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  1. You guys are the only game studio I will do early access/alphas for. Thank you so much for the information - with so much up in the air right now, I really like that you shared the plan with us so that we know what to expect. Have a wonderful holiday!!!
  2. I'm not sure how to use the payload opener - I have gas and liquid pipes and a conveyer rail all hooked up, but I appear to be missing something still. It's also missing a string. If anyone knows what I am missing, I would love to know!
  3. I tried loading my save up, not unpausing until I turned off the metal refinery, then unpausing. I was able to make it through the cycle before I turned the metal refinery back on again. I haven't crashed yet *fingers crossed*
  4. I have the same problem. Just unpause and wait a minute or so. I guess I'll start a new game - this was the farthest I've ever gotten - was making steel and plastic like a champ and there it went. The Luckless Canteloupe.sav
  5. Confirmed. This is wreaking some havoc with my base. I had to make an emergency massage clinic.
  6. My printing pod and all my dupes were buried on start. Only happening since the Disease update.