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  1. Except my game wasn't started on hard mode. It was started on default normal settings, just like my previous game.
  2. I started a new game with this update. I've dug out much of the starter biome and only found one bog bucket seed. Previous start I found around 10. Seems like a problem for food production. Anyone else seeing this?
  3. This save crashes when I try and load it. Note that the game was started on the Rocket Update preview branch, but the crash is occurring on the current release build. The Hardy Crater.sav
  4. My game crashed when my rocket landed on return from a mission. I was able to reload the last autosave and continue. Crash was submitted for analysis. My rocket was crewed by 2 astronauts named Frankie and Stinky. When it returned from the mission Frankie was gone and there were two Stinkys.
  5. The rocket cargo modules claim to hold 20 tons of cargo, but my missions only return a few dozen kilograms. Is anyone else seeing this?