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  1. Was this animation made together with the Griftlands art team?
  2. Wow, thanks a lot! i claimed 2 of those links!
  3. Warly is my favorite character, here is my outfit for him:
  4. Yes I did try her against seasonal bosses, not against bee queen though. You don't kill the Deers in Klaus fights, this will cause him to enrage and make the fight a lot harder. Using glands to heal during bossfights is a terrible idea, you get more damage than you can heal and you have no time to attack at all since your busy healing instead of whacking. Having infinite amount of healing or weapons has nothing to do with Wendy's performance vs bosses and single targets. There are characters in DST that do everything Abi does but better, namely: Willow, Webber and even Wurt. When you get into the late game (after 1 cycle of seasons) there is little need for Abi since farming small mobs is done by farms or other means (bunny farms etc..), bossing becomes a major attraction in the late game. Having a character that brings nothing to the table except a 25% damage penalty is not really helpful. I guess the only thing shes still useful for is fighting hounds. 25% less damage means longer fights, which means more supplies, higher chance to die, going insane etc... You are underestimating the penalty.
  5. 75% damage is a pretty real downside. Deerclops is the easy example, since you can just face tank him while standing on a campfire. The rest of them takes a lot more time since you need to kite. She can't help against raid bosses because all of them AOE and she will get vaporized on the spot.. For the price of 25% less damage, having a combat oriented NPC that is only effective against small mobs (spiders, bees, hounds) is very lackluster. At this current state it feels like Willow power- crept Wendy in every aspect. in addition to that, since she was and already effective against small mobs, most of the tunics are useless and not worth the effort to create as a result.
  6. Another option to balance Abigail came to my mind regarding bosses: As of now bosses deal 100% more damage to NPCs. For Abigail, its possible to make an exception and allow bosses to deal normal damage to her (e.g. Deerclops will deal 75 damage per strike instead of 150), this will also make cure-all Tunic useful for boss fights. So, a quick math, Deerclops attacks for 75 damage every 3 seconds, cure- all heals 20 per second, so 60 health: so Net damage that Abigail receives is 15. Bearger hits 100 damage per strike, so net damage Abi receives is 100-60=40 with Cure-all tunic. So the end result is Abigail on one hand still receives damage and can't kill bosses by her self, but on the other hand she lives long enough to contribute to boss fights, this will help Wendy a lot vs (at least seasonal) bosses especially when Solo. And the Cure-all tunic also becomes extremely useful. This will allow Abigail to contribute in boss fights, and I think requires minimal coding effort from Klei's part.
  7. The petal debuff is mostly aimed at single targets. However against bosses, it will remain useless. Bosses deal 100+ damage to Abi per swing, and nearly all of them use AOE attacks, so she will die very quickly anyway, no tunics will help her here. I think that the defensive tunic should give Abi some sort of damage mitigation, that would go a long way to make Abi a much more reliable combat oriented NPC assistant. The point is not to make Abi solo bosses, but to allow her to give meaningful contribution to the fight without dying in 3 attacks. She is a dedicated combat NPC, and she comes with a very big penalty to Wendy's damage, so she should be at least a good all-rounder that can tackle all kind of opponents: From spiders to bosses.
  8. I really like the new "Uptime" feature on all machines.
  9. Wow! HUGE difference in both of my 800 and 1k+ cycle bases, its a different story entirely. Fantastic job Klei!
  10. There won't be any difference because the resources used by the game when you have almost nothing built are minimal... Those optimizations are targeted at reducing performance hits caused by stuff like conveyor rails and pipes and other things that generally make a difference when you build them in large amounts.
  11. Okay I encountered several very nasty bugs with conveyor rails: Material is being loaded infinitely into a conveyor loader and then passed through a rail loop, although the rail loop is full, So massive amount of materials are being deleted. Sweeper picks up materials from the conveyor loader and then loads them back into the same loader endlessly. Materials are falling out of the rails when they enter a conveyor bridge. Sweepers don't pick materials from receptacles anymore, doesn't matter how you set the priority between the receptacle and targeted container. Rails seem to be REALLY messed up. All 4 bugs can be seen here: TESTING BRANCH SAVE.sav P.S. I don't use any mods.
  12. Oh this is great news! Can't wait to test it, great work Klei!
  13. Completely agree here, I simply can't force myself to play past cycles 1k+ because the loading times become insane and the "pause and scroll" eventually gets on the nervs. Something feels wrong when I feel I can't create more then 20 dupes or build new stuff because the game simply can't handle it anymore. Its a shame really, because the motivation is there, I want to tame gassy moos and farm them, I want to expand my rocket base , work with designs involving rare materials and explore deep space and I do want to unlock more lore in the later cycles (up to 4000 cycles) but I just can't due to the horrible performance of the late game, it ruins all the motivation to keep going. In my first colony on launch I got 20 dupes just for the achievement really, I will never repeat this again at this state.