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  1. You guys really think we'll stick to hydrogen rockets as top tier, with the new DLC? i doubt it, i also doubt it'll even matter. Something tells me petrol rockets will be more then fine in the dlc for most stuff, and that we'll also get yet another tier or 2 of rocket engines...
  2. You could cool it down to 20c, ready for use - it's power positive if you use supercoolant
  3. It gets better. The current patch also messes up incubators in the sense that dupes will go and pick up the finished critter, but then just proceed to drop it straight on the ground, instead of moving it to a stable... not to talk about the strange eggs that only show up on certain overlays
  4. I guess i should've specified reasonably obtainable overheat temps hehe
  5. The oxylite refinery also has no overheat temp. And oil well
  6. Abys straight into tungsten is not really viable since you would have to build a big machinery to heat up the abys while they are still tiles, hence you would not only have to build a big machine, you would have to move it around. How ever, turning abys into insulation and then melting that, is viable, like stated by others. This was my machine for it, i didn't wanna make a machine that broke pipes, so i constantly pump liquid niobium around and heat that in a refinery. Pipes for those who dig that: Should say how ever the reed farm needed to run this continuously is kinda silly
  7. Nah, they're just examples from my own games. Never noticed that, that said the second setup is way older then the first... shipping still took some energy and the first build cut even that out...
  8. Not trying to be elitist, but you are aware that your system is not that efficient, right ? Using gas pumps generally is very bad when it comes to liquid hydrogen / oxygen setups.
  9. Magma It''s used to melt rust, so magma is bound to build up there.
  10. no need to get the x thou, 3700 and 3700x is the same essentially.. unless you ofc don't wanna touch any cpu settings, then x is better obviously.. but only then..
  11. i got floating bottles, both liquids and air, sticking on buildings, vents, pumps.. since the previous update
  12. Oh sorry, forgot about that one. I will should it crash again. also follow up, it seems any kind of state change inside doors deletes the doors, not just solid state change.