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  1. My dear frames have returned.. oh how i missed you guys ! AWESOME Patch.. Thanks !
  2. Jig you should consider trying to learn how to draw efficient vent/pipes... the way you vent your system results in a very poor throughput. I will give you a few pointers, maybe they will help you. 1. vent, valves and bridges act as "prioritized way" for gas/liquids to go. 2. Valves and bridges let full amounts pass if the direction they are facing is backed-up. 3. You should always use bridges or valves when you split-up your lines.
  3. farmer and doctor!!!

    Because a doctor potentially could be the one who "automatically" goes out and fetches unconscious dupes.
  4. New geysers are awful

    How about now, if you make 5 seeds in debug or 10. do you still not always get 1 volcano ?
  5. New geysers are awful

    You do always get atleast 1 volcano, but it is not always magma.
  6. [Game Update] - 259633

    they don't consume calories while wild.
  7. [Game Update] - 259633

    so better to make something useless cause it can slow your computer down ? seems like a legit reason...
  8. [Game Update] - 259633

    well it just dosen't make much sense anymore. If either the food change, or the room change was made it would've been ok.. but both is a bit drastic
  9. [Game Update] - 259633

    Consider they went from 20% to 7% reproduction... 5 critters for just 1 dupe...
  10. [Game Update] - 259633

    I think it affects tamed once only. seeing how "wild plants" don't need food either
  11. Volcano

    instead of mixing the fluids, i would put up some automation so you can dumb the fluid magma into some kind of thermal battery once it becomes around 1500 degrees. Else you will have it clog up, as you can see on the picture it's already started to clog
  12. Volcano

    new players should stay the f*ck away from geysers all together and learn how to play without... these geysers add more problems then they solve, usually. When i was new i would use my nat geysers from start, 20 cycles later i was wondering how come i always was drowning in Co2 so suddenly... then i would wonder why my cables broke all the time... etc etc... Better to learn how to stay alive without any geyser. you don't need them till later anyway..
  13. Volcano

    I would recommend the opposite.. Magma volcanos erupts a lot of magma, but also have a long long downtime... think 100 cycles.. you can be lucky and find one with just 20 cycles down, or unlucky and 160... either way, the moment you find it is the moment it comes active for the first time. So, the moment you find a geyser you know you want to use is the moment you should decide to encase it. Else you might experience that the geyser goes dormant 40 cycles later, when you finally became "ready". Magma needs a big encasing. they spew out loads and loads... think a container about 40 tiles big atleast beneath the volcano... metal ones can do with 10 tiles storage room.You will be fine If you make it all in Abys and encase it all before you dig out the volcano.
  14. Geysers, Numbers.

    I think you will see more critter farms now then ever. But you can't rely on them as much as you used to. Both good things in my book. Also the fact that there are so many different geysers plays a role. you might have really ****ty water geysers, but if you just have 1 good oil geyser, or polluted water geyser, or.... you really just need 1 or 2 good geysers, and then you need to figure out how to convert their output to that of what you need. <--- this is also good in my book. No more standardized builds, except basic stuff. No more "just need to find my gas geyser, then all my energy needs are met". The randomness also plays well in here i think. you might have a real good polluted water geyser one game, but another you will have a Magma volcano who spews non-stop.. Both would lead to different energy setups, don't you think? So many are focused on what you lose in this patch, only few seem to focus on what you actually get. So far, what i can see, you get WAY more, then you lose. WAY WAY more.. renewable metal ? renewable magma ? so much heat now that a borg cube seems more of a necessity then just an exploit. For real, what is not to like in this patch ? That it's random what you get for geysers, so not 1 colony will be close to the same? right... in my book that just adds replayability to the game.
  15. Geysers, Numbers.

    if it would run in shorter bursts the challenge would also be lowered. That's a fact. There will be limited need for pressure rooms and planning if it's on 1 cycle and then off 2.. same if it's on 10 and off 20. The real challenge comes when it's on for 40 and off for 120... when it puts out such vast amounts in those 40 cycles, but has to cover a total of 160 cycles, that's where it gets hard. Either you have several power options, so you have other power income in those 120 cycles, or you have a room big enough to store all that gas. Either way, if it would just be on for 1 and off for 2 then they would be as similar to regular geysers that they can come.