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  1. I was very hyped for Wurt's release, and there is nothing to do with me being veteran or anything like that. My bottom line is that her Merms don't stand out at all and are inferior in some cases to other NPCs in the game. They don't provide her with something unique of her own, their faults have been listed in this thread and many others already. This is why I'm disappointed with her, because her merms are lackluster, everything they can do, something else in the game can also do that and in some cases better (bunnies). The only good thing about merms are resource gathering and thats it. It feels to me that the reward for investing into a merm village and feeding the merm king isn't worth the effort for what you get at the end. If you like playing her, then by all means, I'm not here to dictate what you should play and what is "fun" for you. This is my point of view, I have nothing else to add.
  2. Except I don't need to invest in anything, and definitely not in a specific character to use beefs for hound defense. You invest so much into a merm army and they can't even defend you against hound waves. 1) Unplug the nearest sinkhole 2) Find a nearby bunny village 3) Deconstruct all their houses. 4) Build ~6 bunny houses next to 1 spider nest. 5) Get your drops in day time.
  3. Merm don't auto aggro on hounds, the first thing they will bite is you. So you need to dance around merms in hopes that a hound will bite one. Webber needs 1 piece of monster meat to farm tones of spider drops and there is no "Tricky" part involved. You also need lots of resources (wood..) to set up spider farm with merms, I don't see a point to do this when you can go to the nearest cave, deconstruct some vegan houses and make a classic bunny-spider farm.
  4. Yeah I was able to kill her with spiders and some patience. Also: Tentacle spots aren't that lucrative compared to spider drops, their only use to build more houses... and you also need 5 planks for merm guard houses as well.
  5. Nope, you can't live on farms and fruits alone with everyone else, they don't provide enough hunger. All other characters hunt for meat for proper meals. Webber and Wurt are designed on the same principle, that is, having a special interaction with an NPC. But Webber spiders are far more useful compared to merms to what they give you. For webber, spiders give him proper hound protection, mounds of silk, glands and monster meat all of which are very useful. Its also very easy to farm them with spider civil wars. They can't fight AOE bosses, but they can fight everything else just fine. Its far easier to recruit and manage an army of spiders and it takes a lot less resources to do so. Its also far easier to build spiders dens than merm houses and you don't need to feed a "spider king" every 4 days. Its so easy to set up mass spider dens next to Bee queen and Moose goose nests compared to merm houses. Finally, the biggest fun with spiders is when you explore caves and ruins. the spiders in the ruins are absolutely amazing, spitters, clingers and tank spiders are great for fighting and far more powerful than the normal versions. Wurt can't farm her merms efficiently and the only items she get from them are fish and frog legs, both are useless to her and aren't as useful as spider drops The only edge merms have over spiders is that they can gather resources.
  6. 2x Lure plants +1 flingo solves all your hound problems for the entire game. There is no need for tooth traps. Regarding Wurt, I find her underwhelming, her selling feature, Merms, feel lackluster, incomplete and not standing out compared to other NPCs available in the game for hire. Without functioning Merms, she has nothing that is really going for her. Her diet Simplicity makes the game less interesting, once you set up your farms and get your durian/pumpkin growing, you don't need anything else, food is grown automatically at your base.
  7. He reminds me of Heavy from TF2
  8. I expected her Merm companions to be more useful than chopping wood and rocks, so for me, her main selling mechanic didn't deliver. True, I could have done the normal game activities like all other characters but since her main features proved lacking I simply decided to go back and play the other characters whose mechanics are more impactful useful and enjoyable. Features like carrying a dead fish in the inventory or making your weapon not slip in the rain doesn't make it more attractive either... Also, if you want to raise a decent merm village, you are going to be wood cutting quiet a lot.
  9. Warly is nowhere near the definition of "Niche", especially when solo. Hes seasoning and food make him the most versatile character in the game. Wurt doesn't play that much different than other characters. She got access to NPCs and some buildings, that's it for the "big mechanics". If you take that away, she plays like an ordinary character. Her being vegetarian narrows down her options and makes the game simpler than for example Wigfrid when comparing survival needs. Warly is a better example when players need to adapt a different play style than usual.
