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  1. Does the mess table do anything ? there is a toilet in the same room after all...
  2. Oxylite rail would not only supply oxygen, but would also delete the co2.
  3. today, and then maybe monday again. atleast that's what has been told.
  4. I want to build a rocket hotel... mini colonies ! and maybe space stations ? Please klei ?
  5. As far i understand we get everything in the EA... It's only alpha that has limited content DLC wise..
  6. Let me iiiiiiin, I've stayed away from oni in preparations of the DLC... i can't stand the hunger anymore... let me IIIINNNN... cry...
  7. Personally i like spoilers, they hype it for me. It changes "what can i look forward too?" into "i can look forward to that, and this, and that and..." for me personally, and i enjoy the later the most.
  8. I always see that machine posted, based on pipes getting destroyed. - it's so wasteful.. Here is what i've once build. it's a bit old so i don't have better pictures, sorry. Pipes: Power: Automation: And the reed farm needed to keep it running:
  9. It gets better. The current patch also messes up incubators in the sense that dupes will go and pick up the finished critter, but then just proceed to drop it straight on the ground, instead of moving it to a stable... not to talk about the strange eggs that only show up on certain overlays
  10. Abys straight into tungsten is not really viable since you would have to build a big machinery to heat up the abys while they are still tiles, hence you would not only have to build a big machine, you would have to move it around. How ever, turning abys into insulation and then melting that, is viable, like stated by others. This was my machine for it, i didn't wanna make a machine that broke pipes, so i constantly pump liquid niobium around and heat that in a refinery. Pipes for those who dig that: Should say how ever the reed farm needed to run this continuously is kinda silly