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  1. You biggest annoyances?

    A liquid tepdizer consumes 960w which is too much for early game. Also I have to use the heaters on my farm to be able to make food before I can run pipes with hot liquid through the farm. Without mealice, i have to make mushy bar and fried mushy bar for dupes. It consumes more energy. Also even with liquid tepdizer, the water inside pipes start to cool at some point and break the pipes. Early game in Rime became a PITA tbh.
  2. You biggest annoyances?

    The biggest annoyance for me is the new heat system that makes life in Rime impossible. And the life in other planets way harder. I feel i'm playing inside a pot ready to cook my dupes. No fun on it.
  3. [Game Update] - 348553

    This last update is crashing my game, a map I started yesterday at Rime. Also, I'm trying to send the crash report but it's not working.
  4. +1 Wettuce In Portuguese could be called "Aquace".
  5. Omg! CAn't wait to play! **-**
  6. [Game Update] - 306910

    Plastic ladder is useless now it got nerfed.
  7. [Game Update] - 302293

    Very nice! Could you guys put the option to copy settings on atmo suit and exosuit pods? It's a bit annoying having to click on "deliver suit" all the time on all the pods.
  8. My radar has no option of rocket detection after this update even my rocket being in a mission. This ocurried after I deconstruct the command capsule to insert a new research module and reconstruct a new command capsule again. I have 4 radars and none of them have the rocket detection option.
  9. [Game Update] - 284252

    Hey @Cheerio is there any chance to make the Smart Batteries parameters copiable?
  10. [Game Update] - 283065

    The performance of my game is very low after this update.
  11. Auto-sweepers not working

    I just loaded a saved game and sweepers still doesnt working.
  12. Where is it written? There's no description saying about that.
  13. I know many people have reported this problem but it seems Devs didn't have solved this problem yet. When I place a Critter Feeder, it comes with all drecko category checked and unable to uncheck them. I can't tame a drecko because this bug doesn't allow the dups to fill the feeder for dreckos.
  14. [Game Update] - 265438

    The problem with automation still up yet. I'm trying to build a carbon dioxide supressor, but when it crashes the game when starting to work.