.
  • Fixed case where the Drecko would get stuck continuously trying to move through a door setup next to a capture point causing the dupe to wait indefinitely for the drecko.
  • Fix fish feeder and fish release being broken when building wires/pipes behind their "tile" cell.
  • Fish feeder and fish release may be entombed or flooded.
  • Solid portion of gantry behaves more like a tile when interacting with liquid.
  • Telescope now requires oxygen for a dupe to attempt to use it.
  • Command module shows status item describing gantry state. Gives warning if no gantry.
  • Gas bottler building can no longer be liquified by telling it to empty.
  • Drywall no longer complains about being entombed.
  • Conduit sensors should default to the off state rather than the on state.
  • The Empty Pipe tool now copies the priority onto the placed job.

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7 minutes ago, Steve Raptor said:

Nice! it looks like liquid reservoir was fixed as well.

Strange, it stopped whining in my game.

Steam got weird, getting a new download.

EDIT: @Cheerio Sorry for that, appears my updater didn't update.  Probably hadn't distributed the steam copy yet.

Anyway, much better.  Just this one last tile on a window.

Drywall Entombment 2.JPG

Edited by WanderingKid
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