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Don't starve character main poll

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I wanted to make character poll for both games to see in almost all facets of the DS commuity (excluding reddit) who are the most mained characters and who are the least just for my own natural curiousity and statistics 

you gotta love statistics.

enjoy that last bit i also posted this for a lot of use in discord :p


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Just now, Sinister_Fang said:

Punomancer? That would imply he uses magic. He's a man of science, not filthy magic. You're not a true Wilson main at all. A real Wilson main would call him a punologist. 

Okay, then @KrisRF is the punomancer. I'll just call Wilson that for now on.:wilson_ecstatic:

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Ooh, I notice the number of Willow mains is _significantly_ lower in DST than it is in regular Don't Starve.

...I wonder why that is...

I put Willow for regular and Wigfrid for DST; don't know if I really HAVE a proper main but that's probably the closest.  Been playing Walani a bunch in DST lately, but that's just for the March of Civilization thing so I didn't know if I should count it or not... (shrug)

All hail the Snarkmaiden!


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6 hours ago, Raspberry Milk said:

It would seem you forgot Winona. But it's fine, nobody mains them, right? Right?

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i did oh i did

KAK i'll fix that
why did no one tell me sooner eh i guess you don't see many ;)



6 hours ago, CaptainChaotica said:

Come to think of it...yeah!  Which is kinda weird, considering the Shipwrecked characters were there in the DST poll AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN CANON FOR THAT VERSION.  : P

(I did my best playing as her in the Forge, incidentally.  Winona-Healer for the win!)


I put those in since it seemed very popular and seemed to always seemed to come up when i talked about character mains

alright Winona has been added have fun you lost souls

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