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  1. There needs to be a option for "bugs" : after a reload this happened. :/
  2. using 2 scanners, 1 "active" 1 passive, works better. the passive is kept on, while the active radar is continuously toggled on and off using a powered door. this kind of setup has so far had 99% success for me, only failing when i didn't power the door so the switching wasen't fast enough. i guess a power switch could be more efficient then a door... Anyway, that's what i use, and i always put my radars in a "house", all having 0% visibility..
  3. or you could fill one booster and run a empty hydrogen engine. - free steam
  4. It's possible to do it the other way around, use hydrogen engine with 1 or 2 boosters
  5. get super coolant, put turbine on top of steam vent and aquatuners next to it. success, you now have 20c water free of charge.
  6. Consider a vertical magma channel, that would make your build much more scale-able, while also making your turbines run more evenly at 100% efficiency.
  7. using incubators is currently done to increase husbandry, since that's the ONLY way to increase the skill currently.
  8. motion sensor -> filter (5 secs) -> 3x buffer at 200s -> filter (10 sec) -> not gate -> automation port... enjoy
  9. Cooling on Aboria

    I personally just rush turbines...
  10. Colony achievments

    The power one was completed cycle 660ish... with a couple of turbine builds and burning hydrogen and hamster all the game... something tells me it might be a bit bugged. sure did take it's time...
  11. When dupes drop stuff inside transit tubes vacuum locks...nothing worse... you lay out a intricate tube network, with several tube vacuum locks, and dupes just start to drop stuff in every vacuum lock there is.
  12. If it's for oxygen for the base, i would argue a Aquatuner is better. It uses 5x the energy but puts through 10x the amount of matter. Also if using water or PW you will have a much higher SHC then you could get with thermos and hydrogen. For rocket fuel you can take it a step further even:
  13. So the tune-up shows some places that it makes 1275W, but there is only ever transferred the base energy. Further proof: 1 turbine, that has received the tune-up, is still unable to run a single Aquatuner, despite it in theory producing excess energy.
  14. Changing priority of the wrangle tool will still result in wrangle task at prio 5.
  15. rockets - 296642

    Rockets don't use thrusters upon landing. silenced landing, no flames and no heat output. Fuel tanks are entirely full after completed mission.