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  1. I would like to suggest the ability to use the priority tool with overlays open, so i can say change the priority of all wiring, or plumbing about to be constructed.
  2. So the tune-up shows some places that it makes 1275W, but there is only ever transferred the base energy. Further proof: 1 turbine, that has received the tune-up, is still unable to run a single Aquatuner, despite it in theory producing excess energy.
  3. Space artifacts/junk

    i would appreciate if we could recycle unwanted artifacts, recycle station allowing you to get some maybe wolframite or gold amalgam. Then again we still have the data banks also, which also just fill space... atleast we can put those into storage i guess...
  4. Changing priority of the wrangle tool will still result in wrangle task at prio 5.
  5. Rockets don't use thrusters upon landing. silenced landing, no flames and no heat output. Fuel tanks are entirely full after completed mission.
  6. I would like to note that the space turbine does not work anymore. I've since then moved on to this build. Neither the AT's or the Tepedizer run 100%. 5kw 100% stable.
  7. Rocket Calculator

    If you reload a game with a rocket on a mission this bug tends to happen. - Or if you have a dupe inside a rocket while reloading generally. I've always been able to recover my dupe by assigning another dupe to the same rocket. - usually he would spring out for a second, then jump back in, but the capsule would turn bright and usually also know what dupe is inside.. sometimes the other dupe has to be assigned twice to get the dupe out.
  8. Rocket Calculator

    If you assign another astronaut, the dupe inside is forced out. - i've reported this bug, and the workarounds.
  9. [Game Update] - 291278

    They actually calculate the pathing with jetpacks, if they have jetpacks available. no matter of in use or not.
  10. Rockets hare severe problems with automation. tendency to land straight after take-of etc if automation is flickered. Can result in 30 cycle trips taking no more then the time the rocket takes to leave the map and landing. Individual rockets are unable to retain their individual targets. Rockets will launch to targets previously selected for another rocket. Atmo suits are able to melt away while in the internal storage of the cockpit, This is also true while the rocket is on mission, and it will trigger the "not ready to launch" signal, while the rocket is still on a mission. - This can also lead to forcing the rocket to land mid mission, but returning with full cargo. Rockets sometimes return half, with cargo bays missing and engine, but research modules and cockpit intact. Rockets will sometimes give the ready signal, and the rocket will stand as ready to launch in the starmap, even though tanks are entirely empty. I don't know is this is a bug but gantries take damage from meteors, even when retracted. - and meteors can hit gantries outer part while retracted also. Pipedream Asteroid.sav
  11. 1. Rockets forget what dupe they have internally if the game is reloaded while a dupe is sitting in the rocket. - Still registers there to be a dupe in the rocket after reload, but which one it has forgotten. also game crashes if cockpit is destroyed with the buggy dupe. Game also crashes if rocket is send out with it's buggy inhabitant. 2. Oxygen tank has no priority settings, making oxylite delivery not possible. Input field is bugged, can only type up to 999, slider goes to 2700. 3. All liquid tanks drop inventory on inspection, if inspected after reload and tanks have a custom set limit. Dropping of content stops first when new custom setting for fuel/lox is set.
  12. [Game Update] - 289327

    Nice change, only need planets that have the materials in the first place. Changing the recipes while having none of the special ingredients available in the first place seems a bit redundant to me.
  13. The game crashes if you find shove moles. "Mole.KPrefabID.OnSpawn" output log says. Safe file crashes within 5 seconds of loading. The Darkest Dystopia.sav