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  1. Currently in a 130+ days solo play with him, here is what i found to be the most reliable healing sources: 1) Healing salves - make a bunny/spider farm and just collect glands every few days, gather some light bulbs from a cave, burn them and get a stack of ashes, stone is very easy to get, and there you go, lots of healing salves. 2) Tent - extremely good at regaining health, easy to make if you have access to a spider farm (See above). Later in the game: 1) Bat bat, very useful in long boss battles as a switch weapon. 2) Life amulet - if you kill Klaus every winter, you will get 2-3 of them. 3) Jelly beans Problem with compost wrap is that you will quickly find yourself running out of nitre.
  2. In my current play through with Warly where I play with my sister (Wigfrid) we tamed a rider beefalo and it was very worth it (around day ~150). We also made a gossamer saddle for him as well. Only the taming process takes time and resources, after that you don't even need to feed him anymore if you keep him near a salt lick between rides. We ride him all the time, hes extremely fast and traversing the map while gathering resources or other stuff is very helpful. We mass farmed dragon fruit and just fed him ~3 dragon pies per day during the taming process+brush per day. Beefo taming is very much worth it in my opinion, talking from experience.
  3. Works very well vs Toadstool and Ancient guardian, the former is very slow and huge and the latter you just face tank him anyway. Same goes for deerclops, do people even kite him anymore? sit on top of a campfire and just smack him till hes dead, however no point wasting a precious thul club for this.
  4. Is there a way to fix that? or the only way to is to start over?
  5. Hi, I just encountered a very weird bug in my game. I just explored the ruins for the first time and its completely empty, there are no clockworks, status, ancient guardian, splurmonkies or pesudo stations. There are also no depth worm attacks... This same map has other weirdness, like the lunar island connected directly to the main land... Anyone know whats causing this and if it can be fixed?
  6. Wow, thanks a lot! i claimed 2 of those links!
  7. bad then, i did get the spools in-game, so everything is fine.
  8. I didn't get the 450 point rewards from clicking the link, anyone else encountered the same issue?
  9. Strange, because when I solo her with Warly, I use the same lure plant method. I plant 3-4 around her, make some brick roads so i can move around the eyes and kite her on top the lure plants, always works nicely for me.
  10. I have not, but i'm going to start a solo run with him today and I will definitely try him against her the moment i get my hands on some lureplants. My plan is pretty much to get 4-5 lure plants around her and equip bramble husk+bee keeper hat. Should pretty much wipe her and the grumble bees clean without much effort.