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  1. Lol ....get in line bro. Many people have pointed this out many times over. @Ipsquiggle Maybe you can look at this in the next update?
  2. [Game Update] - 298192

    Sounds lovely! Even more performance opts
  3. [Game Update] - 297718

    Would love to hear about even more optimisations!
  4. The devs have not changed these for so long is that we don't have a viable way of handling heat in the game. You'll have a lot of heat generated to remove germs from polluted water. All those heat has to go somewhere. That somewhere doesn't exist now in the game. When its implemented, the devs will remove all the heat deletion exploits in the game.
  5. Think we need backpacks for the gofer and courier professions. +800Kg carrying capability is not something anybody can do in bare hands(or bare backs for that matter, but hey ... what are we talking about, this is a game )
  6. Its used to remove CO2 in the base. The algae terrarium has similar functionality as this one, but that's not treated as one.
  7. Carbon Skimmer incorrectly treated as an industrial building
  8. PO2 vent's average output is just 40-50g/s averaged throughtout its off cycle. I'm suggesting this geyser for having algae for fishes (through refinery)
  9. We need a slime geyser outputting lots of slime continuously. It can be something similar to oil wells. The slime geysers should require sand/clay/regolith and should output slime in 3:1 ratio (outputs one third quantity of sand inputted). Requires continuous dupe operation (churning the geyser perhaps?). Should have atleast 1 such geyser in the map. Guess it should output 3.333kg/s (same as oil well), so consumes 10kg of sand every second. Main reason for this geyser is to provide algae for fishes. They eat like crazy!
  10. [Game Update] - 296335

    @Ipsquiggle When we try to queue something in the electric grill, if the ingredients are not available, it'll start creating infinite popups in the game. Is it fixed now?
  11. 1. Algae Terrarium works even when there is no carbon dioxide in the air. 2. It constantly outputs oxygen as long as the air pressure is not too high. How It should be working: 1. It should be the equivalent of a carbon skimmer. 2. If it indeed should output O2 always, it should only consume water and make it into PH2O when there is CO2. Otherwise, it should just consume Algae (at an equivalent rate as that of the Oxygen Diffuser)
  12. Hi Devs, Think in the QOL MK2, we need methods to do the following: 1. Need a way to renewable way to manufacture dirt in a large scale to supply to plants. 2. Need a way to make more slime! This is extremely important since it creates algae,PH2O as well as is used in fungus farms 3. Need way to make phosphorite in large scale too - for pincha plants - think its mostly redundant now that dreckos poop phosporite in a good enough quantity. 4. Need a way to kill heat. This is currently being done using slush geysers and people actively look for seeds that has a large number of such geysers. However, I don't believe this should be the case and that there should be an efficient way to do this other than the heat deletion methods in the game (i'm looking at you, water sieve) 5. Some maps doesn't have sufficient geysers. While it can be easily resolved by having more petroleum wells that indirectly give polluted water, it would be best to have a good source that gives water in a regular basis for large scale farms...
  13. Hey all, Was wondering how to copy a geyser or create one without revealing the entire map.
  14. Yeah. Been wondering the same this for a long long while now. How much cooling does it give exactly??? Why does it mention that its sucking in vacuum? This seems highly reasonable as well. Too much complexity is a pain in the a**. Everybody likes a simple clean way of doing things. I think the devs brought in this change to make the player look for alternate source of the resource for the off cycle. If its a continuous output, players will become comfortable with what they have and the game will lose some of its survival thrill. But, now we have storages for everything. This completely nullifies the active and off cycle effects of geysers. The only use of this is now to build lots and lots of storages to hold enough for the off cycle and put a limiter building in the output valve to the averaged value so that it does not go beyond the avg per cycle output of the geyser. I think a good solution for this can be to give an indication of how much of the resource is producing averaged out in the active cycle. When the tenured scientist finishes examining the geyser, it'll also show the total averaged resource output including the off cycle.