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  1. And if you have tubes throughout your base, even the slowest dupe is going to be productive, suit or no suit.
  2. Liquid fuel heat damage

    i usually use mafic for vents and obsidian for pipes. just regular non-radiant. In vacuums. Those two have the lowest thermal properties of all stone afaik, and they are cheap to repair
  3. Funny all my production worked, i just had to re-queue everything when i reloaded the game. My game did however crash on rocket re-entry. Straight out hanged it self, no black-hole nothing. Odd part ? it only crashes sometimes on rocket entry, not always
  4. do they even use the suits if there is no petrol in them ? I always assumed, when using them, that both tanks had to be full for a dupe to accept using it.
  5. Rockets don't use thrusters upon landing. silenced landing, no flames and no heat output. Fuel tanks are entirely full after completed mission.
  6. Right now you can farm other stuff, like magma, and the gas giants have pure rare materials, allowing you to bring full storage containers of niobium or fullerene. - just to give a few examples. For me the point is to build a even bigger base ? Even more dupes doing even more different work, having even more machinery running. And maybe a reason for klei to finally give us conductive heavi watt wire that can handle 40kw ? - who knows
  7. The Space Race

    While rushing things in oni aren't always bad, i feel you should rush things in a certain order for it to make sense. Personally i go for hydroponics first, then plastic, then spom, then space. going for plastics enables me to get steel going also, while deleting heat in the refinery / plastic producer, in other words 2 stages that allow for heat to be deleted. I even make a little fertilizer setup, tied to the overflow of toilets. once i reach the surface i have enough steel to make a little roof and start preparations for the steam rocket.
  8. Tempshifts do not transfer heat.
  9. I would like to note that the space turbine does not work anymore. I've since then moved on to this build. Neither the AT's or the Tepedizer run 100%. 5kw 100% stable.
  10. Moving past the midgame

    you can't make solar panels from diamond. couldn't last time i checked. only tiles
  11. I thought they were meant to be used in mole farms ? since they poop out tiles.
  12. Moving past the midgame

    The observatory needs no glass to be made, and needs no glass to be operated any longer. So eh? sure, but i actually never use them seeing how bunker doors are bugged.
  13. Hydrogen engine temps

    The output steam is 150c, But the turbines suffer very much from heat backdraft, so even though the 2kg/s come out at 150c, they heat up to working temps because of mass around it. Also i have a running loop helping maintain even temps
  14. Moving past the midgame

    i'm at cycle 2500+ and i'm so far to build one.. unless i wanna use it for some cooking related task, i don't see the point. What else then glass tiles are we using glass for ? nothing afaik.
  15. Moving past the midgame

    #1 don't make glass, you don't really need it for anything, and you'll get more then you know what to do with just farming asteroids. #2 make your plastic production entirely in the oil biome, which will allow you to circle oil and petrol through the metal refineries. <-- doin this allows you to manufacture steel without having to deal with the temperature it creates. #3 Your steel production should start with you excavating all the fossil you have in the oil biome. There is usually enough fossil to make 2 layers of roof over your asteroid, and then have a little left still. And once you've used all the fossil, you can always start crushing the egg shells from all the wild critters you have. once you're in space, you can farm steel of asteroids. The same asteroids(satellites) that yield you glass.