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  1. This is the setup i use for my 2 rockets: Notice how the storage rocket, with just 150kg of berry sludge, has 600k kcal... the "habitat" rocket would have 1000kg. - Should be enough to last for some time. Habitat rocket uses rails with oxylite, the oxylite rails delete co2 and other unwanted gasses while keeping the pressure at perfect 1800. Temp plates are used to increase thermal mass in order to buy more time before it dies to heat.
  2. If you send 2 rockets, both with a trail blazer module, then you have enough refined metal for a landing pad. all you need after that is to make sure one of the rockets can house 2 dupes for 10-20 cycles... could use oxylite + berry sludge..
  3. I hope they release the other rocket engines soon, with the nerf to Co2 engines i feel it'll be very hard to reach other planets before we have the other engines available.
  4. I just reinstalled the dlc, not the entire game, and it worked for me.
  5. The nature of Early Access is that it is in fact not done, or am i wrong ?
  6. Yes it does, and the DLC pretty much made it the best food for space travel.
  7. I honestly don't see how solar is so op. Yes both starter asteroids have glass and yes that allows you to setup a full solar roof on both those planets, without ever having made any glass. THAT SAID, main planet solar roof is 22 solar panels, 20/21 if you want space for rockets. With 20 solar panels that gives you a maximum of 7600w. at average that's most likely around 4-5kw / cycle. On the other hand, the planet you start on has no oil, so you have to get it. It has no dreckos, hatches, pips or anything else, so you also have to get that. and all the other shortcomings there are. It seems to me many are focusing on only the advantages of the swamp start, without considering the short comings. No metal volcanos, no easy access to reed or oil or even sustainable food (other then that you can make with water). I for one like the current state. No meteors and solar roof atleast means i have a decent power source for the early game and i can focus on other things, like getting a hold of all those things i don't have, like reeds or oil or.... So yes, the solar roof start is strong, but it also comes at a price.
  8. This, when your base goes over to sublimation from water and uses lox to clean the oxygen... game goes ham and claims you produce 0 o2
  9. Like the title, i suggest toilets inside rockets are only useable by crew members when set to auto / crew.
  10. Conveyor loaders, who's rail exit has materials on it, wont be loaded. The result can in some cases be conveyor loaders who have less then 20kg in storage cause the rail is so short that nothing gets filled in before it blocks...
  11. The new DLC sure is something. I really like most of it, how ever in the preparations of going to a new planet i kinda "stumbled" over this. I personally don't know what to think of this, but 420 tons of storage + food storage is a bit much.. What do you guys think ? Is this balanced ? - It does make the settling of new colonies rather "easy" i would argue...
  12. Like the title says. Atmo-suits requested will be delivered by taking atmo-suits from other atmo-suit docks.
  13. Same goes for the comfy bed. Regular comfy bed is made out of plastic, POI Comfy bed is made out of rock.
  14. I would prefer if the home planet, and maybe some other planets, are free of meteors, while other asteroids do have meteor showers..