  10. If you take away Merms, what are you left with? nothing pretty much. Her vegetarian trait is actually very powerful and makes the game boring when playing with her. Once you set up some farms and got durian/pumpkin seeds and maybe put a berry busy farm, your all set for infinity. Your food is passively grown in your base. There is no more incentive to hunt Koelfants, or tracks. Hunt monster meats/spiders and generally partake in game activities. It removes a good chunk of the game play. Now, you can't go and have fun with her Merm army and go stomp some beargers/clopsies so all you do with your massive village is chop some more wood and rocks.... At day ~70 I was finding myself most of the time sitting at my camp with no goals other than chop infinite amount of wood to create more merm houses for "role playing" reasons. Her game play simply becomes boring past the 20-30 days mark. If I can sum up my activities during that session: 60% Wood cutting, 35% Farming, 5% other stuff. I'm not game developer, and my imagination is not as rich as theirs, but there a few things that immediately come up to my mind. Note that not all of them should be implemented together, those are merely bullet points. - Merms are exclusive mob for Wurt, and her gameplay and features revolve around them. This means that Merm (royal guard) should be drastically better than any other NPC in the game. Similar to why Lucy is the best axe in the game for chopping wood since its Woodie's Forte. - Merm royal guards should have their AI changed to bunny AI, where they retreat at low HP or not at all, they are "royal guards", they give their lives for the king and hes servant. - Merm guards should attack hounds/depth worms on sight. - The double damage that some/all bosses deal to NPCs should be reduced/eliminated for Merm guards. - To compensate, merm guards should no longer be able to wear helmets. - Merm guards are fighters, therefore they should not be able to chop wood or mine rocks. - Regular Merms can be used for both resource gathering and combat, but they will still be susceptible to double damage from bosses. - Normal players can't recruit merm royal guards, only Wurt can. - Merms should be neutral towards chester at all times.
  11. The stream I was referring to was Wurt Dev stream. There isn't anything you can do to "command them" or their timing. you press attack button and that's it. Merms kiting AI is inferior to bunnymen because they spend most of their time running around instead of DPSing. A common scenario is a merm guard punching a boss, running away, then coming back to punch again and gets slammed. Bunnymen output maximum DPS before they run away. The fact that they die so fast into the fight, overshadows all of the other benefits of fighting 24/7 compared to pigs and bunny men. If they die 20 seconds into the fight, it matters little if they can fight all day long. 20 Bunnies will do a better job than 20 merm guards in all combat scenarios, simply because bunnies produce more DPS during their lives because they have superior AI and behavior. They are also far easier to recruit because you don't need to build all those merm/royal merm houses which requires a lot of wood and other resources and feeding the merm king. Using bunnies is nothing new and we have been doing this for a long time now for boss fights, meat is not a problem when bossing with them. Best example is check a video of bee queen fight with Merms vs Bunnies and see the difference. Although you can recruit merms with seeds, its not practical when killing bosses. boss fights last for some time and during this time the loyal timer will run out and you can't feed them more seed during combat as they are all running about and the boss chasing you around, so you need a proper veggie to feed them beforehand. It doesn't really matter when they re spawn,if your goal was to kill a boss then after its done your work is completed and bunnies/merm served their purpose. Merms only real advantage over bunnies and pigs is resource gathering, this is also where their 24/7 work time comes into the picture, but this is not the topic of this thread. For the same reasons nobody picks pigs over bunnies when it comes to bossing. Merms guards are basically pigs with slightly higher stats and a different skin combat wise. Bottom line, there is no incentive to pick merms over bunnies when it comes to bossing due to reasons mentioned above. Those are my conclusions after a ~80 days session with solo Wurt.
  12. Wurts "Army" capability vs bosses is pretty much non existent. It was first seen on stream, but merms fair exactly the same as pigs. They die very quickly, generally in 1-2 shots. Merm's can't do anything to clops and bearger (both were shown on stream), clops freeze all of them and bearger 1-2 shots them with AOE (merm guards). For bosses that they can somewhat contribute (bee queen and goose) bunnymen get the job done better and are far easier to recruit and utilize compared to the effort you need to go through to build a merm army. As of now, they have no distinct advantage over other NPC's with regards to boss battles or fighting in general. Having better stats doesn't stop them from getting 1-2 shoted anyway, due to bosses having 2x damage vs mobs. Its the reason I stopped playing her, building a merm army (Which took a lot of effort) that can't tackle bosses, which are the most important challenges combat wise, just defeats the purpose of going through all of the effort to build the merm army and all the houses that come with it in the first place.
  13. When you kill Klaus and free both of hes deer, they roam around freely but during winter they never grow horns. Is this intentional?
  14. I agree with you, but I think you look at it in a negative light. What you describe is a "Support Character", and this is exactly what they do. They use their tools to help other characters who specialize in different roles, you may look at it as being a "Errand-man" or "cooking slave", but you can also look at it as being an extremely valuable team player that brings a lot of weight into the table. Those type of characters, not only in DST but in other games, are the one appreciated and respected the most by other players because they bring a lot of benefits to the team. But Warly is not helpless by himself, he can fight and he can partake in group activities himself just like other characters, it doesn't sit on the line and cook 24/7. In solo perspective, of-course wolfgang and woodie should be the best at what they do (otherwise it would be pointless to play them), the benefit of Warly is being able to do what both of those characters do although not topping the originals. Finally, In addition to my solo session, I also have a session which I play with my sister (She plays wormwood). And it never feels like I'm doing my stuff and only serving her for her purposes. She helps me farm and grow crops and protect our base with traps. In turn I cook for both of us and season our food, and together we go exploring and killing bosses and overcome stuff together with combined methods, it feels fair, and it never leaves you with a bad feeling of you being some kind of "slave" or anything like that, it feels like both of us bringing our strengths to the table and contributing each in hes own way.