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  1. Hey Dude ... meant as a new feature implementation. Cannot remap keys currently in the game.
  2. yo guys ... just map the rotate key to middle mouse button. Easy peezy
  3. I'm not sure where you got the info for 300 degrees, but I've been near an actual hydrolysis machine and I saw that the current was only used to split the molecules apart. The temperature never reached anywhere near 300 degrees (the plastic would have melted if it went anywhere above 100C even)
  4. Hey all, First of all, these are pointers, so people: please don't reply saying of course these will be fixed/not fixed. Really feel these need to be fixed before launching the game from early access: 1. Water Sieve needs to have the fixed 40 degree output removed. 2. Hydrolyser needs to stop outputting air at 70 degrees and should be the same temperature as the input water. 3. Dupes should not get wet feet the moment they touch water - should be rather atleast 3 tiles/ atleast 10kg total 4. Game's story needs to be done 5. (at least a basic)Tutorial needs to be present 6. Aquatuner needs revamp - should not be 14 degree constant cooling+const power consumption (same power consumption for 0.1KG/tick as well as 10KG/tick? - not ok). 7. Game should have an endpoint - rockets on reaching a very far off point should trigger an endgame scenario. Currently we are not heading anywhere. +other quirks in the game. do add other stuff that needs to be fixed
  5. Yup... this is just a graphics bug here. Since the junction's arms are quite long, the actual water is split evenly eventually after the 2 pipe parts. I'll try giving vents immediately after the T junction to verify this.
  6. Hey There: This is a graphical bug so please read carefully. This is the bug: The pipes are shown as if the water is flowing 2 parts to the right pipe path and one to the left. But in the next tick (ie, when the next water blob comes in from the top), one blob of water magically vanishes in the right path and shows as if the water is split evenly (ie, 1:1 now as opposed to 1:2 splitup shown in above pic) Attached save file for easier understanding. The Merry Comet.sav
  7. Hey Devs, Dupes are oversleeping when the player gives too many sleep slots in the time schedule. Please wake up dupes when their stamina and/or health (+ other modifiers if any for sleeping) is maxed out. I'm seeing dupes oversleeping even though 100% stamina is reached. Before anybody feels this is intended and that the player should manage this, the dupes oversleep if their required 100% stamina isn't reached - I gave just 1 sleep slot for the dupes in the work schedule and they overslept for 1 more slot to make their stamina 100%.
  8. Hey Guys, I found negligible difference between the beta branch for QOL MK2 and the released final version of QOL MK2. FPS difference is about 10-15% only for me. Did anybody else face the same issue? Please post specs as well for reference
  9. Steam Geyser outputting steam in old location after its been moved using debug mode
  10. [Game Update] - 308684

    Any reason why this is being done like this? We can easily solve space leakage by having the option to place dry walls behind walls.
  11. @Brook : Another problem here is when we deconstruct tiles. In space, we lose a lot of oxygen by the time the walls/drywalls are constructed back in its place. We definitely need the option to construct drywalls/tempshift plates behind walls and other buildings! Please bring back the option to build drywalls/tempshift plates behind walls!!!!
  12. Hey there, the below construction errand shows as not reachable, when it should be perfectly reachable by all dupes: The construction errand is the building of that ladder+digging of the slime+abysallite tiles Super Trainwreck.sav
  13. Yup. Same bug here. They are peeing when bladder is full and are not going to the toilet at all. They die when the calories drop to zero and they dont go to have food. @Ipsquiggle this is a critical bug - please fix ASAP!
  14. Hey ... that's not what I meant ... @Brook walls should be placeable even if there's a drywall/tempshift wall in the background. We'll have to modify buildings/rooms in the surface. Current change will make us lose a lot of oxygen to space when we deconstruct tiles to put drywalls. I don't have the save file now. But this scenario is easily reproducible so I don't think you'll have a problem in checking it out.