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  1. [Game Update] - 259043

    Eggs should rot - please keep a slot for eggs in the refrigerator! None is available at the moment!
  2. See save file. Duplicants are not planting Pincha Pepper Plants even when there are plenty of seeds to plant them! I waited for over 20 cycles for them to plant them, but they are not doing at all. I Tried blocking the passage to the remaining plants thinking they are getting too many tasks to do it; tried setting the priority to 9; tried pretty much every trick i knew. But the duplicants still refuses to plant the plants. Settlement.sav
  3. See save file. This problem is occurring mainly during the advanced stage of gameplay, ie, when a LOT of buildings are present. Even laying a conveyor belt is causing the game to freeze for 2+ seconds EVERY TIME. This bug is making the game freeze in my fairly high end system (i5 6600 4core + GTX 1060 6GB + 16GB RAM). Any lower end PC will definitely lag for more than 5 seconds ... making people lose interest to play the game further!!! PLEASE OPTIMIZE THE GAME!!! It is lagging a lot (getting barely 5-8fps) and is occupying 5GB of memory just to play the game during the later stages... Please try playing my save file and see how it goes! There is either a memory leak somewhere or it is taking way too much memory. Settlement.sav
  4. Problem is self Explanatory. Please see attached screenshot and save file. Settlement.sav
  5. Wheeze Worts are consuming gas

    It is consuming gas only when the temperature is higher than its max cooled temperature. Is this a deliberate bug??
  6. Wheeze Worts are consuming gas! I filled a fully sealed room with 2kg oxygen. It became vacuum in minutes!!! Then i filled the room with Hydrogen (25KG). Its became 16kg in 10 cycles. This is a major bug!!!
  7. Yup. But bug has been Fixed!!! (as on 24/02/2018) But another Bug: I've noticed that the duplicants starts to suffocates even when in the exosuit. Why is this so? Surely the huge amount of O2 supplied to the suit should be enough to keep them oxygenated for quite some time?
  8. When a job is assigned to a duplicant who is very far away, it is not taken up by the autosweeper at all. Eg: fertilizer for pincha plant is in a standstill until the duplicant comes and does it themselves. This is not exactly a bug, but should be optimized with the autosweeper getting the job first before the duplicant! This slows the overall functioning of the base when the buildings are very far apart. This "bug" applies to pretty much everything in the game (ie, holding up that which can be easily done by the autosweeper).Settlement.sav
  9. Easily reproducible. Just connect a gas pipe to an exosuit dock. It accepts oxygen indefinitely even when full. Also, I've noticed that the duplicants starts to suffocate even when in the exosuit. Surely the huge amount of O2 supplied to the suit should be enough to keep them oxygenated for quite some time?
  10. Attached Image. The farm title is increasing in temperature by its own. I Tried may things. Only when i destroy the farm tile in that location the heating stops. When i construct it back again, it starts heating again. I could use it as a steam heater and power up the turbine though
  11. Hi Guys, Thanks for the great update. But i'm unsure how the supply system works! Its somehow not working for me: 1. The Auto-Sweeper is not picking goods from the Conveyor Receptacle. At all. And neither does the duplicants when set to allow manual use. So the whole transport system is not working for me (see attached pic) The following is my 2cents for this game: 2. Steam Turbine is pretty much useless. There should be a geothermal vent somewhere in the map just for this! 3. Greenhouse is too small for me. I usually farm is a very large scale and I find it very restrictive coz of the 96 tile limit in room size 4. The peak energy output from the transformer should be customizable. I usually use conductive wire to power my electronics but the max output from the transformer is just 1KW. It should be customizable upto 2KW. 5. There should be one hydrogen Geyser somewhere in the map. 5.