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  1. Hey There: This is a graphical bug so please read carefully. This is the bug: The pipes are shown as if the water is flowing 2 parts to the right pipe path and one to the left. But in the next tick (ie, when the next water blob comes in from the top), one blob of water magically vanishes in the right path and shows as if the water is split evenly (ie, 1:1 now as opposed to 1:2 splitup shown in above pic) Attached save file for easier understanding. The Merry Comet.sav
  2. Hey Devs, Dupes are oversleeping when the player gives too many sleep slots in the time schedule. Please wake up dupes when their stamina and/or health (+ other modifiers if any for sleeping) is maxed out. I'm seeing dupes oversleeping even though 100% stamina is reached. Before anybody feels this is intended and that the player should manage this, the dupes oversleep if their required 100% stamina isn't reached - I gave just 1 sleep slot for the dupes in the work schedule and they overslept for 1 more slot to make their stamina 100%.
  3. Hey Guys, I found negligible difference between the beta branch for QOL MK2 and the released final version of QOL MK2. FPS difference is about 10-15% only for me. Did anybody else face the same issue? Please post specs as well for reference
  4. Steam Geyser outputting steam in old location after its been moved using debug mode
  5. [Game Update] - 308684

    Any reason why this is being done like this? We can easily solve space leakage by having the option to place dry walls behind walls.
  6. Aquatuner Upgrade

    Nice method you've got there! How would you rather have this? This makes the most logical sense and is what happens in real life too.
  7. Aquatuner Upgrade

    lol... I do follow you. After seeing way too many of my pipes being broken due to different input temps, caused me to give this suggestion. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you are bringing the inputs to aquatuner directly from the water sieves. What happens when the water sieve's 40 degree constant output is changed to how it actually is supposed to be, based on input PW temperature? You'll have a hell of a time to try to average out the temperature or cool down the water to your expected level. You may work it out in the short term, but in the long term, you'll be feeding water from all sorts of sources from ice biomes to petroleum generators (unless you are using debug/sandbox mode). While it'll certainly be a challenge to fix all that, it'll become a headache sooner or later as time goes on. You'll end up thinking why the hell am I fixing this so many times every few dozen cycles. Any game becomes frustrating if you end up trying to rework something again and again to make it work. My above suggestion can be used to remove the 40 degree constant temperature output exploit in the game as well. Maybe the devs can have a look at this idea: @Ipsquiggle, @Cheerio etc
  8. Hi All, Currently our Aquatuners reduce temperature of the pumped liquid by exactly 14 degrees; irrespective of whether its 10kg/sec or 1kg/sec, constantly consuming 1.2KW of power even for the 1kg/sec case (heat output is different though; it scales with input liquid quantity) How it can be made is: it should have a setting to cool liquid to that particular temperature. Should take maximum of 1.2KW, but can be lesser if liquid quantity is lesser and/or input temperature is near the provided range (less than 14 degrees). If the input liquid is too hot, it can decrease the temperature by 14 degrees (or even hold the liquid till it reaches that temperature) and then output it. This way, it'll solve a hell lot of problems due to cooling and we players can have a deterministic way to cool liquids. Current problem of cooling variable input liquid temperature can be easily solved using this method. PS: The liquid storages does average out the temperature; but what about storages in multiple areas/in multiple storages? An offset in average temp will screw up some finely calibrated farms.
  9. @Brook : Another problem here is when we deconstruct tiles. In space, we lose a lot of oxygen by the time the walls/drywalls are constructed back in its place. We definitely need the option to construct drywalls/tempshift plates behind walls and other buildings! Please bring back the option to build drywalls/tempshift plates behind walls!!!!
  10. Hey there, the below construction errand shows as not reachable, when it should be perfectly reachable by all dupes: The construction errand is the building of that ladder+digging of the slime+abysallite tiles Super Trainwreck.sav
  11. Optimized Speed

    Try the ctrl+Z debug feature. it speeds up everything to the very max your CPU can handle. If you want a controlled speed increase, open the ONI process using Cheat engine (external app). You can set the speed of the game to more than 50x even (again, throttled by the max your PC can handle).
  12. Hey All, A storage means that its a closed container. Currently solid storages off-gases PO2 if there's slime or polluted dirt in it. The main point of keeping it in a storage should be that it should be stored safely. Water storages go as far as to isolate the water temperature even. While this shouldn't be the case, i guess its isolated since water absorbs and releases enormous heat. What should be done for all storages is to prevent off-gasing and germ killing (liquid storages immersed in chlorine gas kills germs in the stored liquid). We can have a huge disinfection building to kill germs. It should be a chore as well - to move materials having germs into it for disinfection - should require bleach stone for operation. When the materials are ejected from the building, it should be free of germs. Dupes should automatically move materials having lots of germs in it into the building for disinfection. Maybe we can have a look at this @Ipsquiggle Currently we don't have any type of handling for removing germs, except for the ore scrubber - but that's for ores only i guess. Maybe we can repurpose it? I doubt anybody uses the building anymore!
  13. Yeah ... great improvement. This testing branch with debugging enabled runs as fast as the QOL1 normal release. Think it'll be super smooth in the actual release
  14. Yup. Same bug here. They are peeing when bladder is full and are not going to the toilet at all. They die when the calories drop to zero and they dont go to have food. @Ipsquiggle this is a critical bug - please fix ASAP!